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How to make a resume for the first job

How to make a resume for the first job

We all know that itching feeling in your teeth when you have graduated and now should look for your first-time ever job. This is worrying, tiresome & exhausting, both mentally and physically.

It would be a very good thing if you were already in practice in some company during your last year in college and showed yourself so good that they now want to hire you. But what if they don’t or if you weren’t? In either case, meeting with the HR manager or sending your response to any open job position requires you to have a nice CV (resume). And we know how to help you in this: use a resume maker free tool!

Using the resume maker free tool

A resume (a.k.a. CV) is a document, where people write their job experience and highlight their achievements in their job positions. But you are in a different situation — a graduate of a college or another educational facility will rather not have such an experience. 

Don’t need to panic, though! There are a few options you have (and they all are great for a graduate).

  1. Indicate in the doc anything you were a professional part of during the educational process, such as student activities: academic, civil, participating in societies, cultural, religious, recreational, planning boards, student boards, taking a significant post in a student fraternity/sorority, national, Greek organizations… Anything that shows your skills, both professional and societal, is good to put into your resume. But only if they are relevant to a company, for which job you apply. Thus, if it is some serious bank or other financial structure, an HR manager will be interested in those skills and achievements, which show your usefulness to this serious company. So, indicate anything that concerns planning, organizing, managing, or scientific achievements. If you were just ‘hanging out with dudes’, that’s not something a hirer would like to know (unless you are hired to be an expert in the organization of hanging-out soirees).
  2. Were you in practice and had achievements? Show them. Even if you were not good enough for a company you were practicing in, you might be perfectly good for another company.
  3. Do you have some very relevant skills that a specific company might be interested in? Tell about them and how you are planning to use them in your future job.
  4. If you are an author of something, you can try to ‘sell’ this now. That could be a mobile app, some unique technology, a startup, a vision of how to change the world or a method of the improvement of anything that a hirer might be interested in.

The advantages of cv2you resume maker free tool

After you will have collected all your thoughts, it’s time to start making that resume. Try one of the offered templates of the cv2you online tool and start fulfilling the information, block by block. The visual structure of the working area is easy (much easier than MS Word) and you only have to use a mouse and keyboard to create an astounding resume. 

Find out more right now — go to the page of this CV maker and start writing the story of your career success!

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