Here’s all that defines a Good Restaurant Chair

Here’s all that defines a Good Restaurant Chair

Being able to run a successful restaurant is not just about providing your customers with great food and pleasant services. Of course, these two things matter the most. But, what good can come out of serving delicious delicacies to people who are struggling to make themselves comfortable on your restaurant’s tables? Yes, you got it right. Besides good services and yummy service, a good restaurant also pays special attention to its furniture, especially the seating section.

When you head out to buy restaurant chairs, you will easily come across multiple good-looking and comfy options that might suit your budget too. So, should you buy anyone out of those potential options? No way! 

Buying the right kind of restaurant seating is an art. You need to look for something that looks classy, feels good to sit on, and also won’t cost you an arm or a leg in the long run. So, what you can use to assess a restaurant chair set and decide whether or not it is worth your money? 

No need to worry if this question left you speechless. We have a detailed answer to this confusion. Read on and you’d surely be able to find an excellent restaurant seating option for your next restaurant renovation.


If your restaurant runs well and is famous too, any chair placed in it is likely to host at least 4-5 different people a day. Thus, the weight it has to bear within a month would be way more than a home or office chair has to. 

You are a witness to how haphazardly the chairs inside a café or restaurant are being moved around for multiple purposes by multiple people. Another factor that defines a chair’s life is the weight it has to carry. When it’s placed inside a restaurant, people of all weights and sizes make themselves cozy on it and this also has the power to shorten the list span of the chair.

So considering all these factors, it is certain that you cannot afford a fragile chair with the cheap build at all in your restaurant. It won’t last even for a week. This is why the durability and build quality of a chair must be your top priority whenever you head out to buy it for your restaurant. The sturdier your chair is, the fewer repairs and replacements it would need, and honestly, that’s all one can ask for from their furniture.

  1. Compact Size

No matter how big your restaurant is and how spacious it looks with compact furniture, big and royalty-like chairs are a straight No from our side. There will come a time when you’d have to move the chairs and transport them somewhere else and you’d hate yourself for ordering huge chairs then.

Outdoor And Indoor Usability 

If you own a restaurant that offers both outdoor and indoor dining options, you will thank yourself for choosing chairs that work great for both sorts of sittings. You never know when you need more chairs outdoors and when more of them would be needed inside. Hence, it is best not to buy different chairs that suit either outdoor or indoor settings only. Most of the chairs are made in a way that they look good and ensure a similar comfort level no matter where they are placed. Try to get such chairs for your café.

  1. Easy Cleaning

We need not repeat the entire thing about how restaurant chairs are used multiple times throughout the day. Moreover, so many of your clumsy customers or waiters will surely spoil at least one of these chairs in a day. You cannot let the dirty chairs remain so because that ruins the entire aesthetic of a restaurant. 

So, it is best to make sure that the chairs you are buying are easy to clean with a simple swipe of a wet cloth or have removable covers that can be washed in a machine for a few minutes. At the same time, it is also necessary to make sure that the material of these chairs is strong enough to easily bear multiple washes without fading out. Here’s all that defines a Good Restaurant Chair

Easy Moving 

Your waiters would need to move multiple restaurant chairs in a day. This is not easy considering that their job is to serve food and not to move around seating for every customer they host.

This is why you need to ensure that the chairs you are getting are very light in weight and won’t cause a lot of trouble when you try to move them. Another important factor here is the feet of the chairs. Their texture matters if your restaurant has wooden floors. A simple pulling of chairs that don’t have rubber feet can cause long-lasting scratches on the floors that aren’t easy to repair, nor would your pocket like you doing so.

  1. Low Maintenance 

When buying a chair set for your restaurant, you need to make sure that your time won’t be spent on repairing these chairs every other week. Rather, you can use this time to work towards perfecting your recipes and inventing new ones. 

Chairs that have slipping wires, removable napkins, and fragile padding are sure to require a lot of effort. With these, you will need to pay overtime to all your staff members who would work after hours to bring these chairs back to their original look. 

Moreover, such high-maintenance chairs also need to be taken to a woodworker or any other expert now and then for regular repairs. This induces further expenditure that you don’t want. So, it is best to go for chairs that are simplistic and won’t require a lot of care. 

Reputable Vendor

It is important to get your restaurant chairs supplied by someone who is known for quality services. Moreover, these vendors usually don’t change their addresses and have all their designs saved. So, you can easily contact them to get a few more chairs matching the ones you already have whenever you plan on expanding your restaurant. 

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Here’s all that defines a Good Restaurant Chair