How Long Is A Garage Door Supposed To Last?

How Long Is A Garage Door Supposed To Last?

 A garage door is an essential part of your home. It provides security and privacy, keeps the elements out, and allows you to park your car conveniently and safely. Garage doors may be sturdy and solid, but sometimes problems arise, and you may have to repair them. According to top repair firms like, several factors can affect the life of your garage door, such as weather conditions, frequency of use, etc. If you want to ensure your garage door lasts for many years, read on to learn more about its longevity.

Garage Door Material

Manufacturers make garage doors using different materials that affect a garage door’s lifespan. The panels that make up your door comprise one or more of the following materials:

  • Wood

This material is usually slotted, with the individual panels looking very similar. Wood gates are typically easy to repair but can warp if left outside for an extended period. A well-maintained and painted wood garage door will last about 40 years before needing replacement.

  • Steel

Steel garage doors are often made of solid panels with few joints than traditional wood doors. While they are less likely to warp or crack over time,  it is more challenging to repair them when damage occurs. A steel garage door can last 20 years before you can replace it, assuming it doesn’t get any issues within that duration.

  • Aluminium

Aluminum is lightweight and environmentally friendly. It also produces no harmful emissions during manufacturing. However, its corrosion resistance makes it susceptible to moisture, especially in coastal areas where saltwater splashes onto nearby surfaces during storms or high tides. You may need to replace your aluminum door after 15 years if it frequently gets into direct contact with water and isn’t under proper maintenance.

2. The Moving Parts

You may be wondering how often and how to maintain the moving parts of your garage door. The life of most springs is about ten years, but a poorly maintained garage can shorten the life of your springs by more than 50%.

Rollers are another common garage door maintenance problem. Unlike other moving parts, they do not wear out as quickly and can last indefinitely with proper maintenance. Nevertheless, weather elements or dirt that get into contact with their tracks can damage them.

It’s also worth mentioning that hinges and cables facilitate movement between the garage door and frame. However, they can malfunction due to wear or damage if you don’t regularly care for them. 

Beyond that, as with any mechanical device with moving parts like springs or rollers, these elements can wear out with age even if they’re well-maintained and kept clean. How Long Is A Garage Door Supposed To Last?

3. Weather Elements

The exact lifespan of your garage door also depends on where you live, which can be subject to weather elements. For example, suppose you live in a dry climate and regularly use a dehumidifier to keep moisture levels down. In that case, your garage door will last longer than if you exposed it to high humidity and frequent rainstorms.

4. How Well You Care For Your Garage Door

The way you care for your garage door is crucial to its longevity. A well-cared-for garage will door last longer than a neglected one. Here are some ways you can keep your garage door in good shape:

  • Keep the door clean by sweeping dirt out of the tracks with a broom or vacuum cleaner. It is also essential to remove dirt that accumulates at the bottom of the door, which can cause the door to stop working correctly.
  • Lubricate the moving parts regularly (at least once during spring and the fall) with a light oil or spray lubricant; this will prevent corrosion and future damage.
  • Look under your garage door for rusted or bent areas that could cause problems with balance or alignment. If there are problems, you need to have them permanently fixed by a professional before they cause serious injury later when you close or open your door.
  • Make sure all screws are tight before closing the gate. It guarantees safety while operating so that you know you will be able to enter and exit your home safely.

Ultimately, it is difficult to determine how long a garage door will last. There are too many variables to set a concrete standard. Still, the information above should at least give you a good idea of how long your particular door will last and what factors influence that time frame.

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How Long Is A Garage Door Supposed To Last?