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How to plan a successful remodeling office space for increasing productivity 2022

How to plan a successful remodeling office space for increasing productivity 2022

How to plan a successful remodeling office space for increasing productivity

Whether your office is cramping on space or you want to plan a collaborative work environment, planning a remodeling process for your workspace requires considering various factors that help make it successful. 

Here is how to go about it; 

Why should you think about remodeling your office space?

Every business should provide a safe and secure environment for their employees to foster productivity. When the workspace is organized and efficiently designed, the employees become more efficient. So if you have a workplace that isn’t properly maintained or managed can decrease productivity as well the value of your building.

Here is how to plan a successful remodeling;

Before planning the remodeling process, take care of these three things which will help in planning a successful remodeling process;

Set up a budget 

Before starting the process, it’s better to set up a budget and keep it high. Imagine what you and your team want to include in the new office; it can be a new desk, ergonomic chairs, artworks, changing conference tables or getting new carpets. After setting your budget, you will get a better idea about expenses and how much savings your company can use for the remodeling.

Even if you have high savings, that doesn’t mean you have to spend it all; setting a budget can help maintain your expenses.

Hire a designer and a contractor

Hiring a designer for office renovation can be beneficial as they are experienced in bringing your vision to life. You don’t have to worry about handling all the responsibility that comes with the remodeling process. 

A contractor will work in teams to bring those designs into reality. 

Steps you should follow

Identify goals

Keep goals of your office renovation in mind while planning the project; Before starting the remodeling process, have a clear vision of why you are going for it; the following questions will help in understanding the process much better;

Answer the following questions for identifying goals for remodeling

1- how many desks do you need for employees

2- can you make your office space more efficient

3- how would your team benefit if they work in a collaboration setup

4- are conference rooms enough

5- is panty, kitchen space, and bathroom, large enough to use it easily

6- are there any safety issues that should be attended

7- is your office designed for easy access to disables

How to plan a successful remodeling office space for increasing productivity 2022

Identify teams of designers and contractors that will be working on the remodeling project

  • Architect team
  • Professional office renovation company
  • Internal project manager
  • Dumpster companies

Identify your office space condition.

Do a proper inspection of your property to check for molds, lead, or other hazardous material which can affect your business and workplace hygiene. Here are things that you should be evaluating;

  • The current condition of your electrical, plumbing and mechanical system
  • The condition of a load-bearing wall and support beams
  • The elements that need to be preserved
  • What is the condition of emergency systems installed in the workplace?
  • Whether your building meets all the current codes and regulations.

Before starting the remodeling process

Before planning the remodeling process, make sure that you have communicated your plans for remodeling to get internal feedback on what other things you should work on, which your employees observe more closely. 

Discuss what you have in mind, why are you planning the remodeling, whether the office will be operating during the renovation process when the will remodeling end.

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How to plan a successful remodeling office space for increasing productivity 2022


Renovating your workspace will provide your employees with enough space to work, keep it hygienic and well-organized, and help foster the work environment by transforming it into a modern and collaborative space, which helps boost employees’ morale and productivity. 

Workspaces have a direct impact on worker productivity. If all the design, architecture, and ergonomic factors are taken into account, excellent results can be obtained in the performance of a work team. This post presents six indicators that reveal the need for office space remodeling and seven factors that you must keep in mind when doing it.

When it is necessary to remodel

1. Natural deterioration

Over time, the pieces of furniture in an office wear out and gradually lose their functionality. If you notice that the desks are worn and the walls stained, the office needs to be remodeled.

2. Health problems in workers

Workspaces in any company must include people who have a chronic or temporary disability. If you have blind employees who use wheelchairs and still don’t have signage or ramps to move freely, it’s time to remodel your office.

3. Lack of furniture organization

Sometimes the day-to-day work causes changes in the functions and furniture of the employees until it is entirely different from how it was designed. If this is the case in your office space, think no more; it’s time to remodel.

4. Design incompatible with the brand’s philosophy

Companies and brands, like people, need changes to stay ahead of the competition. Sometimes these changes are manifested only in the philosophy and identity of the brand, leaving aside the environment of the offices. Experts in architecture and marketing say that a company’s workspace should equally reflect the identity and objectives of the brand. So if your offices do not meet this requirement, it is an excellent opportunity to remodel.

5. Dysfunctional furniture with the purposes of the brand

iT is another somewhat recurring situation. It turns out that sometimes the layout of workspaces and their functionality is not consistent with the company’s production processes. If you notice that this happens in your offices, say no more, you have to remodel.

6. Technologically backward

The world, more today than ever, advances at breakneck speed. If you are not attentive, you can be left behind in front of your competitors. For this reason, you must stay informed about the advances that can benefit your workspaces. If you notice that your furniture, your equipment, and the design of your offices look outdated or have remained the same for 5 years or more, you probably need to remodel.

What to consider when remodeling

1. Comfortable furniture adjusted to the needs of work

When remodeling, always keep in mind the functionality needs of employees and work teams.

2. New forms of work

Do not overlook the new work dynamics seen in modern companies, such as teamwork and telecommuting.

3. Have ergonomic spaces for both function and dispersion

As important as the functionality of the workspace is having places for employee dispersion. When remodeling, look for both areas to coexist in the same environment.

4. Furniture consistent with the brand’s philosophy

The redesign of your offices and furniture must coincide with the current objectives of the brand.

5. Practical and versatile furniture

As important as the functionality of the workspace is having places for employee dispersion. When remodeling, look for both spaces to coexist in the same environment.

6. Quality matters more than the price

Don’t skimp on quality when remodeling. It is better to pay a reasonable price for suitable materials and a good design than to spend little money, and in a short time, the remodeling turns out to be dysfunctional and obsolete.

get advice

Many service providers specialize in the construction and remodeling of workspaces and offices. The best thing is that you get advice from one of them before undertaking the remodeling to guarantee that the final result is the one desired by the brand and the employees.

At Homecenter, you can get advice on construction and remodeling with the finishing review service.

How to plan a successful remodeling office space for increasing productivity

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