How Mobile Applications Help Manufacturing Business

How Mobile Applications Help Manufacturing Business

A manufacturing business is always associated with a labour-intensive process. It generally starts with the company or a factory acquiring raw materials and processing them to deliver the final output. This happens by putting their labour forces to work. During the process, a lot of tools and machinery are used as well.

With the growth in demand and advancement in the Information Technology sector, the manufacturing process has become more complex. From another point of view, a company begins to fall behind its competitors who adopt the technology at a faster rate.

Adopting mobile applications for manufacturing business comes in handy in various ways. This includes internal functioning and external coordination. A manufacturing business gets help from a mobile application in the following ways:

Better integration

A mobile application can be integrated with the system very easily. One common example that can be discussed is relationship management with a customer.

A mobile app facilitates communication with a customer. In case of any query, the manufacturer can respond immediately and save time. During the conversation, a specific stage or product can be highlighted. A customer may even raise a doubt or seek clarification in the invoice issued to him.

This affects the net profit and revenue of a company. The higher the convenience a customer gets, the higher the chances of him or her coming back for more business.

An order from a customer can also be processed quickly. Since certain permissions are required before initiating the manufacturing process at a large scale, the manufacturer can grant those permissions. This is applicable when a sample is made for testing before its mass production.

Enhanced management

Managing a manufacturing process can become a tiresome activity. This impacts those activities that require equal or more attention.

Having access to every important data at one’s fingertips can be useful as it may help to save time. The manufacturing process is based on the availability of raw materials. Visiting a location for inspection and count can be managed by tracking it on a mobile app. After the raw material is taken for further processing, an entry can be made by the worker at the starting point. It would then be updated into the system which will be available to the concerned authority.

This ensures better coordination among the departments. If a department is involved in acquiring raw materials, then they would automatically know the status and would be able to act accordingly. This would not affect the activity of the team that is involved in further processing of a raw material

Generate a price quote

The potential lead finds it impressive that the manufacturer is active in discussing the process and sending the quotation in a short time.

A mobile app assists a manufacturer to work on the quotation while being on a call with the lead. The manufacturer can continue to probe and prepare the quotation simultaneously. Since the format remains the same, the only entries that are required to be made are about the quantity of the raw material that will be used and how much it will cost.

The details may vary but the time to prepare a price quotation is saved with the help of a mobile application. Moreover, it provides an on-the-go solution to a manufacturer who can even urgently work on a quotation while sitting in a social gathering.

The calculations are automatically done after all the entries are made in the app. This gives an accurate price without any calculation mistakes.


The time to sit with a large number of files, compile the data, and make a final report is inapplicable at the current time.

Manufacturers focus on getting more customers and increasing the number of deliverable outputs. This requires a lot of attention and hence, preparing a report seems to be a burden. A mobile application takes responsibility and gets the job done. With every entry made in the system, the mobile app automatically generates the report for review. The report can be related to the production time, raw material consumption, or working hours of the labour force.

The manufacturers who hire dedicated app developers can avail of an option to export the report in their preferred format. The widely used format in the industry is the Microsoft Excel Sheet; however, it can be customized to get the report in a pdf.

A manufacturer may also set the timeline for which he or she wants to generate the report. This also makes it easier to compare the current report with the previous report.

Quick Access

The integration of a mobile app with the entire manufacturing process lets a manufacturer access important data quickly.

The overall status of the machines and equipment can be checked. This includes the running time and the failure time. Every second matters in the manufacturing industry. Getting the data about how long machinery was down, helps to cover the time and deliver the product within the deadline.

A mobile app also gives a quick sneak peek at all the important data. The dashboard provides a summarized view of data related to, for example, the number of outputs produced, the number of outputs left, and the estimated time of completion based on the current speed.

Many mobile applications allow a manufacturer to customize the dashboard as per their requirement. The dashboard of one manufacturer may show the number of hours the labour force has worked while the dashboard of another manufacturer may show how much raw materials are left.

One can call a mobile application a true friend or an assistant of a manufacturer. It truly deserves the tag. A manufacturer who has not yet been a part of this development can leverage mobile application development services to every possible extent.

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How Mobile Applications Help Manufacturing Business

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