How to choose swimming pools

How to choose swimming pools

Surface or buried. Installing a pool in the garden is an option with which you will spend enjoyable leisure time during the summer; it will also become an essential element of your home. We give you the keys to choose a pool with the help of our experts.

Before deciding on one, you must shuffle all the options that exist and choose based on the meters you have in your outdoor space, the use you will make of it, and, of course, what you need most like it.

Questions to ask yourself before choosing a pool

  • Do you have enough space? If you decide to install an inground pool, you must remember that you will need at least a distance of approximately 8×3 meters. In addition, you must condition your outdoor spaces to introduce the necessary machinery. You must have a Work License and a Work Project to be able to install this type of swimming pool.
  • What budget do you have? The funding to invest will depend a lot on the type of pool you are going to install. Remember that inground pools are more expensive than surface pools.
  • Do you want a pool for life? In this case, any of the works will be an ideal option. But if you plan to leave the collection only temporarily, it is recommended that you install a surface one.

Types of pools    

Depending on the type of installation, we can mainly differentiate the following types of pools:

  1. Aboveground pools

Surface pools are placed above the ground, so they do not require works and are completely exposed to inclement weather. 


  • Possibility to choose between fixed and removable
  • Low cost for the customer
  • A straightforward installation was carried out in a few hours.
  • Adaptable in terms of size and qualities (oval, round, rectangular, different weight of the liner)


  • Less resistance to inclement weather.
  • They have a shorter shelf life.
How to choose swimming pools
How to choose swimming pools

Of steel and wood

Steel and wood pools stand out for having a robust structure (unlike plastic ones). The finishes or exterior coatings that you can choose from are varied: they can be galvanized with white steel, imitating wood, stone, lattice, rattan, and even have wooden panels up to 45 mm thick, making them more decorative.

It should note that wooden pools have a somewhat more complex installation due to the nature of the material and a previous high-density formwork to support the structures, so it is advisable to carry out a follow-up by the manufacturer to guarantee the correct installation.

Like the plastic ones, you need a protective mat on the floor. From there, you must assemble the structure with the tubes, profiles, legs, canvas straps.

Inflatable and tubular

The inflatable and tubular pools are made of plastic. They can be easily stored and moved from year to year. To install it, you must place a protective blanket or tapestry on the floor that should occupy the entire base of the pool and leave an extra margin of approximately half a meter to protect the liner from possible damage due to the material on which it will be located. 

How to choose swimming pools
How to choose swimming pools

How to install aboveground pools?

You must level and compact the ground, as it has to support the guide’s weight and be balanced. You can put a solid base of cement or concrete if you prefer. 

Installation can take a single day (about 3 hours). For its structure, you must have an electrical outlet nearby (for the use of the skimmer -filtering system-), a water intake, and a drain.

Inground pools

They are the pools installed on the ground; the pool’s space has to be previously dug into the ground. They require a more complex installation, but in return, they offer more features, are more durable, and allow them to be adapted to all types and sizes of terrain. You must carefully decide the garden area in which you want to install it since it will be the place where it will always remain.

inground pool
How to choose swimming pools

Installation: you need a previous building license to start the work. The assembly must be carried out by professionals who have the appropriate machinery and offer you all the guarantees.

The pool glass is where it will contain the pool water. Three in-ground pools are depending on the basin: built-in, polyester or panel, and metal structure.

Of work

They are made entirely of concrete or with a concrete floor and masonry walls with brick blocks, materials that offer the most significant resistance.


  • It allows customizing both the design and the finish (tile, liner, ceramic).
  • They are the most durable (so it compensates for the high investment that must make). It can be adapted entirely to your preferences in terms of design and finishes.


  • It can extend the duration of the work by several months.
  • The initial investment is high.


Polyester pools are in one piece, composed of a prefabricated pool of seamless resin sheets, which is placed on the ground that has been dug to measure and is leveled.

Advantages :

  • As they are manufactured through a mould, the surface is entirely smooth to avoid leaks and incrustations.
  • Polyester is a set of fibres that ensure excellent resistance, thus preventing possible cracks.
  • Repair if possible using the same material.
  • Adaptable in terms of models and finishes to your liking.


  • The duration of the work is somewhat less extensive than those of concrete, but an approximate period of manufacture and installation of between 80 and 100 days is estimated.
  • The initial investment is high, although not as much as the construction investment.
How to choose swimming pools
How to choose swimming pools

 Of panels

There are two types of panels: made of polymer profiles and panels and made of steel, with or without anti-corrosion treatment.


  • The possibility of having an inground pool at a low cost.
  • Simple installation: have the ground prepared and levelled.
  • They are panelled that allow a certain degree of slack to adapt to possible changes in the terrain.
  • Reinforced liner/liner coating.
  • Resistance to UV rays, effects of humidity corrosion.


  • For added strength, should combine it with a partial concrete structure encasing the steel.
  • They are not as strong as polyester fibre or concrete.

How to install inground swimming pools?

Depending on each type of in-ground pool, the installation will be in a specific way, but in general terms, we must:

  • Choose and excavate the terrain.
  • Choose the pool glass and the liner. 
  • Please choose the appropriate liner and place it (it is a reinforced PVC canvas, which adapts perfectly to the walls and floor of the pool through the action of water pressure.

The most resistant solution on the market is the reinforced liner, which includes a thin armor placed by heat on the job. It is essential to check that the cleaning and treatment products that we will use in the future are compatible with our chosen coating.

Leroy Merlin pools have the possibility of installation by specialized and certified companies of polyester pools and everything complementary in terms of electricity and plumbing to carry them out.

The best portable generator

What is the best portable pool on the market?

Summer is coming, and many dreams of cooling off in their pool and seeing children happy splashing like a fish in water. The sad reality is that most cannot afford it or do not have enough space.

