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How to extend the validity of your VI prepaid plans?

How to extend the validity of your VI prepaid plans

How to extend the validity of your VI prepaid plans?

Multiple prepaid recharge plans come with a plethora of benefits. According to your requirements, you can recharge your number flexibly with different prepaid plans every time. Once you’ve recharged your number, you can enjoy many benefits linked with the prepaid plans. In case of expiry of the validity period or, if you’ve consumed all the credit amount, the services will be suspended temporarily and can commence when your number is recharged again. 

VI or Vodafone Idea offers several recharge plans at economical costs and comes with tons of benefits. Vi’s lowest prepaid plans commence at rupees 10. A prepaid SIM recharge plan comes with daily data, unlimited Talktime, and offers such as data rollover, binge-all night, with 2GB backup data- the plans can cater to the different needs of unique users! Browse through multiple recharge plans on Vi’s official website and select a prepaid plan that can match your needs to avail the amazing benefits. 

What is Vi’s prepaid validity plan?

Vi offers validity or combo recharge plans that can extend the validity of your prepaid plan while offering talk-time minutes and up to 200Mb data. You can choose these recharge plans from three variants that come with a validity of 28 days, 21 days, and ten days respectively, and commence at Rs 49. You can scroll across the prepaid validity recharge plan page to select a plan without any hassle- you’ll no longer have to worry about the discontinuation of services. 

How to recharge your Vi prepaid number via a specific plan?

To recharge the Vi prepaid number, you can follow a few fundamental steps:

  • Browse through the Vi prepaid plans page and check out the various mobile recharge plans to find the most suitable one for you.
  • Choose a prepaid recharge pack that suits you and insert the ten digits mobile number
  • Select a payment mode from several payment options available online
  • Completely the payment securely to recharge your mobile number instantly

You can find the list of all recharge offers and plans mentioned on the official website of Vi. Anyone can access Vi’s talk time recharge plans as the minimum amount starts from rupees ten. 

How to choose a Vi prepaid plan that comes with long-term validity?

Are you searching for prepaid mobile plans? If yes, you’re at the right place. Read on to learn tips for selecting prepaid recharge packs that can optimally suit your mobile requirements. It will help you choose an optimal mobile recharge or prepaid plan to complete your Vi recharge. 

  1. Check your SMS and call usage: When selecting a prepaid plan, you should learn about your per day SMS and call usage to settle with a plan that can suffice your needs.
  2. Data inclusions: Know about your overall data consumption before selecting a prepaid plan. Vi offers extra attractive data benefits like binge all night weekend data rollover-your search ends here! 
  3. Content advantages: Don’t miss out on entertainment advantages such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar subscription. Now, you can get your favorite content along with your recharge plan. 
  4. International roaming benefits- Browse through plans that offer additional service advantages such as international roaming benefits and international calling minutes to stay connected with friends and family members residing overseas. 
  5. Network coverage: Vi comes with 4G network coverage with combined strength and features of idea and Vodafone networks. 

You can use a recharge app to get your recharge done online. 

Want to learn ways to extend your Vi SIM’s validity? Switch to a Vi prepaid validity extension pack like:

  • Rs 49 pack

With Vi’s all-rounder pack, you can enjoy a limited talk time and the plan’s validity is twenty-eight days. Besides, the pack also comes with 100MB of data. 

  • All-rounder Rs79 pack

The all-around pack offers you 200MB data and a talk-time of rupees 64. 

If you’re running out of validity, you can subscribe to one of the validity packs instantly by visiting Vi’s official website. You can enjoy several uninterrupted Vi prepaid services. So what are you waiting for? Choose the vi prepaid services and choose from an array of exclusive prepaid mobile plans. 

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After recently increasing the prices of most of its prepaid plans, Vodafone Idea (Vi) has now launched four new projects in India. Rs 155, Rs 239, Rs 666, and Rs 699 top-up plans are now available via the Vi website and app. Here’s an overview of all the benefits, importance, and more for each boost package.

New Vi prepaid plans introduced.

The Rs 155 top-up plan includes 1 GB of data, unlimited calls, and 300 SMS. It comes with a validity of 24 days. The Rs 239 prepaid plan is valid for 24 days but with more benefits. Offers 1 GB of data/day, 100 SMS / day, and unlimited calls.

Vi’s Rs 666 prepaid plan offers added benefits and increased validity. It provides users with 1.5 GB of data a day, unlimited calls, and 100 texts a day for 77 days.

 On top of that, users will get access to Vi applications and TV (VIP access) to watch tons of movies, TV shows, and more. It also includes the benefits of Binge All Night and weekend data move and a 2 GB data limit for monthly backups.

How to extend the validity of your VI prepaid plans?

Finally, the Rs 699 Prepaid plan offers more data than the Rs 666 Vi top-up plan but has a reduced validity. Includes 3 GB of data/day, 100 texts/day, and unlimited calls for 56 days only. 

The program also offers Weekend Data Move, Binge All Night, and 2GB of data for backup. Moreover, users can access many movies and shows via the Vi application and VIP TV.

All of the new Vi prepaid top-up plans are available now and can be easily accessed on the company’s website or in the Android and iOS mobile apps.

How to extend the validity of your VI prepaid plans?

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