How to Choose Stylish Frames to Suit Your Face?

How to Choose Stylish Frames to Suit Your Face?

When it is time to get new glasses, you like to ensure you get the ideal pair for your face shape. Some glasses look appealing on display but aren’t so good when you try them. Remember that your face shape is crucial in whether a certain frame style will look good on you. 

Your Face Shape Always Matters

No two faces are the same, but faces can be grouped into five shapes: heart, diamond, square, round, and oval. To identify your face shape, pull your hair back, staring into the mirror, and assess which shape closely resembles your face’s contours. 

Remember that specific shapes of frames are designed to complement various facial shapes. You like to be certain you can find the ideal frame for your look.

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Frames for diamond-shaped face

The angular features of a diamond-shaped face could be softened by wearing oval frames. Cat-eye frames and horn-rimmed glasses can help balance out your features and attract attention from the jawline.

Nonetheless, narrow, thin-rimmed frames could be overpowered by your powerful, angular features.

  • Frames for heart-shaped faces

Wider frames at the bottom will go a long way to balance heart-shaped faces, which are a bit wider at the top. Therefore, you must avoid wearing frames with heavy brow lines, as they attract attention to the forehead. 

  • Frames for oval-shaped faces

Do you have an oval-shaped face? You’d look good with a pair of square or rectangular frames. That’s because those with oval faces have evenly proportioned features. You must avoid oversized frames, which might ruin those proportions out of balance. 

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Frames for round-shaped faces

For people with round faces, narrow lenses with sharper angles make a face look longer and wider. Nonetheless, you must avoid too small frames, as they will not distinguish your facial features enough and might be unpleasant to wear. 

  • Frames for square-shaped faces

You must wear round or cat-eye frames if you have a square face because they could add a bit of softness to your features. 

Such faces must prevent wearing square or rectangular glasses, as they can emphasize or add to the angles of the face and may make it look wide. 

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Choose a Glass Frame That Will Make Your Eyes Pop 

 You are in luck if you have brown eyes. Nearly any color frame will look cool on you. Complementary colors will make the eyes stand out for blue and green eyes. Orange frames for blue eyes and red frames for green eyes will make a statement.

A vibrant frame would be an excellent contrast for gray eyes, as gray is a neutral tone. If you have hazel eyes, a safe bet would be to pick neutral frames such as amber or brown. 

Finding frames to complement your facial features, lifestyle, and personality can be challenging, particularly when there are numerous styles to choose from. Fortunately, Lindberg has frames for every taste! Also, they have professionals who can help you find the ideal frames in no time. 

One thing is for certain. You won’t know what a pair of glasses will look like on your face until you try them. Don’t wait anymore. Take one step closer to finding the ideal pair of frames. 

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How to Choose Stylish Frames to Suit Your Face?

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