How to Give Your Home a Personal Touch?

How to Give Your Home a Personal Touch?

Decorating your home, especially if it is your first time living on your own, can seem like a daunting task. It’s your home and it should feel and look like it, as well as be a space that offers you peace and comfort. While you may look at interior design magazines to get ideas, the best home décor is décor that feels good to you and reflects your personality and the things you enjoy. If you’re looking for great ideas on decorating your new space, here are a few ideas on how to make your home look great but also feel so completely you:

Be mindful of your pictures

If you want to create a space that makes you feel comfortable, create a space that makes you remember the people you love, the moments you’ve enjoyed, and the great experiences that you never want to forget. 

A great way to display your memorable pictures is to order canvas prints online. It’s a chic, artistic way to share family photos and pictures of friends and loved ones. Plus, you save money and time spent trying to find the perfect picture frames to fit all of your loved ones’ photos in. 

Use plants

If you want to add style and personality to your home, plants can do a great job of adding color and life to any room. Whether you dedicate your time to growing and caring for large house plants or you choose smaller, decorative plants to adorn your shelves, plants should be found in your home if you love little pops of green here and there. 

Add mood lighting

There’s a whole vibe that lighting can add to any space or room. If you’re looking to make a specific area in your home a reading room or somewhere where you can have relaxing moments at the end of a long day, mood lighting is the way to go. If you want to get crazy with your lighting, add color lighting to specific spots in your home for more personality. 

Showcase sentimental items

From that decorative piece a friend brought back from their travels to a quilt your mom made you when you were a baby, there are plenty of ways to use sentimental pieces to decorate your home. 

Whether you include them on your bookshelf or you frame a piece that wasn’t originally meant to be art, there are a plethora of ways to create art and home décor out of things that make you remember loved ones. Additionally, be mindful of clutter. While you may look at every item in your home as sentimental and worthy of display, be careful not to overcrowd your shelves and home, making it look messy. Spring cleaning is a great time to re-evaluate the decorative pieces in your home. 

Make your own art

If you need some wall art but don’t have the budget for expensive pieces right now, consider creating your own artwork. While you may say, “I’m not an artist.” Keep in mind that art is subjective and while you may not know to create a portrait, you could probably put together colors quite beautifully. 

Order your favorite art supplies for the medium you enjoy and create pieces that you’d love in your home. If you truly don’t know how to create art, consider looking at the local art community to find pieces that you’ll love. Worst-case scenario: shop for cheap yet beautiful wallpaper to adorn your walls with trendy colors or patterns that will add your own personal touch to your living room or bedroom wall.

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In Conclusion

Creating a space that feels like home and that looks great takes patience. It’s about vibing with what feels good to you and not creating a cookie-cutter look out of a magazine unless that’s what you want. Add those corny souvenirs if they remind you of great times and use pictures of you and your loved ones if that’s what brings a smile to your face. 

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How to Give Your Home a Personal Touch?