Foods With An Aphrodisiac Effect

Foods With An Aphrodisiac Effect

Foods With An Aphrodisiac Effect

The act of eating something with someone is sometimes very erotic. Wouldn’t it be fun if you could create a tea time or dinner time that would make the person you care about think, “I want to know more about this person” and “I might want to be with you tonight”?

Creating an atmosphere is important, but one way is to have food and drinks with an aphrodisiac effect on your side. Introducing an aphrodisiac hood based on scientific backing.

Foods With An Aphrodisiac


Peppers that warm your body when you eat them. The pungent ingredient “capsaicin” has blood circulation promotion, sweating action, and fatigue recovery effect. Eating red pepper promotes the secretion of “endorphins,” which bring pleasure and euphoria. By the way, if your body is cold, your night performance will be reduced, so warm yourself up with spicy food on cold days!

Dark chocolate

“Phenylethylamine” is a substance in the brain that is secreted when you fall in love. Eating dark chocolate stimulates the secretion of phenylethylamine, which enables the secretion of “dopamine,” which brings pleasure and joy to the brain. In addition, dark chocolate, with plenty of merits, has a blood flow improving effect and a relaxing effect that increases desire. 


A hot drink that is indispensable for tea time and after meals. “Caffeine,” which is contained in coffee, green tea, and black tea, is known to have arousal and stimulating effects on the brain, but it seems to have various other functions. According to an experiment using mice, it is clear that it can be expected to have the effect of increasing the desire of women.  Men, please remember.


Milk tea “Chai” with an exotic taste full of spices. You can expect spice effects such as “ginger” that improves blood circulation, “cinnamon,” and “cardamom” that enhance mood.

Oyster hut when you talk about “Oysters has an aphrodisiac effect. Do you want to check it?” On a date, it seems that girls will be surprised. Alternatively, dark chocolate with red pepper, which is expected to have a synergistic effect on aphrodisiacs, appears to be a good topic.

Eating too much or drinking too much aphrodisiac food can ruin your mood. I have a painful memory of peppers. When incorporating it, please take it in moderation!


There type of ginseng, but the most well-known variety for increasing desire is red sage. Ginseng is recommended as an aphrodisiac effect for postmenopausal women as well as increasing testosterone levels, Cenforce 150 and Fildena 150 to increased male function.


Maca is a plant cultivated mainly in the highlands of Peru, and some call it “natural.”

Historically, the ancient Inca Empire used maca as a household aphrodisiac, which is believed to be very effective in increasing physical desire.

When using maca roots that grow in highlands as an aphrodisiac, they are dried and crushed into powder after collection.

Others claim that maca has antidepressant effects. Maca’s antidepressant effect is also said to eliminate premenstrual syndrome and postmenopausal discomfort.

Ginkgo leaves

The Ginkgo is one of the most commonly used homemade aphrodisiacs. Ginkgo biloba, which is effective for both men and women, originated in Asia but is now cultivated in Europe and the United States.

Friends, Ginkgo biloba, which has high flavonoid content and contains antioxidants that help blood circulation, increases physical desire.

Various studies are still being conducted to confirm the effects of ginkgo. Among them, ginkgo is presumed to increase nitric oxide levels in the body, which is similar to the function of Viagra in tablets.

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Saffron is one of the highly effective aphrodisiacs. It is believed that. Saffron, which is said to produce medium- to long-term effects, in other words, not only helps to increase physical desire but also helps to improve long-term loss of desire.

Saffron is a flower-derived spice called “crocus sativas” used for thousands of years to improve physical function and loss of desire. Ginkgo is also of oriental origin and is believed to have been widely used in ancient Egypt and Greece.


The aphrodisiac effect of yohimbine has been well received and has no scientific basis, but some studies show that up to 50% of people who use Vilitra 20 and Vidalista 60 improve physical function. 

Yohimbine, which is also used to increase the stamina of athletes, is thought to be able to help people recover from fatigue and muscle aches and suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes.

Natural remedies that act as aphrodisiacs have been used around the world for centuries, but most are based on oriental plants.

The effects of physically active natural remedies and scientists not only lack formal research to support their effectiveness, but some are toxic plants.

Foods With An Aphrodisiac Effect

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