A Guide to Create Best Eyelash Packaging 2023

A Guide to Create Best Eyelash Packaging 2023

With so many people utilizing eyelashes to enhance their appearance, it is no surprise that it has become a global phenomenon. There is a lot of competition as a result, and distinguishing your product out from the crowd can be difficult. Your eyelash packaging should grab your customer’s attention and communicate an engaging brand story, all while maintaining the high quality of your artificial eyelashes. This article will break down the anatomy of good eyelash packaging, offer design advice, and discuss some eyelash packaging trends to keep an eye on.

Why is it essential to have good eyelash packaging?

Great packaging design helps you build brand awareness and distinguishes you from the competition, allowing you to retain customers and attract new ones.

The most successful unique eyelash boxes, on the other hand, accomplish far more than simply luring clients. It should maintain the eyelashes in good condition for as long as feasible as they go from the warehouse to your customer’s hand.

When these goals are met, effective eyelash packaging accomplishes its ultimate goal: it successfully provides clients with a product they love and can trust. Furthermore, you will want to achieve these objectives sustainably and appealingly while also being informative. Therefore, there is no need to stress!

Here are the most significant factors to consider and things to include in a superb eyelash packaging design.

Essential Factors to consider while purchasing eyelash packaging

Before you start creating your custom eyelash boxes, there are a few things to think about. Consider how the packaging materials will safeguard your goods and whether you will utilize environmentally friendly materials in your packaging. Only then will you select the perfect packaging for your needs.


It is usually a good idea to create eyelash packaging with a low carbon footprint. Fortunately, we live in a world where it is becoming easier to acquire sustainable materials—many packaging manufacturers directly provide the option of using eco-friendly materials for your eyelash packaging, such as Kraft custom eyelash boxes.

Consider how this will affect your design process once you decide. For example, would you use a different ink for biodegradable packaging? Will you have to rework some elements? These may be different stages in your design process, but they are worth it for the significant influence you are having on the environment.

Your brand’s origins

This is an opportunity to make a genuine connection with your customers and communicate your story. This is your goal and mission, to put it in an old-fashioned way. There will be something intriguing about your product—who are the people or fashion icons with whom you collaborate, or where have you visited before identifying or creating the ideal product? So dive deep!

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Designing attractive eyelash packaging: some pointers

After deciding what to put in your packaging, it is time to start designing! Here are a few tips to remember:

Consistency is key

If your bespoke eyelash boxes are part of a more prominent brand—for example, if you have a brand outlet—you may want to match the design of your eyelash packaging to your overall branding. Consider your eyelash packaging as a way to promote your brand to clients who might not otherwise come to your store.

Make use of color psychology

Consumers are bombarded with a lot of brand and product information when they purchase, yet they only have so much time to learn about your goods. Colors evoke emotional responses in people, and the colors you employ in your packaging might impact their purchasing decisions.

Reds, on the whole, are connected with passion and create a sense of urgency. Yellows evoke optimism, but they can also exacerbate anxiety, so they should be handled with caution. Golds indicate luxury and a high-end, artisan quality, whereas blues convey a sense of trust.

Design trends in eyelash packaging

Packaging that tells a story

Use your story as the driving force behind your packaging design to engage with your customers and develop that all-important trust. It may elevate you from being just another brand seen in the supermarket aisle to eyelash application. Choose design aspects that best define your brand and go with them.

Design that is based on typography

Strong typographic components have been the go-to aesthetic for eyelash packaging for a long time, and it is still going strong.

It is no surprise: outstanding designs are the finest way to attract new clients, and attractive typography never fails to deliver.

This is a terrific example of carefully paired lettering for an eyelash label design. Keeping it consistent by assigning the same typeface for the brand name, a font for the caption, and the type of eyelashes (thick, thin, hair quality such as mink, plastic, or human hair) helps assure consistency.

The unique eyelash boxes style helps you stand out even with a simple monochrome theme with strong typography. Customers are just expected to pay attention. The use of two different fonts adds a unique touch.

Effect of holography

The holographic-effect eyelash container embodies the “more is more” design philosophy. It is a trend that celebrates our nostalgia for the 1990s while also helping eyelash packaging stand out from the crowd.

Many top cosmetics and makeup businesses have set the tone for this lovely trend. You can also design your package by drawing inspiration from happy times in your life. Just a thought about how each day provides a fresh set of sensations, experiences, and colours. The holographic packaging’s various colours can reflect that experience.

You may blend a tropical, vivid, beach-vibe design with a holographic appearance with confidence. It feels inviting while also awakening your senses (or at least your eyesight), similar to the exciting impact!

What can you do after that?

With global consumerism showing no signs of stopping, one thing is for sure: the demand for appealing eyelash packaging design will only grow. Great packaging expresses your brand’s story, protects your product’s quality, and persuades buyers to buy it. Your ideal eyelash package should include all necessary components to set it apart from the competition. If all of that sounds like a huge assignment, enlist the services of a professional designer to get you there.

What Is The Best Way To Make Eyelash Boxes?

On YouTube, you can find a plethora of DIY instructions that will show you how to construct custom eyelash boxes in no time. It will, however, only work if you are not trying to market your product to the general public. Why? Creating stylish and durable eyelash bespoke boxes necessitates the assistance of a professional.

What are the components of lash boxes?

Cardstock, paperboard, or Kraft are commonly used for unique eyelash boxes. Packaging 

companies never encourage their clients to utilize non-recyclable plastic packaging. 

What is the Best Way to Ship Eyelashes?

Because merchants have little control over how their products are shipped and handled, many people package their eyelashes for shipping in custom eyelash boxes made of paperboard or cardstock to protect them from moisture and external forces.

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