How to improve your customer experience using effective survey questions 2022

How to improve your customer experience using effective survey questions 2022

Developing a good customer experience is crucial to your business. The customer experience you provide impacts whether you have return customers, whether they would recommend your business to others, and often even whether your customers will complete a purchase. 

If you wonder how your customers feel about your business and want to improve customer loyalty and encourage return customers, surveys are a cost effective tool for finding out exactly what your customers think. 

Customer experience surveys

Customer experience surveys provide significant value for your business. They provide you with the insights you need to make impactful changes. 

How to improve your customer experience using effective survey questions 2022

With a customer experience survey you can get feedback on how good, or not, your customer experience is. A survey can help you understand the likes and dislikes of your customers and what they need to make the experience better. 

The data you gather can include feedback on everything from customer services to product offerings and quality. This feedback can be used to identify any issues and make improvements to your customer experience. 

Goal of survey

When using customer experience surveys, have a clear goal and think about what you want to achieve with the survey. This will ensure you ask the right questions. 

Your survey could be focused on determining product and service performance, developing new products that meet customer need and interest, measuring customer loyalty, or improving the customer experience and customer retention. 

Often it’s not enough to just provide a large range of products, you also need to provide a good overall experience. Use surveys to measure the degrees of success your business has when it comes to the customer experience. 

Listen to your customers

Customers today have a lot of options when it comes to the businesses they shop with, so ensuring you’re providing good customer experience is crucial, otherwise it is too easy for them to go somewhere else. 

Show your customers that you are listening, as they will feel valued if given the opportunity to share their own opinion and will appreciate that you care about their feedback. 

Ideally, you want to send a customer experience survey directly after a customer has engaged with your business, whether making a purchase or visiting your store. This ensures the experience will be fresh enough that they will have better recall when providing feedback. It also allows you to follow up with any issues in a timely manner. 

Identify problem areas

Gain insight into customer emotions and sentiment towards your business through survey software.
How to improve your customer experience using effective survey questions 2022

Survey data can be used to map the customer experience at different stages of the journey, from when they first walk into a store/visit your website, to when they finally checkout or leave the store. You want to discover any areas within the customer experience that the customer doesn’t enjoy, or that prevents them from making a purchase. 

To improve the customer experience you need to be willing to put together a strategy to implement changes and improvements based on the feedback you receive. 

Survey questions

To get the data you need, you need to ask the right questions. Be selective about the questions you include to ensure each will provide valuable feedback. 

How to improve your customer experience using effective survey questions 2022

Simply asking yes/no questions may not necessarily provide you with enough information to understand how to make changes. Use open ended questions that allow customers to give more detailed feedback, as well as multiple choice questions to gauge how customers feel about various aspects of the customer experience. 

Keep in mind that you don’t overload your customers with too many questions. Try to keep your customer surveys to a maximum of 10 questions. The more questions you include, the less likely it is that respondents will answer them all. 

Some questions to include may be whether the customer was able to find the product they were looking for, if the product met expectations (and why/why not), what would the customer change about the experience, and how likely they are to shop with you again. 

With survey software and effective questions, you can ensure you’re providing a great customer experience that will have your customers coming back again and again. 

20 questions to measure the customer experience Survey questions

Today we share some questions to measure the customer experience that will help us meet the expectations of our consumers.

And it is that the customer experience is crucial for any business to be successful and must be part of the commercial strategies. Dissatisfied customers with your products or services are a high risk of losing customers and, consequently, the company’s income. 

It is important to continually measure customer satisfaction levels and seek to improve these scores by acting on customer feedback. It goes for all touchpoints, as anything could get in the way of the customer journey.

Questions to measure the customer experience

Customer satisfaction surveys play an essential role in measuring the degree of satisfaction with your brand. Conducting surveys is critical to understanding where the areas for improvement lie. 

Here are 20 questions to measure customer experience that you need to include in your following questionnaire:

Demographic questions

Demographic questions may seem annoying or dull, but it’s essential to know and understand your customers. They help in customer segmentation, which is necessary to identify and discover patterns, trends, etc.

The number of demographic questions will depend on the type of study or research. Consider asking some of these optional questions or providing options like “I’d rather not say.”

  1. How old are you?
  2. Where do you live?
  3. What is your marital status?

Questions related to products or services

Asking questions to measure the customer experience related to products or services lets you know how useful it is to them. You can find out whether or not your offerings meet customer needs and requirements and what improvements can be made. 

You can include multiple-choice and single-choice questions to understand customer feedback. To get more information, you can use open-text questions where customers can give you more details.

How to improve your customer experience using effective survey questions 2022

  1. Evaluate the level of happiness that the product or service you have purchased gives you
  2. What do you like the most, and what do you like the least about the product?
  3. What can we do to make the product even better?
  4. Based on your experience and product use, would you repurchase it?

Support and service questions

Excellent customer service is a must, as it can make or break your brand. Poor customer service affects the customer experience, and customers talk about bad experiences with their colleagues, friends, and family online on social media, damaging your brand reputation.

