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How to Make the Best Use of a Home Inspection

How to Make the Best Use of a Home Inspection

How to Make the Best Use of a Home Inspection

Whether you want to buy a house or sell it, a home inspection plays a key role in the entire process. Only through a professional home inspection, you get to know the condition of the home.  Many damages cannot be sensed by common people as they need a professional inspection. 

With the inspection report, you can be assured of your money if you are a buyer. If you are a seller and get the home inspection done, it increases your home value and you can be very confident about your home as you are not hiding anything. In both ways, a home inspection is necessary and plays a very key role. But before the home inspection starts, you need to know how you can get the most out of the home inspection. To know more, keep reading the points below.

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1) Find the inspector whom you can trust:

Finding a good home inspector can be tough but it’s not impossible. Ask your friends, family, and real estate agents for home inspector referrals whom they trust. Enquire about different home inspectors regarding their experience, certifications, reviews, and prices, etc. You can even check them on Google. For instance, if you live in Columbus GA, you can search for the best home inspection services in Columbus GA and you get some options to choose from. Sometimes, you need to pay a little extra to find an inspector who is transparent and offers a high-quality service but it’s all worth it when you compare it with the price of your home. 

2) Ensure you are present during the inspection:

You cannot leave your inspector to do the job without your presence. If you are present during the inspection, you can remind them if they miss out on something, ask them questions, see what equipment they are using, and much more. Before coming to the inspection spot, make sure you wear shoes because you might be required to the muddy parts of the yard, basements, and roofs, etc which are the areas prone to injuries.

3)Listen carefully to the inspector:

During the inspection, the inspector may tell the intensity of the damage by using some keywords like minor, major and immediate repair, etc. Ask them to suggest their view on the repair. For instance,  If they were the client, would they continue with the deal or not? Ask questions like these to get their genuine perspective on the home. Because you are spending loads of money on the house, no one wants you to get in trouble so the inspectors will most likely suggest their genuine opinions.

4) Use the report during negotiations:

Once you get the home inspection report, go through all the findings and make a list of the major repairs. Bring up these issues during the negotiations with the seller and ask him/her to repair them. The other thing you can do is cut down the price so that you can get them repaired. Either way, ensure you get all the damages to get repaired before you pay the seller. 

5) Ask for pictures:

The home inspector will most likely bring a camera alongside to capture the pictures of potential issues. In this way, you can completely understand the intensity of the damage and show it to the seller. The pictures are needed at the areas where it’s hard to visit, like the roof, attic, and basements, etc. 


To wrap up, you can make the best use of the home inspection by following these above-mentioned tips. The other things you can look for are testing GFCIs, looking for cosmetic fixes, and other major components of the home. Ask whatever questions you have to the inspector without any hesitation and you will make your money’s worth. Furthermore, do your own research. Ensure you search the web for an average home inspection time, questions to ask during a home inspection, and what all entails in a home inspection. 

Most importantly, find the home inspector that’s the right fit for the job. 

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