Garage Doors: Why aren’t they working in the winter? 

Garage Doors: Why aren’t they working in the winter? 

Winter is a perfect time for cuddling up underneath a warm blanket with a cup of hot coffee or reading a good book. Just as we may feel lazy combating the urge to sleep in the warmth, your garage door may also be slowed down by the cold weather. The winter season intensifies the tension on your garage door, which also raises its risk of failing. A damaged garage door can leave your home susceptible to various elements, such as uninvited pests or even burglars. 

Here are the following reasons why your garage door may not be functioning in the winter. 

  • Tighten Metal

In the cold weather, it makes the metal tighten. It can contribute tension to the parts of the garage door that are made out of metal, like the garage door tracks. The garage door may then be stuck because the metal no longer provides a way to move. It makes the door forced open and glides on the track that is too contracted for the door to crowd the garage door track. It can lead to damaging the garage door itself. 

How can you prevent this problem?

There is no other way to prevent the metal of your track from tightening, but you can stop further damages. Garage door repair professionals can adjust your garage door tracks, giving your garage door a bit more opportunity to function during the winter season. 

In addition, ensure you lubricate your track well to let your garage door easily slide through the garage door tracks rather than scraping against them. You can use silicone-based lubricants. They work best for garage door tracks. 

  • Broken Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are one of the weakest components of a garage door within the winter. As mentioned earlier, metal tightens in colder temperatures. It places the metal under more tension, making it more susceptible and brittle. It can lead to break if under too much pressure. If you have an old garage door, your springs might not be able to endure the tension, and they may soon bust and leave you stranded inside your garage. 

How can you guard your springs? 

Sadly, older garage door springs are a bit difficult to guard against the cold temperature. A way to protect your whole garage door system is to ensure that your weatherstripping is well. Worn-down weatherstripping can make your garage door susceptible to severe cold weather and can cause damage to your springs. An expert and experienced garage door technician can replace the weatherstripping of your garage door to ensure your garage stays guarded. 

  • Frozen Garage Door

A frozen garage door can shut just like any car door does. It typically occurs because the door is freezing and keeps the garage door in place. Avoid constantly trying to open your garage door using your opener; doing it can strain the gears of your garage door opener. 

How can I unfreeze my garage doors?

It is a simple fix. It is just like warming up your car to unstick the door; you can warm the garage door up. Get a pot of hot water and pour it over the freezing area. It should melt the ice, and your garage door is good to go. 

  • Garage Door Remote Problems

It is essential to inspect the batteries in your remote if your garage door is not functioning. Cold temperature can result in accumulating moisture on the battery contacts, interrupting the flow of energy. 

How can you mend this problem? 

As with unthawing your garage door, it is a simple fix! Clean the remote using a dry cloth to eliminate any moisture. 

How can I ready my garage door for the winter?

One of the best ways you can prepare your garage door for the severe winter months is to invest in garage door maintenance. Your team of professionals at Family Christian Doors can surely assist you! During this maintenance check, our garage door technician will readjust your garage door track as needed and assure that your garage door weatherstripping is in good condition. Give us a call now for more details about our garage door services and schedule your maintenance today.

As we work together, we can ensure your garage door will be working well in the winter. Family Christian Doors can help your door ready. Together with our garage door technicians, we are confident in providing you with quality garage door services in Flower Mound, TX. Your satisfaction is our top priority! Let us beat the cold altogether. 

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Garage Doors: Why aren’t they working in the winter? 

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