How Do Matchmaking Algorithms Work in the Dating Niche? 2022

How Do Matchmaking Algorithms Work in the Dating Niche? 2022

Dating sites are not new, and most of them have been around for more than two decades. But, quite recently, the dating industry has witnessed serious expansion, with a large majority of people turning to dating sites for both long-term relationships and casual encounters. Reputable players in the industry have responded to this influx of new users by offering better dating services in a secure and safe environment.

But something that has really helped make things a lot more impressive for users is the robust matchmaking algorithms that help dating sites fetch the most relevant matches for their members.

Whether you are a young single looking for your first romantic fling or you are a couple in open relationships seeking a third for some naughty action, online dating sites are always there to lend a helping hand. Some dating sites for couples work by letting their users choose specific filters, which activate the matchmaking algorithm and help anyone find the best match as per their preferences.

It all works quite seamlessly, and you find a long list of potential matches within seconds. It often makes people wonder exactly how these algorithms facilitate improved matchmaking. 

Algorithm Method: How Does It Work?

Everyone knows that dating sites fetch matches by relying on matchmaking algorithms, but interestingly, no one knows much about how the whole procedure occurs. Apparently, it seems that dating sites consider the filters you have applied and then take into account the information you have shared on your profile page to find a matching list of profiles.

For instance, if you use a platform and look for brunettes with green eyes several times, the algorithm will consider it even when you decide to search for blondes. That is probably the reason why you are likely to find blondes with “green eyes” because the algorithm knows what you have searched for in the past.

Quite like any software or program, a matchmaking algorithm can also be used to find the best matches based on whatever filters you apply. Search results would be affected by age preference, location, number of profile views, number of votes, and more. Interestingly, some matchmaking algorithms would also consider how you interact with the site in general.

All of it doesn’t look very easy, and there is nothing much available about how efficiently dating sites manage to implement it. But, it is also true that no matter how specific your search focus is, you will always find some results. It happens because matchmaking algorithms often rely on similar interests and demographics to ensure they always come up with some suggestions.

How Do Matchmaking Algorithms Work in the Dating Niche? 2022

AI in Dating Innovation Landscape

As mentioned already, dating sites claim they can use whatever data you have shared in your profile and sort through profiles to find better matches. Reputable sites also make you complete personality tests and take quizzes to understand your personality type and preferences better. The issue is that these algorithms are the intellectual property of these dating companies, and they are not obligated to share anything publicly. 

One thing is for sure that companies keep focusing on developing smart matchmaking algorithms because the satisfaction rate is getting better for the fast-growing dating industry. And, the availability of AI-powered dating apps on android and iPhone is now stretching the boundaries and improving the reach of dating sites.

Finding compatible partners is getting easier with these newly designed sites and apps. AI in the dating innovation landscape takes many different forms, but currently, it helps by considering the facial features of profile pictures. You may swipe left or right to make new suggestions.

Relevant matchmaking

The excellent combination of smart matchmaking algorithms and AI technologies makes it possible to find the most relevant matches. Of course, not all dating sites have the resources to employ these new technologies, so it is essential to pick the most reputable platform to enjoy better matchmaking and dating experience.

AI, in particular, will prove extremely useful in finding relevant matches because besides considering physical appearance, it also detects objects in images you have viewed to find new, relevant matches. Many sites have already started using AI to detect various personality markers and improve their matching algorithm for paid users.

The fact of the matter is that online dating sites are now more sophisticated than ever. It has become possible because companies focus more on developing smart matchmaking algorithms and integrating AI into their systems.

How Do Matchmaking Algorithms Work in the Dating Niche? 2022

And though it is quite encouraging, it is still a fact that most algorithms can only predict attractiveness and cannot do much about judging compatibility between people. It is when you have to take charge of things, but thankfully, dating sites provide you with various communication options to interact with those “potential” matches to determine if they truly fit the bill.

Linx Dating matches professional singles in Silicon Valley and the surrounding Bay Area. Many of these people are so focused on their careers that one day they wake up and think Oh my God, I need to find my partner. How can I do that? Said local matchmaker Amy Andersen. 

Linx Dating is the way they do it. Founded by Amy in 2003, Linx, for short, is a curated matchmaking service for those busy, high-profile single professionals in Silicon Valley and the surrounding Bay Area (as well as around the world). They have been unable to find the right match. 

The relationship they want. Today, the company is known as “Silicon Valley’s Matchmaker,” and Amy its “Cupid.”

Amy recently told us about the “aha moment” that started it all, her client-to-client selection process, algorithm-free, intuition-based matching, and the personal relationships she builds with the people she helps.


The inspiration for Linx came in 2000 when Amy was working in private client services at a technology company in San Francisco but lived in Silicon Valley. Whether at work, through friends, or just on the go, Amy frequently met educated, successful, attractive, well-rounded men and women who were single and didn’t know why.

Amy, who knew both areas very well, pointed out the problem: more men were available in Silicon Valley than in San Francisco, and more women were available in San Francisco than in Silicon Valley. With her family, friends, and careers in their respective cities, taking the 50-minute drive to meet someone special was not on their minds, she explained to Amy.

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How Do Matchmaking Algorithms Work in the Dating Niche?

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