How To Keep Your RV Clean In The Age Of Covid-19

How To Keep Your RV Clean In The Age Of Covid-19

It is a wonderful ride that is widely used for fun traveling across the states. Since it is mostly used for long distances it has to be cleaned properly in order to ensure a healthy ambiance. The need for cleaning is even more important these days because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given the compact ambiance of the vehicle, the smallest exposure can be catastrophic because the rate of spread is much higher than usual. So, you must take precautionary measures before you approach the vehicle for cleaning. Never keep heavy appliances aboard instead try something lighter. For example, the best RV tankless water heaters can be very advantageous. Use the following tips for better cleaning practices during the pandemic.

Prepare the vehicle for cleaning

Before starting off with the cleaning it is important to prepare yourself and the vehicle for cleaning. Under normal circumstances, the precautions are very basic, but for COVID-19 you must use a mask and gloves because the infection can enter the vehicle due to traveling.

So, secure yourself before cleaning. Afterward, take the vehicle to an open place on a sunny day. Drop the windows and improve the ventilation before you start. Improved airflow reduces the risk of infection even if the vehicle is infected with the coronavirus. Once you are satisfied with the preps it is time to move to the next stage.

Initiate from top

The vehicles are always built higher than ground and especially RV has a considerable ground clearance that you can exploit for better cleaning. The top-down approach is necessary to keep the cleaned surface clean you would not require to rework on the surface that you have already cleaned.

Start with getting rid of solid waste on board. For example, remove the garbage bins and collect all of the solid waste that you brought into the vehicle from outside. The outside objects might have traces of coronavirus and get rid of them in the first phase means you just are removing the source of infection.

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Use a compact vacuum cleaner

Once you have removed the solid waste you have reduced the risk factor, not it is time to get rid of things that can’t be picked with hand but might have remnants of coronavirus on other things. It is advised not to approach such stuff with hands but try a vacuum cleaner instead.

It is a much powerful method to effectively remove the dust and anything else that came in contact with coronavirus. The best thing about the vacuum cleaner is that you can use it anywhere and cover larger areas in a very short time. So, if you don’t own a device, then borrow it from someone before starting the process.

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How To Keep Your RV Clean In The Age Of Covid-19

Apply clean and cut off philosophy

Since coronavirus can spread quickly as soon an infected object or person comes in contact, it is important that you isolate the cleaned area as soon you are done with it. A good way of isolation is to start from the opposite direction of the entrance and if necessary you can use the plastic sheets to create separations. Clean it outward and once you reach the door make sure you take all of the cleaning equipment outside for disinfection. It is also important to disinfect yourself as well because you have to step in with the same shoes and cloth again inside the vehicle. Changing the cloth is another effective way of doing it.

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Install dust traps and air recycling

Keeping the clean ambiance cleaned inside the RV is a greater challenge than cleaning itself. It might be frustrating but it is mandatory because if you are traveling with family, then you must take every precaution that you possibly can. Installing dust traps is an effective way of keeping dust away from the vehicle and can play a vital role in keeping your family safe from COVID.

For example, a doormat is quite an effective dust trap that can stop the dust even from entering the vehicle. If you are traveling for a longer time, then installing air recycling or purifying devices isn’t a bad option either.

How To Keep Your RV Clean In The Age Of Covid-19
How To Keep Your RV Clean In The Age Of Covid-19

Buy effective commercial cleaners

the cleaning is incomplete unless you apply a surface disinfectant directly inside the vehicle. It is necessary because you might be able to reduce the risk of infection by general cleaning but the virus present inside the vehicle can be killed with an effective surface cleaner.

Don’t worry it can be found easily in the market and there are a number of vehicle-friendly products as well. don’t forget the instructions before applying and use a mask while you are doing it because the chemicals are equally harmful to humans as well.

Disinfecting wipes are effective

Once the vehicle is ready for traveling there’s no telling when you need to exit the vehicle. It can be to get supplies or food and usually people take their wallets and cell phones with them. Once your cell phone or wallet is out of the RV it can be infected and consequently reach you because you touch them with your hand. A quick way to clean them is to equip your vehicle with disinfecting wipes. They are general-purpose cleaners that can immediately put you in the safe zone.

The world has not seen a threat like COVID for a very long time and that’s why applying precautionary measures is quite difficult. Until the world get rid of it for good you must adopt healthy habits to stay safe because the smallest infection can spread like a wildfire.

How To Keep Your RV Clean In The Age Of Covid-19

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