Five Tips for easy office relocation

Five Tips for easy office relocation

Bethesda local movers: Are you planning to shift your office to a new location? We all know that relocating a workplace is as tricky as moving to a new home. It involves big furniture, electronic items, and a lot of rooms. But the difference between home and office relocation is, as long as you take to relocate the office, the office operations and work need to shut down. If you are not able to move in a specified period, the cost of relocation also increases. The bigger the company and office are, the more is the loss.

Here are some smart tips for a seamless office relocation:

1. Plan in advance

Start planning for office relocation as early as possible. Probably before months to set and make everything on the go before the actual process begins.

  • Manage the leaves of your employees during the relocation.
  • Simplify and delegate to everybody some tasks to be done as per timeline.
  • Plan the blueprint of your new location, as per the packed material.
  • Assign every employee to pack their small stuff on their desk.
  • Plan your budget for office relocation. Without budget planning, shifting offices can be a loss task.
  • Check if you need warehousing.
  • Plan your IT relocation separately. It may include internet requirements, electronic shifts, server reinstallation. Involve an IT guy for help, so that the relocation process goes smoothly without disrupting the current work process.

2. Assign a relocation manager from your organization

Even if you are distributing the duties, it is still vital to have a dedicated relocation manager who can coordinate and follow up on each stage to ensure that everything goes well. An administrative assistant is usually the ideal person for this, but you could also select someone with prior expertise in business relocations.

3. Hire the best packers and movers company

One option is to move your office yourself, take the pain and incur the loss. But the smart option is to hire a moving company from a nearby location. Expert movers and packers can ease the pain of relocation. They can safely shift your office goods in less time and as anticipated. Professional movers and packers will also provide insurance coverage for your transit.

All you have to do is search for the best moving company in a nearby location. Assess your needs, make a list of packers and movers in your current location, perform their background checks with the help of websites, surveys, etc. Make the moving agent visit your office and finalize the deal as per your budget and requirement. Read the coverage document carefully before investing.

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4. Ensure that your moving boxes are correctly labeled with addresses and numbers.

  • Your move manager can also make an inventory in spreadsheets of the boxes after labeling them with location and number. Start updating your documents, business cards, and clients before the actual move. With the help of this process, you can keep track of any of your items that are not lost.
  • You can also analyze what goods of the current location are not required at the new location. You can even donate or sell them, further reducing your cost of relocation.

5. Make sure everything has its place in the new location.

  • Get the dimensions of your bulkiest goods and compare them to the specifications of your new location instead of spending time, energy, and money hauling stuff that won’t fit in your new office space. This rule applies to conference room tables, servers, and anything else that takes up a lot of room. Hopefully, you’ve picked a new workplace that can accommodate your current furniture and technology, but if not, you’ll want to know before you move in—not after.
  • Until your firm owns the building of the current or new location. You should know all about the rules and regulations of the premises. You should know if you are allowed to relocate or renovate during work hours? Can you use the lift for transferring objects?


Relocation to a new workplace takes a lot of effort. Plan ahead of time as much as possible to avoid having to-dos fall through the gaps, and engage packers and movers as early as possible in the process of relocation. Knowing that someone is tracking all the moving pieces can reduce stress and keep things operating smoothly.

Five Tips for easy office relocation

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