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How Do I Know if I Have Erectile Dysfunction 2022

How Do I Know if I Have Erectile Dysfunction 2022

How Do I Know if I Have Erectile Dysfunction 2022

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a medical situation where a man doesn’t get enough erections in his penis even after intense sex. Occasional ED isn’t uncommon. Although it is even referred to as impotence, this term is used significantly less. These are usually faced by men under stress or may have some medical issues, emotional issues, etc.  

Erectile dysfunction can be very scary for men, which they can’t ignore if it’s not occasional and goes on to happen repeatedly. There is a difference between occasionally and happening every time, so if you are facing this every night, you might be facing Erectile Dysfunction, so you must always take a professional doctor’s advice for this or else it is might increase more and more that can affect your life and relationship adversely. 

You must make sure that if you know that you are suffering from ED, you refer your doctor and ask them to recommend you with some tests and some therapies to be cured. You must take some precautions like you don’t take your medicines of heart or debates, don’t take any tobacco, and consume alcohol so that you can cure your penis as soon as possible. Along with this, you can use medicines like Viagra, Cialis, Stendra, Cenforce 100, Fildena 100, Vidalista 20, etc., so that you can be good at bedroom and can erect well. 

so you must always take a professional doctor’s advice for this or else it is might increase more and more that can affect your life and relationship adversely. A quick search for mens health clinic near me can pave the way in curing sexual disorders.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Many causes of these ED have been listed below: 

  • cardiovascular disease
  • using tobacco products
  • obesity
  • sleep disorders
  • kidney disease
  • increased age
  • stress
  • diabetes
  • high cholesterol
  • drug use
  • anxiety
  • sclerosis (MS)

Symptoms of the Erectile Dysfunction

  • Tend to reduce interest in sex
  • You may even face difficulty in managing erections during sexual movements.
  • You will face trouble in getting an erection.
  • Ejaculation time is delayed, or it comes too fast. 
  • You will not have an orgasm even after an ample amount of stimulation.

Who is at risk if they have Erectile Dysfunction

You are at a higher degree of risk of you see any of the characteristics in your body:

  • If you are getting older.
  • If you are a patient of anxiety, depression, stress, or some psychological issues.
  • And If you are suffering from significant heart diseases or if you take insulin due to diabetes. 
  • If you have built a habit of chewing, consuming drugs, tobacco, or drinking too much alcohol in the past years.
  • If you consume medicines like high blood pressure medications, antihistamines, or antidepressants.
How Do I Know if I Have Erectile Dysfunction 2022

Some of the tests through which you can analyze your body whether you are undergoing ED or not

Medical and Sexual History: The urologist will ask you your medical and sexual history to analyze your entire body and recommend many ways to cure this situation, apart from this medical situation. 

Physical test: They would like to take your physical examination so that they will come to know about your body inside-out. They will test your heart rate, pulses and even check your blood pressure to understand your body better and cure you accordingly. 

So, from all the above facts written about how to know if you have Erectile Dysfunction, you can conclude that ED can be analyzed by the professional very quickly. After learning your cause of ED, you can help yourself by curing it. 

Blood and Urine tests: After taking your sexual and medical history and the physical examination, I would like to take your blood samples and your urine so that they can reach out to the root cause of why you are undergoing Erectile Dysfunction.

How Do I Know if I Have Erectile Dysfunction 2022

Overnight erection tests: Doctors would like to take your overnight erection test through which they will analyze that you are even erect or not at night time. For this, they would recommend you use a device to measure the level of erection and how intense it is. For this, they will give you a ring-type of deicing you need to put in your penis so that if you erect at night, it will break. If it is seen that the ring breaks, then we find that you are facing ED because of some mental or emotional condition. 

Injection Test: The injection is commonly known as the intracavernosal test. In this test, your doctor will inject medicine in the base of your penis, through which you will have an erection, but in case you don’t have one, you are facing some issues in blood flow to your penis.

Ultrasound: Ultrasound, even known as Doppler, can be used to check the level of blood flow to the penis, and through this process, doctors will analyze whether your penis is getting enough blood supply for an erection. This can even be used while conducting the injection test to see the blood flow during the erection in your body. They use a device that looks similar to a wand, which he holds over your penis. It uses sound waves through which doctors can see the blood flow levels on the screen in the video. 

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Mental Health Exam: If your doctor concludes that if you are facing Erectile Dysfunction due to some emotional or mental issues, he would be asking you some standard questions regarding your personal, professional, and other lifestyles. Through this, they can see if you are suffering from depression or anxiety, which are the cause of ED. 

What to be done if you strongly believe that you are undergoing Erectile Dysfunction

If you are facing occasional ED or if you are having a wrong time in your bed at night during sex, then it can even happen if you are taking some medicines that are related to heart disease or some other issues or if you consume a lot of alcohol then you must talk to your doctor and should take good care of it. You must be very careful about it. But it might not have been a reason for Erectile Dysfunction if the problem is infrequent or usually occurs very occasionally. 

How Do I Know if I Have Erectile Dysfunction?

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