Handmade Diamond Engagement Rings: How To Choose The Most Original?

Handmade Diamond Engagement Rings: How To Choose The Most Original?

For sure, every couple dreams of a special wedding. The bride and groom want their wedding to be an exceptional event, where everything is not like the others. Some choose extravagant outfits, some go to the other end of the earth to hold the celebration, and some look for original and unusual wedding rings to be a symbol of their love. Nowadays, designers have created a huge number of real exclusives to help make the dream of the newlyweds come true. Some pieces, like exclusive diamond engagement rings, will cost a lot of money and some will come at a ridiculous price. Here are some of the boldest contemporary engagement ring ideas.

Exclusive gold rings

Handmade white gold rings with diamonds are considered status jewelry. They indicate a person’s position in society and are made to order. Newlyweds can order a ring of their own design. A master will carry out and take into account all their wishes. In white gold can be inserted a precious stone or an engraving can be made. The ring can have a whimsical shape. Such rings should be purchased only in pairs so that the image of the young couple will be united. A great option for exclusive unusual rings is engagement rings in black gold or black diamond engagement rings.

Ceramic engagement rings 

Engagement rings with enamel or ceramic have a significant drawback. They are very quickly exposed to external influences and deteriorate. Chips form on their surface. Of course, enamel or ceramic can be restored, but it is recommended not to use such rings for everyday wear. These wedding symbols are chosen for beauty and brightness. Can be any colour, with a pattern or a stone decoration. Rings are voluminous thanks to the coating. Ceramic rings are not expensive, but there are expensive examples, such as a gold wedding ring with enamel and diamonds.

Italian Rings 

Wedding openwork rings by Italian designers have a superb appearance. They are made as if from the finest web, beautifully woven by a jeweler. Such rings can be made of gold or any other metal, don’t weigh much but look voluminous. They often have inserts of precious or semiprecious stones. They look elegant and sophisticated. The price depends on the material they are made of, the weight of the item, and the insert.

Irish engagement rings 

These rings are also called Claddagh rings. They are distinguished by their original design. There is an amazingly beautiful legend about this ring. It tells of an Irish fisherman kidnapped by pirates, who was pining for his beloved, made a ring of unusual shape. The ring has the appearance of intertwined hands holding a heart. The heart is topped with a crown. The ring is usually completed with an inscription in the Irish language. It is a symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty. It costs not cheap, especially if it is made of precious metals. But now they make simple variants of more accessible components. The ring is suitable for people who have experienced separation or obstacles in their path. Will look dignified at a formal wedding event.

Greek Style Rings 

Greek-style wedding rings often have a meander pattern. It resembles a labyrinth. In general, Greek rings are characterized by restraint. They will be suitable for serious people who want to have an original wedding ring but do not accept the excesses. Gold rings with black patterns are very popular. In addition, rings with a branch of an olive tree are widespread. Also, this is unusual and beautiful jewelry, but you shouldn’t wear it casually. You can choose a ring with symbols of the goddess of love Aphrodite – an apple, myrtle, poppy, rose, or violet.

No matter what kind of wedding ring you wear, the main thing is to keep your feelings throughout life and be faithful to each other.

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Handmade Diamond Engagement Rings: How To Choose The Most Original?