These are some questions to measure the customer experience related to customers’ attention.

  1. Please rate the quality of our service on a scale of 1 to 5.
  2. Are you satisfied with the service of the customer success representatives?
  3. Do you find our customer service representatives knowledgeable about the product?
  4. Do our customer service representatives make you feel valued as a customer?
  5. How could we improve our customer service?

We share with you how to do a service survey efficiently and effectively.

Questions about the user experience and the website

Having a website that is easy to navigate, looks great, and contains all the necessary information is essential for every business today. Websites should have chat support for help if needed, and all relevant contact information and product information should be easily accessible.

These are questions to measure the customer experience related to the visit to the website:

  1. Please rate your experience using our website and app.
  2. Was it easy to find what you were looking for on our website?
  3. Would you recommend any changes to our company’s website?
  4. Could you find information about the products on our company website?

Competition Questions

There will always be new players and competitors in the market, and you have to know how you can beat them. Using these questions to measure customer experience, you can see what new competitors have entered the market, learn about potential customers’ preferred brands, understand key product differentiators, etc.

  1. What were the other brands/options you considered before purchasing our product?
  2. What would you say made you choose our product over the competition?
  3. Looking at other options available on the market, would you tell our product is better, worse, or on par with others?

How to improve your customer experience using effective survey questions 2022

Additional questions

These are ideally open-ended questions designed to elicit more information from your customers about your product, competitors, topics that make them angry, etc. 

These questions are also great for getting ideas and suggestions to improve your existing products, develop new products, etc.

  1. Do you want to make us any suggestions or recommendations?

Importance of conducting customer experience surveys questions

Survey app has numerous benefits and hence are implemented by brands globally. Some of the main benefits are:

  • Trend Recognition
  • Promoter Growth
  • Getting valuable feedback
  • Increase customer retention

Start your customer experience program with QuestionPro.

The focus of your research will determine what types of surveys you will conduct. At QuestionPro, we can help you create surveys with questions to measure the customer experience you offer.

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6 Tips to improve your business with effective surveys.

Companies that have constant improvement of their processes and services in their internal culture make surveys their best ally since they provide them with first-hand information.

Using tools that allow you to know what your customers think of your company will help you discover what the actual performance is, allowing you to compare the results with the organization’s objectives and be able to apply improvements as appropriate.

As Christian Muñoz, Quick Audits Marketing Manager, explains, “Surveys are potent tools that allow you to know first-hand your clients’ needs and thus be able to innovate in products or services. The key is to access this information quickly and promptly.”

Beyond delving into the profile and behavior of customers, the objective is precisely to analyze their experience as a customer and, from there, develop the most appropriate marketing and product development strategies to increase their satisfaction. 

Data obtained from customer satisfaction surveys can also help managers identify the top things that should monitor across departments and functions.

In this note, we give you some recommendations that, from our experience, we believe can help you carry out an effective satisfaction survey questions for your business.

How to improve your customer experience using effective survey questions 2022


1) Customize the survey questions to be specific to your business goals.

The selection of certain measurement variables will broadly define the questions’ structure, the survey’s distribution, and the data collection. It is essential to determine the priorities that your company will value when developing future strategies and develop the questionnaire based on them. It would help if you categorized the questions/variables according to what you want to evaluate, which will allow you to obtain the necessary information to meet your objectives. For example, questions about specific service topics, facilities, food, etc.

2) Improve the experience of current customers.

Surveys can also remind your company’s presence and the value you place on customer feedback. You can include questions about how the service is working if they want to make any suggestions. You can think about offering rewards or prizes to loyal customers who answer the questionnaire.

3) Development of new products/services.

Another exciting use of this type of tool is identifying opportunities to introduce new products. Thus, you will be able to detect which currently available options have not yet met expectations.

4) Simple and concrete questions.

Customers want specific questions that are quick to answer and don’t take up too much of their time. If possible, avoid general questions, which will probably lead to vague answers and not offer exciting results for the variables you need. Create questions that allow short answers such as yes or no / good, excellent, wrong, etc.

5) Duration of the survey questions.

Optimize the relationship between the information necessary for your evaluation, and the time it will take for you to complete the survey. Ideally, the customer should be able to complete the survey in less than 5 minutes. The simpler it is, and the more comfortable you respond, the better. The client will be able to perceive that you value their time and their opinion.

6) Internal customer information.

These surveys also allow you to obtain information from your internal client, your collaborators. They are also valuable knowledge about how the processes work and have references from your audience through their daily contact with external customers.

How to improve your customer experience using effective survey questions 2022

An internal customer satisfaction survey is an excellent mechanism to understand better each department’s strengths and weaknesses and what services can be improved. Then, with the cross-linking of information from your internal clients and your external clients, you will have a good vision of how the service is provided and what is needed to optimize your services and, consequently, meet your objectives.

Suppose you need more advice or have any ideas you want to share. Tell us!

How to improve your customer experience using effective survey questions

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How to improve your customer experience using effective survey questions

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