How Playing With A Teddy Bear Helps To Build Empathy In A Child?

How Playing With A Teddy Bear Helps To Build Empathy In A Child?

Where parents have heard what empathy is, they may be unclear on its importance from a physiological perspective. 

In simple words, it’s the ability to put oneself in another person’s position to understand what it could be like to experience life from their perspective, especially in terms of emotion.

Why Is Instilling Empathy In Children Important?

Understanding and showing empathy are essential for many social-emotional skills developing in the first years of life.

Empathy in kids could include the following characteristics:

  • Understanding that they are a distinct person and people around her can have different feelings than her own.
  • Recognizing one’s own feelings and naming them.
  • Regulating own emotional responses.
  • Understanding the emotion by imagining themselves in someone else’s shoes. 
  • Recognizing what kind of response could comfort the other person. 

How Playing With Bears Could Help To Build Empathy In A Child?

Establishing a strong and secure relationship is one of the first and most important milestones for one to cross. And this is only possible when a person has empathy towards others. 

When a child plays with a teddy bear, it helps them recognize their emotions through the bear. Pretentious plays are the best way to explain different feelings, especially the trickier ones.  

Take a look, at how you can build empathy in your child while playing with teddy bears. 

  • As mentioned before, pretentious plays are the best way to introduce them to different emotions. You can pretend to be a fellow doctor while the teddy is patient and help them understand what the bear must be going through. It could help them empathize and feel the pain. 
  • Just having a teddy around them could help your child develop care and thoughts in them. They would make sure their teddy is warm, has a full stomach, and gets proper rest while doing the same things for themselves. 
  • Teddy bears could help instill trust and bonding like emotions too. To be able to understand what the person in front of you is feeling, you need to bond with them. The cutesy and caring appearance of teddy bears makes it easy for toddlers to bond with them. It cuts the awkwardness of interacting when they meet a new person. 
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  • Teddy even helps them learn about things like negotiation and corporations. While playing with teddy and friends around, children learn to negotiate and cooperate. They tend to acknowledge many things and emotions exerted around them. Plus, playing together allows them to ask questions, share feelings and show respect, modeling empathy. 

Empathy is an immense feeling; hence it takes time to develop. One can’t expect to show empathy just by introducing the meaning. At times, adults too find it difficult. Thus it’s obvious to be overpowering for children. 

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So having patience is the key to instilling the emotion little by little into them. 

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How Playing With A Teddy Bear Helps To Build Empathy In A Child?

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