How to Make 3D T-shirt Designs: Tips and Tricks

How to Make 3D T-shirt Designs: Tips and Tricks

Create your unique 3D T-shirt. Why not? Let’s unleash your creativity in 3D T-shirt printing with Printerval’s suggestions!

Why can you print your 3D T-shirt?

3D shirts are an indispensable item in any young person’s wardrobe because of their simplicity, fashion, and convenience. A simple 3D T-shirt can mix and match many other things, creating more diverse outfits for your fashion style. So what to do if you’re tired of your plain 3D T-shirt? Is there a way to refresh it without wasting it? PR interval today is willing to share with you how to print 3D T-shirts at home that are both simple and inexpensive!

Self-printing 3D T-shirts are no longer a strange concept for a dynamic and creative generation like us, right? Young people always want 3D T-shirts with pictures, slogans, and mixed colors to satisfy their passion and creativity, thereby creating many unique shirt models, expressing the personality of their owner. With the various methods, we are about to introduce, we hope you can all create your favorite 3D T-shirts!

How to Make 3D T-shirt Designs: Tips and Tricks
How to Make 3D T-shirt Designs: Tips and Tricks

What are the ways you can print your 3D T-shirts?

Tip 1: Print the shirt with a heat transfer decal

Using heat transfer decals is one of the simplest ways to print your 3D T-shirts. It can produce sharp images, bright colors, and most importantly, an optimal time saver.

Decal is one of the types of label paper designed with the ability to adhere to a surface firmly with adhesive on one side. Heat transfer decal is one of the upgraded applications of conventional decals. It allows adhesion to the inside of the material, not just the surface. The condition for it to stick is due to the effect of temperature. At that time, a special glue layer will be produced to bond the decal and the printed material. The temperature to be provided for fabrics, clothes, and plastics is 150 degrees Celsius.

Heat transfer decal

You can have a unique work with just a few simple steps and ideas for embellishing an exceptional shirt! Prepare the following necessary ingredients:

Heat transfer decal with good texture.

Pen, paper cutter.

Iron (ironing board)

3D T-shirts want to print.

A simple way to create a satisfactory decal without touching is to design it yourself, sketch the decal on paper, or design software. Choosing textures available on the internet and cutting them together is also a good way. Then bring the sketch or design to the decal printing locations to create the heat transfer decal. After printing the design on the decal, continue to use a paper cutter to cut the entire decal.

After preparing the heat transfer decal, it’s time to print the shirt! Take iron and choose the 150 degrees Celsius mode. Place the cut decal and design face down on the shirt’s surface. Then, slowly apply the hot side of the iron to the decal, apply gentle pressure on the decal and rub gently. Use gentle rubbing force to help the decal glue easily adhere to the inside of the cotton fiber. Attention should be paid to the corners of the decal because, in these corners, you often forget to make the glue easily peel off. Just iron and wait for the decal to cool and the glue to harden, then the shirt is done!

How to Make 3D T-shirt Designs: Tips and Tricks

Tip 2: Print the shirt with Acrylic paint

For those of you in the field of painting, acrylic color is a very familiar color. However, perhaps many of you are not familiar with this popular color. It’s a paint used to paint on materials such as paper, walls, canvas, etc. However, it has a denser texture than the watercolor boxes sold for painting. If you add a little water to the mix, you will have a more liquid mixture that works like other watercolors.

Acrylic color is not only used in every painting; it is widely applied in daily life. It has good adhesion on many materials such as paper, walls, fabric, ceramic, and porcelain,… Because of its extremely easy-to-stick paint color, it is perfectly suitable for home printing. The paint smell may be a bit strong at first, but it is easy to fly, so after printing, it will not leave an unpleasant smell and is safe for health!

Using acrylic paint on the shirt will have many vivid, fresh, and new colors without applying many difficult techniques. You need to prepare the following tools:

Design already sketched

Knives, scissors, paper cutters


Freeze dryer

Acrylic paint

3D T-shirt

Use the acrylic color spray on the shirt

Draw a sketch of the design on the cardboard in clear lines, then take scissors, and a paper cutter to cut out the part of the cover corresponding to where you want to paint the color on the shirt. Just imagine that cardboard will form a mold for you to paint correctly. After cutting the cover, take adhesive tape or other items to fix the cover on the part of the shirt you want to decorate to prevent the cover from moving while in the middle; then, it will take a lot of time to adjust it!

Shirt printing begins! Soak cotton or paintbrush with color and paint on the shirt according to the mold created by the cardboard. Pay attention to the drawing so it should be clear so the color does not smudge. You can practice drawing on paper before applying it directly to your shirt. Finally, gently remove the cover, preventing the color from the cover from spilling onto other parts of the shirt. Using a cold dryer will help dry the color faster.

You can create a shirt with your favorite slogan or have some lovely cartoon characters.

How to Make 3D T-shirt Designs: Tips and Tricks
How to Make 3D T-shirt Designs: Tips and Tricks

Notes on choosing shirt material

You should choose the fabric carefully to have a good quality shirt with durable color and not fade the print. Depending on each individual’s budget and quality requirements, choose the appropriate fabric. There are 3 common types: 100% cotton, 65/35 cotton, and PE.

Of course, cotton fabric is always the preferred material for garments, thanks to the sweat absorption and dry feeling it brings to the wearer. On the other hand, the style of the shirt you choose also needs to match the decor of the shirt and its intended use in everyday life. The simple 3D T-shirt style will be the best choice because it can be combined with many other items in the wardrobe in many different styles.

How to Make 3D T-shirt Designs: Tips and Tricks
How to Make 3D T-shirt Designs: Tips and Tricks

If you are looking for a shirt with breathable cotton fabric, a comfortable fit, and just the right length, Printerval recommends the product available on our website.

Comfort and confidence are what Printerval aims for when creating a product and sending it to the customer. PR interval-printed 3D T-shirts will help you become cooler and more comfortable in any situation. A shirt is suitable for going out, going to coffee, traveling, or going to work, … so you can confidently express your personality.

How to Make 3D T-shirt Designs: Tips and Tricks

Create your own unique shirt. Why not? Let’s unleash your creativity in printing 3D T-shirts with the above suggestions of Printerval! Wishing you success!

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