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How to Find the Right Car Shipping Company for You

How to Find the Right Car Shipping Company for You

How to Find the Right Car Shipping Company for You

Moving your car across the country may seem too challenging if you have limited choices. Having someone to drive the car for you or driving it yourself is risky. But there is a more convenient option available: hiring a car shipping company. The process of finding the right car shipping company is easy if you are know-how. The following are the details you should know.

Exploring Options Through Research

The quickest way to start looking is to go online. Reading about the most reputable car shipping companies can inform you about their capabilities and limitations as well as their customer service. Visiting their websites can show you their business operations. 

Finding a company like uShip online will give you access to all its services. In reality, there will always be unsatisfied customers. Reading uShip reviews will provide you with significant insight into the company’s values, including how well the company treats its customers even if they give bad reviews. Are the negative reviews resolved or at least replied to? 

Getting an Online Quote

Some auto shipping companies specialize in transporting specific types of vehicles for various dealerships. Others cater to individuals in need of transporting their vehicles across the country. Understanding the company’s services is important before asking for a quote. A minivan shipping company may not have the equipment to transport your luxury vehicle. You may end up paying for a low-priced, low-quality car shipping service. 

Don’t forget to compare quotes, too. If you just go with the first quote you receive, you could be missing out on a better deal. 

Verifying the Company’s Credentials

A carrier should have bond information and all the needed licenses, state and federal. This will show how legit the company is. The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) has the information you need regarding these areas. It also has every shipping company’s safety record. Verifying the shipping company’s credentials can help you gain peace of mind about the choice you need to make. 

Asking About the Shipping Process

Inquiring about your shipment is another crucial aspect of choosing the right auto shipping company. The process of shipping vehicles does not happen overnight. Car shipping companies may provide you with a delivery period, which may take longer than a month if you plan to have the company deliver your vehicle abroad. 

Ask if there are covered options if you’re willing to pay more for enclosed transport. This will protect your vehicle from the elements while in transit. A company with only an uncovered option will expose your car to harsh rain, sunlight, and wind. These can deteriorate the car’s finish, so especially if you’re shipping an antique or luxury vehicle, consider enclosed transport.

Some companies may also contact you directly before they arrive for vehicle pick-up, so you won’t be surprised to find them waiting outside your house. This is common among carriers with several pick-up points while travelling to a common destination. Asking for a specific pick-up and transport date may require an additional fee. 

Different delivery options on offer can make the transport experience more targeted. 

terminal-to-terminal delivery means you must travel to the company’s drop-off and pick-up points to drop off and later get your vehicle. A more expensive door-to-door delivery is more convenient. The company will pick up and drop off your car at the locations you specify. 

Asking who will be transporting your vehicle will add to your peace of mind. It is ideal to choose a company with employees who talk directly to clients. A third-party mediator may not know who will handle your car during transit. This is unacceptable since any vehicle is a major asset. 

Finding the right car shipping company will make your transport experience less stressful. It will also be a huge weight off your shoulders on moving day. Entrusting your car to a licensed and well-documented auto shipping company is a huge decision. It may take time, but with patience, you can welcome your car in its optimal condition at its new location. 

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The process of shipping a vehicle abroad can be very confusing, especially for novices. The possibility of missing basic things, and the challenge of choosing a reliable transport company, will surely add to the stress. For this reason, we have prepared this complete guide, with a step by step that will help you make the process of sending a vehicle abroad easier.

Step 1: Find a Transportation Company

Research is essential in finding a reliable shipping company. You can start your research using search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You can also use forums and review sites. It will provide you with an extensive list of options to choose from.

Check Forums and Review Sites

These websites have made life easier for customers. Forums, where you can get in direct contact with other customers and ask about their experiences with shipping companies, are beneficial. You can find these forums and comments using search engines.

If You Buy the Car – Ask the Seller

If you’re shopping at Auto Auction Mall, we can help you arrange your shipment, saving you time and effort. You can view cost guides on our shipping pages. If you are viewing vehicles on our site and your country is not listed, please let our team know, and we will try to help. 

Additionally, you can read the shipping guide from one of our auctions. If you’re buying from a dealer, private seller, or another auction site, ask if they can help you with shipping logistics. It will likely cost extra.

Step 2: Choose a Transport Company

Once you have found the company that will ship your vehicle, you can check if it is reliable. You can review complaints and reviews with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

BBB will provide you with specific details about how the company responds to customer complaints. It will give you an idea of ​​its character and reliability. The reviews, ratings, and comments are a clear reflection of how the company presents its services and treats its customers.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

Additionally, you can contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to verify the company’s license. You can even check the complaints on the FMCSA website.