If this is your case, do not worry because the solution is to buy a removable pool according to your space and budget, install it and forget about the heat and the crowds of the public or community pool.  Can you imagine it?

Of course, given the infinity of options available, choosing it can be a real headache. 

We have invested many hours in researching, comparing, and selecting the best portable domestic pools. The results are below our ranking, along with all the necessary information you should know before buying a pool of this type.

Comparison of the best removable pools of 2021

What type of mountable pool are you looking for?

  1. ​Best rectangular removable pool
  2. Best removable wooden pool
  3. The best removable pool with treatment plant
  4. Best Intex removable pool
  5. Best removable pool Bestway

Tips for choosing an excellent removable pool

Buying a pool is not like buying a pack of pencils. That’s clear.

There are several essential factors that you should take into account when buying a pool of this type. It would help if you are looking for durability, easy installation, and security, but also that it fits your budget:

  • Pool type. They are made of steel, wood, plastic, resin and even aluminium. The options are endless, so you must take into account the pros and cons of each material. For example, steel and aluminium tend to rust over time, so it is recommended that the surface be galvanized. The resin ones don’t rust, but they tend to crack.  In general, removable plastic pools do not usually include coatings to have these types of problems.
  • Size. What space do you have, and what space will the pool occupy? Please consider the dimensions of the pool and the installation in case it is necessary to incorporate other elements that also use part of the space in your garden.
  • Instalation and maintenance. Assess whether it is necessary to incorporate materials to install your pool, what difficulty it entails or what maintenance they require. For example, inflatable pools are easier to maintain because you can deflate them when the summer is over. Some that have a steel frame can be disassembled, but others will have to be held during the winter, and that, in the end, carries an economic cost that you may not be able to assume.

How to choose swimming pools

  • Security. Primordial, especially when there are children. Evaluate if the ladder is easy to remove and put on or install a barrier so that they cannot enter if you are not in front.
  • Price. There are cheaper and more expensive depending on the size and quality of the manufacturing materials. Depending on your budget, you will have to find the best one for the price range that you can afford.

It is the most important thing, but you can get more information in our buying guide below. 

How much money should I spend on my ride-on pool?

Depending on the size, shape, and quality of the materials used in the manufacture, there is a wide range of models and prices in the field of portable pools. Thus, taking into account the price, we can classify the pools into two categories:

  • The cheap mountable pools (less than € 200). With prices ranging from 60 euros to 200 euros, they usually have small sizes and little depth and are ideal for the little ones.
  • High-end pools (more than € 300). If you want a natural pool, replace a built-in pool, do your laps and swim and dive deep enough safely, then you will have to invest more than 300 euros.

What mountable pool to buy? The five best quality-price portable pools

1. Pool rectangular plastic

If your space is small, this 3,834-liter model is ideal for you. It is easily assembled, and in just 30 minutes, it will be ready to enjoy and defuse the heat. It is placed directly on the ground. The rectangular size offers a capacity for six people. Your garden will look charming and will be your favorite place to enjoy in the summer season.

Its steel metal parts with anti-rust finishes make it solid, safe, and rigid. It is made of a material with excellent durability, especially its triple-layer Super-Though canvas. Likewise, it has two connections: for the drain and the treatment plant. All these features will allow you to enjoy it to the fullest. Amazon seeks its price, where to buy is straightforward. How to choose swimming pools


2. Buildable outdoor pool with filter 

Acquiring this rectangular model brings several advantages: the extra-strong material of the canvas gives it the necessary resistance for a longer duration, its Hydro Technology aeration system in the connections increases the purity of the water because it takes into account the recirculation of the water and therefore improving its quality. Among the benefits of this aeration system are better filtration and a pool with purer water.

This model has a family size, is easy to assemble, fills with a little more than 6,000 liters, and is ready for the summer’s enjoyment. 

It is recommended for wide spaces and should be located near an electrical source for the scrubber. If you still don’t know where to buy, Amazon is the best option because you can purchase other accessories for maintenance and better enjoyment. All in one place.


3. Round portable pool

Undoubtedly, the best plastic pool on the market, thanks to its solid rigid steel metal structure and its ideal size for 4 to 7 people. If your family has children, this pool is the one you should choose for its great comfort. Also, if you don’t have much space to locate it, this model is for you.

Having this product is a common dream for all people. Very easy to assemble, made with extra resistant material, with two connections: for hose and filter -not included- and with a capacity for 6,000L of water. Amazon has an excellent value for moneyl better this comparison. Don’t expect it to run out, and order it now.


4. Pool des buildable round with debugger

Leading brand Bestway is committed to complete designs including cartridge filter scrubber, repair patches, cover, mat, and ladder, plus the pool and manufactured with ultra-resistant finishes to extend its useful life. No more worries, in single order you will have everything and your fun will begin.

In just 20 minutes, the fastest to assemble due to its innovative assembly without the use of tools. There are more than 16,000L of water where you can spend an excellent time with family and friends. Additionally, it has valves that speed up emptying for a perfect and fast collection. Amazon offers a reasonable price for everything it provides. Now that you have read this comparison, you know which model to buy.

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 5. Special children’s wading pool

Without a doubt, the best option to buy if your interest is the fun of children this summer. It is filled with 3,000L of water and has the ideal height to remove parents’ concerns, manufactured with unsurpassed quality for its resistance and durability. If you are looking for a complete pool for the safety of the little ones, you have come to the place where buying is a walk.

Its solid metal finishes and its excellent price on Amazon – for the entire combo, including pool and cartridge scrubber, as well as the transfer to your door – make it one of the best portable pools of 2021. The fun of your little ones is guaranteed, and your peace of mind too. Do not see more and opt for this one.

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How to choose swimming pools