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How to achieve successful organizational change

How to achieve successful organizational change

How to achieve successful organizational change

Nowadays many organizationsare experiencing change because they are responding to the competitive and fast-moving external business environment, technologicaladvancement, as well as local plus global economies. Therefore workplace processes, systems, along with strategies need to continuously change moreover evolve allowing an organization to stay competitive.

When it comes to change, this impacts your most vital asset, i.e. your people. It is expensive to lose employees because of the associated recruitment costs plus the time needed to get new employees to understand the tasks that need to be done. Whenever some employees leaves, importantintimate knowledge of the business goes with them. It is better to avoid this.

It is therefore important to carry out effective organization change management. The following are some tips to help you do this:

Define the change

It is important to clearly define the change moreover align this to business goals. No doubt you need to articulate the change needed but you also have to carry out a critical review that is against organizational objectives as well as performance goals to make sure the change can carry the business in the correct direction strategically, financially, along with ethically.

You can then figure out the value of the change. This will quantify the efforts as well as inputs that you should invest. You need to know what you need to change and why this change is actually required.

Figure out impacts

When you are sure of what you want to achieve and why, it is then necessary to figure out the impacts of the particular change at different organizational levels. You must review the impact on every business unit and the way it cascades across the organization structure going to the person. The details will let you know where training as well as support are required the most so as to mitigate the effects.

Here you need to ask yourself what the impacts will be of the change, those the change will impact the most, and the way that the change will actually be received.

Create a communication strategy

It is necessary that all employees be involved in the change journey, but the above two points will let you know the employees who you really need to communicate the change to. You should determine the best means of communication for the specific group or individual which will make them be involved in the change.

The communication strategy must have a timeline concerning how the change can be incrementally communicated, vital messages, along with the communication channels and even mediums that you wish to use.

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You must ask yourself the ways that the change can be communicated and the ways that feedback can be managed.

It is tough to effectively handle and manage organization change. You can consult an organisational change management framework that can help you throughout the process. If the leader has the right tools and knows what he/she is doing, it is possible that the organizational change can be managed well. 

How to achieve successful organizational change

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