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How Can You Study During The Winter Holidays? Tips To Stayed Focus

How Can You Study During The Winter Holidays? Tips To Stayed Focus

How Can You Study During The Winter Holidays? Tips To Stayed Focus

The festive atmosphere certainly does not come to our aid, on the contrary, it generally makes us less productive. Being able to study while maintaining the rhythms of a normal day, with visits to relatives, lunches (and well-deserved recreation and rest) becomes a real undertaking.

Your strength of will is everything here. But between saying and doing, there is a middle ground between doing, the saying goes. To study successfully during the holidays and prepare for the winter session, you can follow a few tips that will allow you to stay productive during the holidays without sacrificing your days of rest. Let’s see them now.

Plan Your Study Volume And Your Goals Carefully

To be able to study during the holidays, 4 things are essential:

  • Use an appropriate study method (but you should already know this).
  • Organize the time available.
  • Identify and try to achieve realistic goals.
  • Do Not Procrastinate.

Organizing one’s time and study, identifying the objectives, and respecting the timetable are fundamental things to be able to combine study and leisure time.

Outline the hours of study and those of leisure and define in advance the moments to dedicate to your breaks. Divide the various chapters and subjects for the various days, drawing on the program without procrastinating. If you feel tempted to procrastinate, stop for a moment, rest, and try to motivate yourself by remembering why you are studying and what important goals you have set in front of you. And don’t forget that sometimes it is worth delegating some of the tasks to the professionals, like an essay writer, who will complete your essay and give you some extra time for studying. 

Eliminate Distractions

Eliminating distractions is obviously an essential part if you want to stay focused and be able to study during the holidays.

The environment around you affects your productivity: you will have noticed that continuous noises or a search for lighting or a certain order affects you, including mood.

Our recommendations are:

  • Make sure that the lit study area gives natural light if possible (otherwise avoid warm light lamps and bedside lamps but prefer cold lights).
  • Make your room and desk clean and organized.
  • Look for a quiet place and warn family members not to disturb you while you are studying.

Increase Your Productivity

We fall into the temptation to do more things at the same time, thus thinking that we are more productive. However, this apparent “multitasking” does not make us efficient at all, on the contrary, it makes us even slower.

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We recommend the Pomodoro Technique, which has been helping students and workers to stay focused for years. There are special apps for the smartphone if you want, otherwise, you can opt for the kitchen timer! How Can You Study During The Winter Holidays Tips To Stayed Focus?

It consists of working or studying without distraction for 15 minutes, then taking a 5-minute break. After completing the 4 watch faces, you can take a long break of 15 minutes. This technique is widespread worldwide and recognized by many as the best way to increase productivity by staying focused on what you are doing.

Talk To Classmates To Help Each Other Out

Comparison is a very important thing, especially to help you study. Many students and female students find it helpful to make video calls to question each other, resolve doubts, be re-explained, and share notes.

The important thing is not to distract each other! Therefore, choose your companions carefully so as not to find yourself wasting time. You can organize small groups and set a specific day and time to dedicate yourself to this confrontation.

Don’t Overdo It: Holidays Are Also A Time For Rest

We will never get tired of saying it and remembering it: the breaks are sacred. They are just as important as the hours of intensive study.

Our concentration is alert for about 20 minutes, then, you will begin to get distracted more and more. Precisely for this reason, it is necessary to take frequent breaks. Focus on one thing for half an hour and nothing else. Then take a break for 5 minutes drinking tea, doing some stretching, and then resume at the same pace.

You will see that in that half hour you will be able not to get distracted, precisely because you allow the mind to rest and process, which does not happen with hours of uninterrupted study, since you will tend to get distracted frequently and not find the will to start over.

Also, remember that it’s always about holidays! Try to carve out hours of total rest every day and avoid studying on holidays and spending them with your loved ones. Therefore, also establish full days of total rest, for example on holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Day. That way you will be ready to kick back into the next session.

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How Can You Study During The Winter Holidays Tips To Stayed Focus