How to Prepare Your Landscape for Fall In 2022

How to Prepare Your Landscape for Fall In 2022

Preparing your landscape for fall is important in preserving the overall looks and health of your landscape. Adequate fall preparation helps you prevent damages that may occur during winter and help keep your plants in good shape for spring. 

This is why many people contract lawn experts like Farrand’s landscape for some professional fall landscape cleanup.  

Suppose you are trying to prepare your landscape for fall, and you are not sure what to do. Here are some ideas to help you.

Remove Foliage or Dead Leaf Litter 

The best way to start preparing your lawn for fall is to remove dead leaf litter or foliage from the soil. This helps to give your lawn a cleaner and fresher look and also allows sunlight and air to penetrate the soil.

Mulch the Leaves 

Rather than rake the leaves from your lawn, you can decide to mulch your lawn instead. Simply use the grass catcher on your mower while mowing your lawn. The grass catcher would help shred the leaves into tiny pieces making it easier for microbes and worms to work into the soil. Mulching takes less effort than raking and is also more beneficial to your environment.

Weed Your Garden and Remove Dead plants

To ensure your grass seeds are getting enough soil nutrients, make sure you weed your lawn and pull out the dead plants. Weeds and dead annuals take up space and nutrients and may cause your seeds or healthy plants to get choked. Also, ensure to remove and dispose of mildewed foliage from your healthy plants. Never add mildewed foliage to your compost pile, or it may contaminate the compost.

Aerate the Lawn 

After cleaning up your lawn, the next thing to do is aerate it. This involves piercing holes into the soil to allow for easier water and fertilizer penetration. Aerating your lawn is necessary, especially if you’re considering planting new flowers or shrubs.

Overseed Your Lawn 

The cool temperature in Fall makes it the best season to seed your lawns. You can seed your lawn by spreading lots of grass seed across it. While doing this, pay attention to dead spots on your lawn and apply extra seed in the area. The seeding combined with the aeration enhances better seed germination and helps it get established for the spring season. How to Prepare Your Landscape for Fall In 2022

Consider Pruning Perennials 

Pruning involves removing dead, dying, or diseased stubs and branches from your tree, while trimming involves removing overgrown branches from your tree. This helps to maintain the structural integrity of the tree, prevent the spread of diseases, and also gives way to new and fresh growth. While fall is the best season to prune your trees, some plants may benefit from pruning during spring or late summer.

Enrich Garden Beds 

There are several ways you can enrich your garden beds in preparation for fall. You may either decide to enrich them with leaf litter, organic mulch, or compost. Enriching your garden bed provides enough nutrients for microorganisms to act, causing the soil to become fertile and ready for planting.

Plant Some Flowers 

There’s no better way to beautify your curb than to plant flowers. No doubt, flowers add warmth to the environment all year round. So, as you prepare your lawn, you may choose to plant some flowers such as roses, dandelions, Blue Vervain, cardinal flower, etc.

Clean the Exterior of Your House 

As you prepare your lawn for the fall, ensure you don’t leave your house out of the preparation. As the leaves keep shedding from your trees during the fall season, the exterior parts of your house become more visible to passing eyes. In that light, ensure you wash your windows and clear the gutters. You may also divide to apply a fresh coat of paint to your walls.

Maintain the Appeal 

Come fall season, prepare to have your home filled with fallen leaves. From the lawn to the pool and the roofings, the leaves can fall anywhere. While you may not mind the sight of leaves scattered around your home, it can reduce the aesthetics of your home. So, always find time to clean your lawn weekly, as you may not want all that effort you’ve put into beautifying your home to go to waste.

Coming back to a home with an ethereal view helps to improve our mood greatly. All that green grass and blooming flowers can help us feel more balanced. That is why even in the harsh winter, you’d want to have the landscape still blooming. It surely adds some warmth to the fall. However, it isn’t just about beautifying the exterior of your home; you have got to ensure that come spring, your grass will still be green, and your flowers will bloom. 

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How to Prepare Your Landscape for Fall In 2022