How to host a Halloween party 2023

How to host a Halloween party 2023

Whether you’re planning a Halloween party for your children or simply want to let off some steam with your friends, it’s a good idea to plan carefully to make sure everyone can enjoy the season together. 

With the thrills, the horror, and the sweet treats, it’s easy to see why Brits are spending more than £400 million per year on Halloween products. Read on to find out how to make your party frighteningly memorable.

Start it right

You can set the tone for your party before the guests even arrive by sending out themed invitations. 

Use creepy images or a foreboding border to make your invitations raise eyebrows. If you’re stuck for ideas, why not use a free template to print off at home? A petrifying pop-up could warn your guests that they’re in for a shock too!

Cooking up a fright

You could try your hand at baking and decorating some delicious cakes or cookies. Buy some black icing and make the finishing touches with contrasting neon orange and green for a classic seasonal theme.

Perhaps a ghoulish fruit punch with eerie “eyeballs” floating around inside could delight your guests. For a more classic addition, try homemade toffee apples to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Stick to a theme

How to host a Halloween party 2022

If you’ve been inspired by the last horror movie you watched, bring it to life by decorating your party venue with a running theme.

Choose appropriately if you’re getting a dress code: stick to more light-hearted characters for a children’s party, or to terrify your adult guests, movies such as Slenderman or Scream could be brought to life through spine-tingling costumes.

Make a Halloween playlist

Keep your guests entertained with a carefully curated list of spooky songs looping in the background! 

You could ask for recommendations or requests in advance for a personal touch, or if you’re struggling for ideas, why not borrow one from Spotify to save time? 

Choose deathly decorations

Fake cobwebs, splatters of fake blood, or even hair-raising dummies could add to the atmosphere at your party. If you’re splashing out this Halloween, keep an eye on your financial situation.

Using candles, strobe lights, or colored string lights could turn your home into an intriguing space but remember to keep some areas illuminated so your guests can find their way to the mouth-watering treats you’ve made.

With these added touches, your Halloween party will truly capture your guests. 4 Insanely Easy Ways to Save Money in 2022

Do you want to organize an unforgettable Halloween party ? There are many aspects that you must take into account to succeed among your guests and make the atmosphere of terror with which you fill your party hilarious! To prepare a party of this type you will have to pay attention to the decoration, the costumes, the food you prepare and even the music that accompanies you.

How to host a Halloween party 2022

Creating an atmosphere of terror can be fun but you need to plan it ahead of time, so in this OneHowTo article we tell you how to organize a Halloween party, indicating all the points to take into account so that you can create an unforgettable event.

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First we are going to pay attention to the possible themes that can be made at Halloween parties because it is not the same to want to create a setting inspired by witch stories than to do it in a zombie or vampire theme. The aesthetic that will predominate in the party requires one type of decoration or 

How to host a Halloween party 2022

anotherdepending on the theme that we want to address. Of course: although there are personalized elements, it is essential that black colors predominate in space, lighted candles, some spider webs hanging from the corners, etc.

Rooms with smoke can also be a good option to achieve that desired atmosphere, so in this OneHowTo article we tell you how to make homemade smoke for Halloween .

Once you’ve decorated the space with spooky, Halloween-worthy items (especially don’t forget some pumpkins in the room), the next step is to consider what costumes you want to wear.

How to host a Halloween party 2022

You have several options for your party: propose a joint theme in which all attendees have to dress according to a series of premises (for example, that they are all witches, that they are all vampires or that the characters are inspired by those of some mythical movies) or, if you prefer, you can choose to let everyone go free and propose a costume contest . 

In this way you will motivate the guests to come with their best clothes and the participation is very high.

If you want to succeed with your costume and opt to win the contest, in this OneHowTo article we tell you how to make scary Halloween costumes, among which you will find zombie, mummy or Exorcist girl costumes. You can do all of them at home to save money, do you sign up?

Halloween is a party here to stay; there is no doubt about that. This typical party in the United States has made it more and more common in Spain, Europe, and the rest of America that children of all ages cannot resist the emotions that the night of terror brings! We will try to give you some ideas so you can organize a partyHalloweenwith a lot of styles.

How many children can we invite to the party? It depends on your age. From the age of 5, they are already used to interacting with large groups, and you can invite as many as you want, but until then, it is better to gather a few. Four or five are enough to liven up a party and let all the children play and have fun, especially if you prepare it at home.

2. The invitations

They are essential to inform those attending the party of the place, the time it will be held, and the requirements to enjoy it (if you have to go dressed up, bring something to snack on…). 

How to host a Halloween party 2022

Do not forget to write down the address, a contact telephone number, or e-mail where they can confirm attendance and the request to be notified if any child is allergic to any food. Here you have 6 free printable invitations with typical Halloween motifs.

3. The costume

Halloween is probably the easiest costume party of the year, as old rags and clothes with holes and dirt will turn you into a zombie from head to toe. We’ve rounded up a few more accessible and inexpensive Halloween costume ideas. Do you like them?

The makeup is a fundamental aspect and can become a proper costume.

 Before starting, apply a good layer of moisturizing cream on the child’s face so that later it is easier to remove the traces of makeup, and let’s get to the pencils! Here are some monster, witch, and vampire makeup to inspire you.

5. The mask

It is simpler and less annoying than makeup (you will not have to clean it afterward, there is no risk of staining your clothes or giving you allergies) and just as attractive. We have designed six Halloween glasses to print the sea of ​​​​comfortable and fun. And if you prefer a conventional mask, we also have several models for printing and some tutorials to make other designs.

How to host a Halloween party

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