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Fun Easter activities to do with your friends 2022

Fun Easter activities to do with your friends 2022

Fun Easter activities to do with your friends 

You should spend some quality time with your friends this Easter. Although we usually think of other holidays – such as Christmas or even Valentine’s Day – as the time to enjoy the company of our loved ones, Easter is just as good of an opportunity to enjoy our friendships and strengthen our bonds. This period tends to get very busy very quickly, so try find a day to relax and catch up with your friends over Easter chocolates

Here are a few Easter activities you could do with your friends during this time:

Have an Easter sleepover

When you become an adult, you can forget how fun sleepovers used to be. It’s a great opportunity to invite your friends over for a night of movies, food and wine. You don’t need to worry about making it home for bedtime or getting a taxi after staying late. You can spend some good quality time with your friends, and switch off from your other responsibilities.

Handmade Easter cards

Get together one evening and make your Easter cards together. You could take silly pictures in bunny ears or stick to DIY cards instead. Get your crafting box out and embrace all things glittery and colourful – the siler the better! Easter is the best time of year to get crafty.

Host a dinner party

Organise a dinner party for you and your friends this Easter. You can ask each person to bring a dish, such as starters, appetisers, or dessert. You can make the main meal in your kitchen at home and set the table. Make your home into a spring haven and enjoy some food together. Finish the evening with Easter chocolates and a movie.

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Easter picnic

Spring is the best time for picnics, as days become longer and rain is not a constant day to day. Enjoy the sunshine by organising a picnic with your friend, for which everyone can bring their favourite snacks. An Easter picnic is also a great opportunity to try out traditional Easter activities – such as an Easter egg hunt, or a potato sack race for adults. Don’t let your age become an impediment to have the most fun with your friends and loved ones. 

Make this Easter the best one yet with some festive activities and your friends.

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Fun Easter activities to do with your friends 2022

Have an Easter Egg Hunt

Get your kids involved and have a traditional outdoor Easter egg hunt this weekend. Or, if you can’t get out, why not have a virtual egg hunt with family and friends or an indoor egg hunt?

For the virtual egg hunt, you can use a video calling platform like Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom to connect with friends and family so they can join the egg hunt at home. The guest can read clues and work together to find the hiding places.

2. Watch some TV and movie classics

Grab some popcorn and cozy up in front of the TV to watch movies and shows for the whole family. For some ideas, check out our recommended streaming picks.

  1. Start decorating!

Have a competition with friends and family who can decorate the best egg to keep it fun and competitive! Check out the CBeebies Egg Template for ideas

  1. Get some exercise

Try to make exercise fun! Staying active doesn’t have to be boring; it can incorporate dance and music. Here are some apps and platforms that you and your family can use.

  1. Have digital meetings

Kids can miss their friends during the holidays, so why not have a digital get-together? There are many ways you can connect digitally, so here are a few tips to help facilitate safe and rewarding interactions for kids and teens.

  1. Train your kids to spot fake news

If you have a spare 20 minutes, test your and your kids’ fake news knowledge with our Find the Fake interactive quiz.

  1. Have a picnic in the garden

Grab some snacks and games and head to your local park to enjoy the spring weather, an alternative if you don’t have a garden.

Tips: Avoid the larger parks, as large crowds are likely; try to go to local green areas.

  1. Host a viewing party

At watch parties, you can watch online movies or shows while chatting with friends and family at the same time. For more information, click here.

  1. Get cultured

You can still visit one of our fantastic free museums this Easter with the benefit of skipping the queues. National History Museum and British Museum have unique virtual tours and other innovative ways to get up close to their exhibits. Or go international and visit a wide variety of museums and heritage sites worldwide with Google Arts & Culture.

10. Learn a new skill

Learn a new digital skill through BT Skills for Tomorrow. They have many free online courses to choose from.

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