How to Get Massive Muscles with Dip Belt for Weightlifting 2023

How to Get Massive Muscles with Dip Belt for Weightlifting 2023

Whether you’ve been working out for a long time or just starting on your fitness journey, I am sure your ultimate goal is to have that perfectly sculpted body with well-built muscles.

But doesn’t it get boring just doing the same old strength training exercises, with dumbbells and barbells? 

Here is the good news, the dip belts are the perfect new addition to your strength training regime that will help you stir up the excitement to your regular training.

Read the article ahead to find out how dip belts can help you fulfill your muscle dreams.

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What Is a Dip Belt?

How to Get Massive Muscles with Dip Belt for Weightlifting 2022
How to Get Massive Muscles with Dip Belt for Weightlifting 2022

Dip belts are nothing like your everyday belts. These are large leather belts that tie around your hips and have D-rings, a carabiner, and a chain hanging from one side. In these weighted dip belts, as the name suggests, weights are hung down in the form of plates, dumbbells, and kettlebells. These weights hang between your legs, intensifying bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups, squats, etc. 

It is essential to wear your dip belt properly, so you don’t end up hurting your spine or any other muscle. Keep reading ahead so you can learn the correct way of wearing a dip belt and work out effectively. 

Benefits of Dip Belt

Weighted dip belts are the perfect gym gear that helps develop your chest, shoulder, triceps, upper and lower back muscles. Here are some of the major benefits of a dip belt:

1. Helps build bigger triceps

If you want to get your money’s worth and make your workouts more effective than ever, investing in a dip belt is going to be the best decision. Adding the weighted dip exercise has proven to be one of the most effective workouts for strengthening and building heavy triceps.

Weighted dips will help you develop raw muscles that no other machine can. Once you’re comfortable with it, you’ll be building heavier triceps, and there will be no going back to other weight lifting machines ever again.

2. A Versatile Gym Gear 

What could be better than buying gym gear that can be used in a variety of ways and help you develop sturdy muscles quickly? Because let’s face it, this is the hard-earned money that we’ll be spending, so it better be worth it, right?

Dip belts are a perfect addition to your back training, leg sessions, or chest workout days. It builds stronger muscles while improving your muscular strength and endurance.

3. Economical and Portable

Even though I am sure you’re almost ready to make the purchase, here is another benefit that will help you hit that buy button quickly. 

A dip belt is not a tool that will cost you an arm and a leg while working for only one muscle group. This is an economical gym gear, which can be bought within the price range of $20-$40 while helping you to exercise various muscles. 

Apart from the affordability, dip belts are portable as well. They are lightweight and take minimal space in your bag packs, allowing you to carry them to any place you want to work out.

4. Improves Back Strength 

Do you find it hard to do pull-ups and chin-ups? Have you been trying to avoid these basic movements?

Well, you’re not the only one. These are the most basic movements when it comes to building your back strength. The majority of the lifters in the new generation have been avoiding this exercise because it’s hard, but don’t worry; dip belts can solve all your problems.

When doing pull-ups or chin-ups, adding a dip belt will help you break through the plateaus and develop monstrous back strength while giving you the perfect V-taper, aesthetically pleasing upper body.  

Here is a bonus of adding dip belts to your workouts; if you’re a lifter and have been dreaming of achieving the perfect first muscle-up goal, a dip belt will be your perfect partner.

5. A Stronger Chest

Did you know that a dip belt can help you build a wider and stronger chest? 

If you’re reluctant to buy a barbell or a weight plate just so you can do more bench press and build a bigger chest, investing in a dip belt can do wonders for your chest strength. 

6. Perform Pain-Free Belt Squats

When doing barbell squats, does your lower back tend to give up on you before your legs reach exhaustion? Dip belt is going to be your savior in such a situation. 

Many lifters face lower back pain when doing barbell squats due to extreme pressures on their spines, which worsens for those with a back injury. Weighted belt squats help you shift the pressure from your spine to the lower back. Enabling you to overcome your lower back pain and improve your regular everyday squat.

Common Dip Belt Exercises

Now that you’re ready to make your purchase let us tell you the most effective workouts you can do with dip belts, so you know what to do with your dip belt.

But before we start with the exercise you must wear your weighted dip belts properly so that it is effective in working your lower body:

How to Get Massive Muscles with Dip Belt for Weightlifting 2022
How to Get Massive Muscles with Dip Belt for Weightlifting 2022
  • Unclip the chain and wrap the belt around your waist
  • Slip the chain through the D-ring on the opposite side
  • Cross it through the weight plate and attach the carabiner onto the D-ring
  • Now that it is secure, lift the weight plate in your hand and stand up
  • Always remember to support the weight when standing and then release it in the air slowly to avoid causing stress on your waist. 

