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Grinding For More Green? 5 Side Hustles to Help Pad Your Income in 2022

Grinding For More Green 5 Side Hustles to Help Pad Your Income in 2022

Grinding For More Green? 5 Side Hustles to Help Pad Your Income in 2022

Focusing solely on your full-time job can be tempting when working hard to reach your financial goals. However, pursuing side hustles and other secondary sources of income can help you grow your wealth.

If you’re looking to pad your income with an additional source of revenue this year, learn about five side hustles you might want to consider.

Become a notary public

A notary public is an individual appointed by the state government to serve as an impartial witness when signing documents. Notaries can charge $20-35 per signature for their services and are available at banks, law offices, and other locations.

You can offer these services remotely, allowing you to make money even while traveling abroad. For example, you can become a virtual notary and provide your services over video conferences.

Once you acquire your notary license, you could be there for the hiring the next time a client says, “I need to hire a remote online notary near me.”

Start a blog

In today’s era of online publishing, blogs are an effective means of generating additional income. If you want to make money blogging, start by setting up your website and hosting it with a reputable company.

Then, build a community around your site by participating in social media groups and forums where people discuss topics related to your industry. Finally, monetize your site through advertising or affiliate marketing and provide quality content consistently.

Rent your car

On peer-to-peer car rental sites like Getaround and Turo, renting out your vehicle is easy. Just set a rate, take photos of your car that show its condition and insurance, and you’re all set. Earnings can vary widely depending on your car’s location, shape, and availability.

To earn more, consider offering an extra amenity. For example, if you live near a major airport, provide free pick-up or offer to pick up passengers who need a ride when dropping off their vehicle.

Digital consulting

If you have a niche business or technical expertise, you can use it to do digital consulting. Many companies hire consultants for short-term projects and specific skill sets.

It’s an excellent way to make money online because you can work as much or little as you want. Consultants typically get paid per hour worked, either through companies they’re working with directly or through platforms that charge a commission fee.

Online freelance writing

Online freelance writing is one of the most common freelance jobs. Since demand is high and competition is relatively low, it’s possible to find high-paying clients with less effort.

Setting your hours is also easy if you have a flexible schedule. Some freelance writers charge per word, but others may require a flat fee for an entire project.


You can do plenty of side hustles in your free time to supplement your income and build skills that will make you more marketable. Any one of these five side hustles could be a viable money-making idea on its own. Be smart about your goals, and understand how much time each side hustle will take before committing.

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Grinding For More Green? 5 Side Hustles to Help Pad Your Income in 2022