History of Autoflowering seeds

History of Autoflowering seeds

When the most curious “breeders” crossed other cannabis variants with cannabis Ruderalis that grew in the gutters of cold places, they got a variety that has become very popular with consumers over a short while. 

Growers want auto-flowering marijuana seeds because their flowers start developing in just three to five weeks. This is a very tempting option for many people. But that’s not the only good thing about auto flowers. Another is that growers don’t have to pay attention to light schedules at all. These plants will flower regardless.

Where do the strains come from?

Autoflower seeds are from the cannabis Ruderalis, originally from cold places like Russia or northern Kazakhstan, where there are few hours of intense light. Many people thought of it as a weed because it grew in the gutters of these places. The word “Ruderal” comes from the Latin word “ruderals,” which means “rubble.” But the “breeders” noticed that it bloomed very quickly and naturally, meaning that it didn’t depend on day and night cycles or the light outside.

Joint Doctor, a Canadian “breeder,” made the first excellent Autoflowering seed. He wanted to combine the traditional European varieties with the fast-growing Canadian ones. So, the Lowryder was born, a cross between Northern Lights #2, William’s Wonder, and Ruderalis. 

Seed banks spend a lot of time making new auto-flowering seeds, which have very distinct tastes. Even though they do best with less light, they are often planted a month before the summer solstice, when the days are the longest.

During this decade of testing, the “breeders” have seen how plants that were only a few feet tall have grown into plants that are so full of life that they can reach three meters in height. Even better, they are easy to grow, resistant to pests and diseases, and have a low amount of THC, making them legal for medicinal purposes. People who don’t have a lot of room to grow, either indoors or out, choose them because they usually don’t get taller than 80 centimeters. Also, they can be hidden by other plants on terraces or patios.

Autoflowering of the first generation

Because of this, first-generation auto-flowering strains have a low amount of cannabinoids, which makes the cross much less powerful. This, plus the fact that auto-flowering plants don’t branch much and don’t produce much, was enough to make people think they weren’t worth growing. Many growers dislike them so much that they don’t want to grow them anymore.

After this first generation of auto-flowering seeds didn’t work out, seed banks had to modify them if they wanted to keep selling them since they were nothing like what growers wanted. The same autos were crossed again with seasonal genetics to eliminate the Ruderalis gene and make more productive strains with distinct tastes and smells. History of Autoflowering seeds

Modern autoflowers

There are now auto-flowering cannabis strains with potency and flavor that are unmatched by their seasonal counterparts. While most Autoflowers complete their life cycle in about 75 days, some can take as long as 90 days. However, this is still less time than it’ll take photoperiod strains to mature. So, they are still great for production. 

The “Autoflowering XXL ” or “90 days”’ has the longest automatic flowering start time on the market. This is because the Ruderalis trait only makes up a small part of them, but they can still start flowering independently. 

Auto-flowers that have won people’s hearts.

Autoflowering strains have slowly won over the doubts of many growers who first tried them out of curiosity but failed. 

However, the new results have been perfected, and flavors have been made that are very different from the Ruderalis taste of the first Lowryder harvests. So, you can find auto-flowering varieties of Cheese or Kush notes that can flower faster and need less care.

There are many benefits to auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Because their life cycle is so short, you can get two harvests in a year if you live in a clime with long summers. 


Most cannabis seeds start to flower when the days get shorter and the nights get longer. The photoperiod controls when flowering starts and how long it lasts. On the other hand, auto-flowering varieties start blooming when they reach a certain age. Modern auto-flowering strains like Speed Devil start to flower when they are about three weeks old. Usually, they grow until their third or fourth pair of true leaves. So, they can be grown almost any time of year.

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History of Autoflowering seeds