How to Make the Most Out Of Your Canadian Maple Syrup?

How to Make the Most Out Of Your Canadian Maple Syrup?

One of the many reasons Canadians look forward to spring is the maple syrup season. As the weather warms up, the sap starts to flow from the maple trees in February through April.

Even the Canadian flag features a maple leaf, which is created from the tree’s sweet nectar and is used for much more than just decorating pancakes.

While all of us are accustomed to using it on waffles, there are numerous other ways we may make use of this delightful natural syrup.

Let’s find out!

1. Drizzle Over Ice Cream

The texture of genuine, unadulterated maple syrup from Canada is somewhat thin. High fructose corn syrup is used in its production. Use the genuine stuff instead of dumping this processed, high-sugar syrup over your ice cream!

When you buy Canadian maple syrup, simply drizzle it over a scoop of traditional vanilla ice cream.

2. Add to Baked Beans

Although baked beans are frequently sweetened with honey, give Canadian maple syrup a try instead! If you need a quick and easy addition to your dinner that is high in protein, baked beans are fantastic. You can eat them on toast, with roasted potatoes, with breakfast, or just by themselves. It’s perfectly acceptable to purchase them directly from the can, but if you’re feeling ambitious, you can create them yourself.

This traditional comfort dish will get a special kick from Canadian maple syrup that you won’t be able to get enough of. Simply choose maple syrup over honey to make the most out of your beans.

3. As a Dip for Fresh Fruit

Fruit is naturally sweet, but occasionally it’s great to switch things up. A fruit tray is a terrific option for a nutritious snack if you’re hosting or attending a gathering, and adding a dip makes it even better! We love a caramel-style dip that you can prepare with only four ingredients: almond butter, coconut oil, sea salt, and maple syrup! While creamy dips appear to be the standard for fruit trays! Without the guilt, this healthier version of caramel is even more delicious!

4. Old Fashioned Cocktail with Maple Syrup

The traditional Old Fashioned drink is the ideal candidate for the addition of Canadian maple syrup. An Old Fashioned is traditionally made by blending sugar, bitters, and water. The bourbon of choice is then added, and an orange twist is placed on top. Instead, omit the sugar and substitute maple syrup. In comparison to the conventional recipe, it has a more nutty, burnt flavor profile.

5. Maple Syrup Popcorn

Have you ever heard of maple syrup popcorn? You’ve probably heard of caramel popcorn. The idea is much the same, except you can try maple syrup-coated instead of caramel coating made with processed sugar! Popcorn, maple syrup, and vanilla essence are all you need. Add the vanilla after heating the maple syrup and simmering it on low for about 3 minutes. Stir it thoroughly before pouring it over your popcorn. You’re done after you pour it out onto a pan to cool.

6. Roasted Sweet Potatoes 

In Canada, sweet potatoes and maple syrup are seasonal staples. That these two flavors complement one other so well is therefore not surprising. Add some cinnamon to the mixture, and the party is on! On roasted sweet potatoes, maple syrup caramelizes beautifully, giving them a crisp, sweet exterior to contrast the creamy interior.


So, that’s a wrap to the incredible uses of Canadian Maple Syrup! Ensure you buy a genuine maple syrup that may help reap countless health benefits.

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How to Make the Most Out Of Your Canadian Maple Syrup?