1. Weighted Chin-Ups

How to Get Massive Muscles with Dip Belt for Weightlifting 2022
How to Get Massive Muscles with Dip Belt for Weightlifting 2022

Weighted chin-ups are the perfect way to build up strength and add definition to your upper arms. This exercise works up your biceps, teres major, deltoids of the shoulder, and latissimus dorsi, known as the V-shaped muscles at your back. 

  • Once you have wrapped the belt on, lift the weights in the air gradually
  • Grab on to your pull up rack, and place the weights in between your legs
  • Squeezing the shoulder blades together, start to pull yourself up the bar, trying to get your wrist and shoulders at the same level.
  • Slowly return to your position, keeping your feet up in the air, and maintain the tension in your upper body, completing one rep

2. Weighted Dip

Weighted dips are a compound upper body workout. It strengthens the muscles in your chest, shoulders, triceps, and your core simultaneously.

How to Get Massive Muscles with Dip Belt for Weightlifting 2022
How to Get Massive Muscles with Dip Belt for Weightlifting 2022

Secure the weights through the dip belt properly and move near the bars holding the weight plate in your hand

  • Once you’re in position, suspend the weight plate in the air and lift yourself up
  • Make sure your chest is wideout and your hands are straight
  • Keep the weight hanging in between your legs and cross your feet at the back, making a 90-degree angle with the floor
  • Lift yourself straight up and then bring back your body,
  • Without touching the floor, go back up and then return to your position.

3. Belt squat

Weighted belt squats are the perfect workout to strengthen your hamstrings, quadriceps, and plantar flexors while shifting pressure away from the spine and towards the lower body.

How to Get Massive Muscles with Dip Belt for Weightlifting 2022
How to Get Massive Muscles with Dip Belt for Weightlifting 2022
  • Stand on an elevated surface, like an aerobic stepper, so that you can adjust the height easily.
  • Loop the weight belt for dips through a kettlebell, and wrap it around the hips and stand on the aerobic stepper
  • Keeping a vertical torso, push out your hips and squat till your thighs are perpendicular to the floor
  • Stand back up slowly to your original position, completing one rep

4. Weighted Donkey Calf Raises

Weighted donkey calf raises are the ideal exercise to work out the most neglected muscles in your body; calves, hamstrings, and gastrocnemius muscle. These are the basic muscles found in your legs, from your knee to your ankles.

How to Get Massive Muscles with Dip Belt for Weightlifting 2022
  • Stand with your toes on an aerobic stepper preferably 3-4 inches high, placed in front of a bench for you to lean on
  • While the weights hang in between your legs, place your hands on the support bench and bend forward while keeping your knees slightly bent
  • Press your toes on the stepper and push down your ankles near the floor, without actually touching the floor
  • Once you feel the stretch in your legs, lift on your toes, completing your first rep. 

How Long Before You Can Start Seeing the Difference?

No matter which exercise routine you follow or which muscles you start to workout first, it will always take a lot of consistency and hard work before you start seeing the difference in your body. 

You will start to see the difference in the first few weeks and even shed a few pounds, but that is just your water weight and the muscles getting set to exercise. 

Don’t worry or get disheartened if you’re unable to see quick results because these exercises start to create more of a mind and muscle connection that is helping you to work out better and focus more on the muscles. 

After a consistent workout of three to six months, your muscles will start to show a lot more definition, reduced back pain, a lot more strength and endurance while exercising, and much more.

Buyer’s Guide For A Dip Belt

Since you’ve reached this last part of the article, it means that you are interested in buying a dip belt for yourself. 

That is why here is a list of all essential features to look out for when buying a belt online.

  1. There are various types and kinds of weighted dip belts available in the market, made with leather. Unfortunately, these leather belts seem to be an attractive choice, but they cause discomfort when you tie them on your belt and lift heavyweights. 

The ideal weighted belts for dips are made up of neoprene material as it is PVC and lead-free and does not absorb any odors. 

  1. The next thing to look out for is the strap or chain. Make sure that the weighted dip belt comes with a steel chain because it looks more attractive, but our minds also believe that steel can lift more weight than some straps.
  2. Third essential feature is the chain length. Yes, the amount of weight a belt can lift is dependent on its chain length. The perfect length will be 36 inches. This will allow you to lift to 200lbs, making it the best dip belt for everyone, a beginner or a professional.
  3. Lastly, make sure to look out for the price. There are various belts in the market ranging from $25 to $100 and even above, but high prices don’t always mean good quality. DMoose dip belts range from $23.10 to $34.99, are made with premium quality, are affordable, and hold up to 200lbs. 


So, there you have it, everything about the dip belts and how to use them perfectly. 

These weighted dip belts are the perfect yet one of the most affordable gym gears. It helps you work out various muscles together and help you gain overall strength and monstrous muscles in your chest, shoulder, triceps, upper and lower back muscles without stressing your spine. 


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