United States Department of Transportation

You can also check with your state Department of Transportation (or equivalent) to see if the company has the necessary business licenses to operate in the state. Asking questions to the company’s representative you are interested in is also a good idea. Contact them by phone and check if the business has required licenses, such as a US DOT number.

Step 3: Shipping Costs and Charges

So how much does it cost to ship a car abroad? Upfront costs to ship a car from the United States range from $750 to $2,500, depending on the destination country and the type of car. In addition, it is necessary to add rights costs and other charges.

Customs Duties, Taxes, and Port Charges

Each portPort has its requirements. However, there are general rules that apply to almost all ports.

It is especially the case with the mandatory documents that need to be submitted to customs, such as the original title, assignment of title, proof of payment, and other additional documents and fees required to pass through different port cities.

Duties, taxes, fees, and restrictions can be extremely high in many countries. That is why it is better to check with the country of destination.


Shipping insurance for the vehicle is 1.5% – 2.5% of the estimated value, or about $300 – $500 for a car valued at $20,000. Some individual vehicle policies cover transportation. Check to see if the shipping company has current cargo insurance, with a minimum liability that exceeds the value of your car.

Other expenses

The law only allows filling ¼ of the tank with gasoline. If you fill it up before shipping and exceed the limit, the gasoline will be sucked out. Shipping your car via RORO (see below) is cheaper. But if you are shipping 1, 2, or 3 vehicles, shipping via container works best.

Many factors affect the cost of shipping a vehicle, but doing the proper research will help you save a lot of money.

Step 4: Request a Quote, Choose the Shipping Method and Confirm the Reservation

You are ready to request a quote and confirm a reservation with the company you are interested in working with. Stay away from companies that ask you to pay up front. It is always going to be a scam, as they will take your money and not perform the service.

You must select the delivery option or shipping method you wish to use to ship a vehicle abroad. Options include the following:

port to portPort

Port to portPort is considered the cheapest way to ship a vehicle abroad. It consists of first making a delivery to a designated port or terminal in the United States. The vehicle is then shipped to a designated port of entry in the destination country.

door to portPort

It is an efficient and cost-effective delivery option. It is usually done by collecting the vehicle from your home and shipping it to a selected international port in the destination country.

Door to door

This delivery option is the most convenient for you. In this option, the shipping company of your choice will pick up the vehicle at your home. Then it will be in charge of the process, from the loading of the container and the delivery to the port to its destination.

Roll On/Roll Off

It is also known as RORO. It consists of using a ship that can carry wheeled cargo and heavy equipment. It is a suitable shipping method for various types of cargo, including automobiles, ships, and heavy equipment.

Step 5: Gather and Prepare the Required Documents

Now is the time to gather and prepare the necessary documents to send a vehicle abroad. These are the various documents you will need to have ready to avoid delays and additional fees.

Original Title and Registration

It is used for reservation purposes. Also, verify that you are the car owner you wish to send. It also shows that you are the sole owner of the vehicle and that no other party can legally claim ownership of it.

Copy of the Bill of Sale

You will need the bill of sale for recently purchased vehicles. This document shows the record of the transaction between you, the car owner, and the seller of the vehicle. It also provides specific information about the vehicle.

Export Forms

These documents, such as the Shipper’s Export Declaration Form and the Dangerous Goods Declaration Form, are used to declare controlled product shipments.

Personal identification

For the company to handle the paperwork, two copies of government-issued identification documents are needed, e.g., passport, driver’s license, etc. Sometimes approval of these can be done online. In other circumstances, you will need to be physically present. Ask the sender for more details.

Check Safety and Emissions Standards

Upon arrival in the country of destination, the authorities will verify that your vehicle complies with safety and emission regulations. Do some good research in this area before you go.

Step 6: Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping

Customs will inspect your vehicle thoroughly. To have a smooth transaction, you will need to prepare your car in advance.


Remove all extra items from your vehicle and make sure your battery is fully charged. Also, check to see if the alarms are disabled and if the tires are fully inflated.

Reduce Fuel Levels

Remember to reduce the fuel level to 1/8 of the tank. Shipping companies limit the amount of fuel allowed in your car for safety reasons.

Vehicle Condition Documentation

Make a vehicle inspection report to note any dents, scratches, and cosmetic issues with the vehicle. Photograph all areas of the car with close-up images of the damaged areas. If there are additional instructions, add them to your documentation and notify the shipping company.

Spare keys

You will be required to hand over your vehicle keys to the shipping company. They will need them to move it during the trip and to guide it in and out of the carrier. Be sure to get a duplicate of your keys.

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How to Find the Right Car Shipping Company for You

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