How Low Self-Esteem Affects Students’ Lives and How to Improve It 2023

How Low Self-Esteem Affects Students’ Lives and How to Improve It 2023

Educators have one of the most influential roles in a person’s life. Right from when students start at kindergarten all the way to college, the attitude and actions of their teacher influence and impact their self-esteem. Many essays on this topic include various examples of how students with self-esteem act compared to those with low self-esteem.

The students who have healthy views about themselves can accept and react better to criticism and rejection; they can easily self-evaluate and learn from their mistakes. Although on the other hand, students with low self-esteem have a problem with adequate self-evaluation. That can be clearly seen in almost every self evaluation sample essay by those students. Although there are also many essay examples about students’ self-esteem, there are statements that besides taking everything personally, students with low self-esteem can also get scared of learning because they don’t think that they are smart enough to be successful at anything.

How Low Self-Esteem Affects Students’ Lives and How to Improve It 2022

So, you may wonder how teachers can build self-esteem in students. Since they are the first to notice that problem, they can make an early intervention. And that intervention can make a huge difference in a person’s life. They are the ones that can build confidence and love for learning in the students, but they can also influence and teach them self-love.

What is self-esteem, and why is it important?

Although they have fundamental differences, people often use self-confidence and self-esteem in the same concept. Having self-confidence means believing in your abilities for a specific task. For example, a student can have self-confidence when researching or writing English essays or papers but can lack self-confidence when doing algebra. And on the other hand, self-esteem is a broader concept that covers the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes you have towards yourself, and it is closely related to your identity.

How Low Self-Esteem Affects Students’ Lives and How to Improve It 2023

Having self-esteem basically influences how a person sees themselves and the world around them, making it a very important factor in maintaining healthy relationships and achieving academic success. In addition, promoting Self-esteem in the classroom can help students cope better with their mistakes, failures, and disappointments, and they will be able to overcome various challenges better than before. All in all, it is a lifelong necessity, so improving or building self-esteem in students is something that every teacher has to work towards achieving.

How to improve students’ self-esteem

Focus on the positive

Most of the time, people, especially students with low self-esteem, tend to focus on the negative. They will constantly talk about what they can’t do, their mistakes and weaknesses, etc., so to help them, they need to be encouraged not to be so hard on themselves. They should be taught to forgive themselves and appreciate their strengths. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t receive negative feedback, just that they should be praised more often for their achievements, so they can start seeing their self-worth.

How Low Self-Esteem Affects Students’ Lives and How to Improve It 2023

Identify Positive Traits

Students with low self-esteem may have problems showcasing their skills and things that they feel good about. In this case, teachers need to work harder to identify the positive traits in each student individually. There are many samples of activities that teachers can do in class in order to make those students open up.

Set Realistic Expectations

Setting realistic goals for young adults is the best path to success. So, teachers need to know their students’ abilities and strengths, but also their weaknesses in order to give them the right support and assign them challenges that will actually be achievable for them. This doesn’t mean that teachers should only require the base knowledge. But instead, they should require possible things that are challenging enough that students can feel accomplishment and satisfaction when completing them.

Learn from Mistakes

Teachers should turn students’ mistakes into something positive from which they can learn and gain, rather than lose. Remind them that everyone makes mistakes and help them see their errors as learning opportunities. How Low Self-Esteem Affects Students’ Lives and How to Improve It


Identifying the signs of low self-esteem from a young age is important, and parents and teachers are the ones that can do that. And of course, help those students through positive reinforcement, encouragement, and affirmation. When students feel accepted, they are more likely to develop a sense of belonging, which will make them love themselves and others more throughout their lives. Some students may have a harder time overcoming these challenges, so a therapist or a school counselor can help them reshape the way they see themselves.

How Low Self-Esteem Affects Students’ Lives and How to Improve It 2022

Meta Description: Many students deal with low self-esteem, which influences every part of their lives, including their academic success. Although this is where their mentors need to step up and promote and support high self-esteem in them.

