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How to Incorporate Family Photos in Different Corners of the House

How to Incorporate Family Photos in Different Corners of the House

How to Incorporate Family Photos in Different Corners of the House

A warm touch of personalization in a house makes it ‘ a home.’ Everyone has their favorite photos from childhood, the family get-togethers, and trips. Add character to the home with these nostalgic memories. An exemplary display never lets you forget the memories and makes your bond grow more healthy. Moreover, it is a great way to start a conversation to travel the memory lane once again. 

This brings so many laughs, memories, and quality time. There are numerous ways in which you can add family photos in different areas very precisely. So let’s have a look.

Living room

A living room is the busiest room in the house with some everyday essentials. You may have a dining area, tv area, and couch. The living area welcomes the guest and has some memorable memories.

There are several ways to add family photos in this space. First, you can print your favorite image on a sizable canvas. Then, add a woven cut out of the word ‘FAMILY’ and other wall accessories.

An edgy hexagon canvas or a large wall display with multiple photos also complements the space. You can present more pictures, so you don’t miss any of them.

Don’t Forget Photobooks

Online photobooks are a great way to decorate your home. Photobooks can be stacked on sidetables but on bookshelves and kept up on shelves. They’re a great interactive decoration that can be picked up and looked through by anyone. You can use online photobooks to curate the perfect photo book for you, you just need to decide on a theme.

For example, you could create a photobook that holds high-quality pictures of recent vacations or weddings you’ve attended. You could fill them full of pictures of your children or decide to make up photobooks including great nature shots you’ve taken over the past year. Photobooks help decorate the house in innovative ways, you just need to choose the right layout.

Gallery Wall on Staircase Wall

Create a gallery wall on the perfect spot that is the staircase wall.  Take all the splendid photographs of nature, monuments shot by you or other members and create an iconic gallery wall. Generally, framed prints look very clean and gorgeous. In addition, the frame provides extra durability and a finished look.

There are so many options to present your family photos. Check out the ways to decorate walls with favorite family photo wall ideas for each room of the house and cherish the moments forever. 

Stylish Black and white Prints on Wall

Give a very sophisticated and modern look to your house with black and white premium prints. On a wall near the fireplace or hallway, you can ride multiple photo canvases in the form of a grid. In addition, you can add alternative black and white and colored frames.

Polish the Bedrooms

home decor
How to Incorporate Family Photos in Different Corners of the House

A bedroom is a very personal space, and adding elements like photos is very important. For example, you can hang a custom collage and create timeline photos with your partner.

You can also add three frames of canvas to the wall adjacent to the bed. The canvas can have multiple frames in horizontal and vertical shapes. A single wide canvas also looks magnificent with excellent detailing.

Create Some DIY for a Cozy Nook

A fantastic way to give a welcome home-like feel is to make some DIY photo decor. First, take out an old metallic frame and repaint it. Then, hang all your photos with invisible threads with the help of wooden cloth hanging clips. Now, tie the thread on the edges of the frame and hang the art.

You can also pick a large wooden log from the backyard. Hang photos from invisible threads. Add string lights to them and hang them on a cozy coffee corner.

Foam Tiles on Patio Walls

A very fresh, accessible, and excellent option for displaying your photos is foam tiles. They are foam tiles on which you can print your favorite image. They have adhesive glue at the back and are just ready to rock your wall.

Its robust form generally looks good on outdoor patio walls. The place where you spend unlimited summer evenings and winter days with your family and friends.

Bonus Tips to Hang Perfect Photos

How to Incorporate Family Photos in Different Corners of the House
How to Incorporate Family Photos in Different Corners of the House
  • Always straighten up your photos while mounting them on walls. Then, you can use leveling tools for perfect placement. Ideally, your wall photo prints must be eye level. The estimated distance from the ground to the middle of the canvas should be 57 inches.  You must make sure that the large wall piece comes at the center with all the wall art. In the dining room, the eye-level generally lowers, so hang the photos a little lower than the actual position.
  • While curating a grid, ensure uniform spacing. For example, one can go 2-4 inches between small frames and 5-8 inches for larger pieces. On a staircase wall, hang frames 150 cm above each step. Make a common center of frames with the help of a thread. Your sizable wall photo must cover 60 to 75 percent of the wall for a  flawless look.
  • Over a piece of furniture, hang a photo that covers two-thirds or three-fourths of the table. Leave ample space between the top of the furniture to the bottom of the photo. It can be 6 to 12 inches.

Let’s Wrap up

The takeaway from the article is to try different styles at different corners. Also, always hang the photos accurately. Then, you can pick your favorite place and pictures and customize the home in these stylish ways. 

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It just takes a spark and to give up procrastination to start the process. So get ready and give your home a unique touch with family photos.

How to Incorporate Family Photos in Different Corners of the House

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