From our parents, our teachers and more people

The people in our lives can influence how we feel about ourselves. When they focus on the good in us, we feel good about ourselves. If they are patient when we make mistakes, we learn to accept ourselves. When we have friends and get along with them, we feel accepted.  

How Low Self-Esteem Affects Students’ Lives and How to Improve It 2023

But if adults scold us instead of praising us, it’s hard for us to feel good about ourselves. Bullying and having your siblings or peers pick on you also damage your self-esteem. Harsh words leave their mark, and they become a part of what you think and how you feel about yourself. Luckily, things don’t have to stay that way. 

Your inner voice

The things you say to yourself play a significant role in feeling about yourself. Thinking things like “I’m a failure: I always lose” or “I’ll never make friends” damages your self-esteem. 

There are other ways of thinking about the same things. “I haven’t won this time, but maybe next time.” “Maybe I can make some friends.” This inner voice is much more hopeful. It helps you feel good. And it could become real. 

Sometimes our inner voice is based on harsh words other people have said to us. Or in bad experiences, we’ve had. Sometimes our inner voice is very hard on us. But we can change that inner voice. We can learn to think better things about ourselves. 

Learn to do things

 We feel good when we learn to read, add, draw and build things. Play a sport, play music, write a story, ride a bike. Set the table, and wash the car. Help a friend, take your dog for a walk. Everything you learn and do is an opportunity to feel good about yourself. Take a step back and see what you are capable of. Let yourself feel happy about it.

How Low Self-Esteem Affects Students’ Lives and How to Improve It 2022

But sometimes, we are too harsh and critical of ourselves. We do not accept that what we do is good enough. If we think, “It’s worthless,” “It’s not perfect,” or “I can’t do it good enough,” we miss the opportunity to build our self-esteem. 

What if I have low self-esteem?

You can do things to feel better about yourself. It is never too late. Here are some tips for raising your self-esteem: 

Hang out with people who treat you well

 Some people act in ways that make you feel bad. But other people lift your spirits with what they tell you. Learn to grasp that difference. Choose friends who help you feel good about yourself. Find people with whom you can be yourself. Be that kind of friend with others. 

Say things that help you

Connect with your inner voice. Is it too critical? Are you too hard on yourself? For a few days, write down some things you say to yourself. Check the list. Are these the kind of things you’d say to a good friend?

 If not, rewrite them so that they are accurate, fair, and kind. Read the new phrases often. Do this until the behavior of thinking in this way becomes a habit. 

Accept what is not perfect

It’s always good to do things the best you can. But, when you think you need to be perfect, you can’t feel good if you don’t achieve that perfection. Accept the best you can give yourself. And let yourself feel good about it. Ask for help if you can’t get over that need to be perfect. 

Set goals and strive to achieve them

If you want to feel good about yourself, do good things for yourself. Maybe you want to eat a healthier diet, get fitter, or study better. Set to goal. Then make a plan to reach it. Follow your plan. Make a record of your progress. Be proud that you have come this far. Say to yourself, “I’ve been following my training plan for 45 minutes a day. I feel good about it. And I know I can keep it up.”  

How Low Self-Esteem Affects Students’ Lives and How to Improve It 2022

Focus on what is going well for you

 Are you so used to talking about your problems that they are the only thing you see? It is easy to let yourself be dominated by what is wrong with you. But you balance it with what works for you; it will only make you feel bad. The next time you find yourself complaining about yourself or having a bad day, find something that worked for you to counteract it. 

Be generous and help others

Helping is one of the best ways to grow your self-esteem. Help a classmate study, help clean up your neighborhood, and participate in a fundraiser for a good cause. Lend a hand at home or school. Make it a habit to be kind and fair to others. Do things that make you proud of the kind of person you are. When you do positive things for other people, no matter how small, your self-esteem will grow. 

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How Low Self-Esteem Affects Students’ Lives and How to Improve It

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