Five reasons to cleanse the colon and how to do it naturally

Five reasons to cleanse the colon and how to do it naturally

The colon is a muscular tube four to six feet long, which constitutes the last part of the digestive system. It can absorb water, absorb nutrients, and store food waste, among other essential processes. Although the colon empties with evacuation, sometimes it is not enough.

Cleaning the colon is not tricky, but it is essential to balance the intestinal bacteria after doing so, eliminating most. Eat plain yogurt, a supplement with bacilli, yeast, or checkout. In the latter case, cabbage contains glutamine, which accelerates the regeneration of cells in the digestive system.

But why is it important to clean it?

During a colon cleanse, large amounts of water — sometimes up to 16 gallons (about 60 liters) — and possibly other substances, such as herbs or coffee, are flushed through the colon. This is done using a tube that’s inserted into the rectum.

Improves nutrient absorption: When there is excess waste, there is poor absorption of nutrients. Especially cheese, refined flours, powerful spices, fried foods, and fat reduce the sensitivity of the fl

Increases energy: Lack of energy, fatigue, and depression can be caused by a body overloaded with toxins, cholesterol, and intestinal waste.

Improves breath: Bad smells from the body have to be eliminated, so the solution is to remove fermentations, constipation, parasites, and excess waste that are stagnant.

Weight loss: Low-fiber foods also stay in the intestine much longer. By cleaning the colon, this material is removed from the system, and in some cases, this can lead to weight loss.

Remove waste: When there is constipation, there are fermentations, gases, and parasites that can cause problems in the body.

Five reasons to cleanse the colon and how to do it naturally
Five reasons to cleanse the colon and how to do it naturally

Natural recipes to cleanse the colon

1. Cleansing with aloe- Take the juice from a large aloe vera or aloe leaf, cut two lemons, put it all in half a liter of filtered water, and blend everything. Drink three times a day for 2-3 days.

2. Ginger tea- Add a teaspoon of ginger juice and a quarter cup of lemon juice to two cups of hot water. Divide your mix and drink throughout the day. You can make Ginger juice by boiling fresh ginger as a tea. Take for three times a day, but pregnant women should consult their doctor before consuming more ginger.

3. The juice of a lemon, a pinch of sea salt, and a little honey. Stir this in a glass of warm water. Drink every morning before having breakfast.

4. Anise tea: Consume it before and after breakfast to improve digestion.

5. Apple juice: Drink the liquid throughout the day, and half an hour after drinking it, drink another plain water. It serves as a laxative, so solid foods should be avoided. Please do it for three days.

6. Vinegar water: Mix raw apple cider vinegar and honey in equal amounts (2 tablespoons). Mix in a cup of water and drink it once a day.

Top 12 Vitamins Supplements for Healthy Joints

1. Detoxyn – The Best Colon Cleansing Product

Detoxyn is a food supplement, which supports natural body cleansing processes. The product is developed in response to the needs of people with various ailments resulting from toxins, pathogens, parasites, and daily life in a polluted environment. 

Best Colon Cleansing Product
Five reasons to cleanse the colon and how to do it naturally

The supplement contains 11 ingredients which, in combination with each other, create an effective complex that helps to remove toxins and neutralize “unwanted tenants.” The natural composition is a great advantage of the product. The plant extracts used in Detoxyn make it stand out from other competing supplements.

Detoxyn helps to fight chronic fatigue, increases immunity, and alleviates allergy symptoms. The supplement effectively improves digestive comfort and freshens breath

Detoxyn additionally prevents the accumulation of fat in the liver and improves its excretion.

What is Detoxyn, and how does it work?

Detoxyn is a food supplement in the form of coated tablets with a natural composition. The preparation supports the body’s cleansing processes, removing all parasites, bacteria, and viruses from our body. The practice has been tested in the laboratory and only proves the fantastic properties that support the immune and digestive systems, bringing our body into balance. Detoxyn tablets remove the source of the problem and prevent its occurrence and recurrence.

They work very comprehensively, because as you know from the dietary supplement of the manufacturer Detoxyn:

  • supports the liver and digestion
  • effectively detoxifies the whole body
  • speeds up metabolism, Detoxyn has gentle laxative properties, facilitating the elimination of all the putrid deposits deposited in our intestines
  • removes pathogens
  • protects against harmful microbes
  • freshens unpleasant breath
  • It brings great relief and restores a sense of lightness.

Highly effective composition of the preparation Detoxyn

The main advantage of Detoxyn coated tablets is their natural composition, which contains several herbal ingredients and more. Thanks to its comprehensive action, it quickly copes with persistent pain, dizziness, chronic fatigue, and all other symptoms caused by parasites. Detoxyn brings immediate relief and permanently removes the disgusting parasites. It consists of:

  1. Choline or vitamin B4, which is responsible for maintaining proper fat metabolism. It has a very positive effect on the liver, eliminating all problems with the digestive system. Choline speeds up the natural metabolic process and further supports the detoxification of the body.
  2. Canadian Gorznik – fully supports our immune system, has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. It also has many antifungal properties and thus supports our intestinal flora.
  3. Peppermint supports the metabolism and stimulates our stomach to produce digestive juices.
  4. Garlic has many anti-inflammatories, antibacterial, and strengthening properties for our immune system. It works very comprehensively.
  5. Digezyme – is a highly effective nutrient complex that enhances the production of digestive juices and accelerates detoxification.
  6. Green tea, a treasure trove of polyphenols and vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. It also contains zinc, calcium, and magnesium, which support removing free radicals from the body.

How to use the dietary supplement Detoxyn?

The manufacturer recommends using Detoxyn, one capsule, twice a day. Preferably in the morning and evening during meals. One dose should wash down with at least one glass of water. 

Do not exceed the recommended dose as this may lead to side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, or constipation.

Detoxyn – Customers Reviews

Its satisfied customers recognize the natural formula of Detoxyn capsules. On the Internet and various forums, you can find several positive reviews about this preparation. Here are a few:

Eve, 29 years old.

Before I knew the effects of Detoxyn tablets, I often had abdominal pain and bloating. A colleague told me I probably have parasites, but I’d rather say it was the intestinal deposits to blame. Regular treatment with Detoxyn made me feel light, and I have more energy. I heartily recommend

Marnix, 46 years old

A colleague from work discreetly told me that it smells terrible on my lips. I never seriously thought about it. I just started carrying a brush with me to freshen my breath whenever I got the chance. The specific smell persisted. 

I asked a well-known doctor. She suggested it could be the parasites’ fault and recommended Detoxyn to me. I was shocked as, after two weeks of use, my breath became neutral. I recommend

Detoxyn – price

Indeed, many people will try to buy the product after reading this review. I recommend using only the official website of the manufacturer, which has many attractive discounts and promotions. 

Looking at the positive reviews of satisfied consumers, it can conclude that the preparation price is sufficient in quality. An additional advantage of the Detoxyn preparation is the performance. The package consists of 60 capsules, which means that it is enough for one month of use. I think it is worth investing in it.

Detoxyn – pharmacy, where to buy?

Unfortunately, the preparation cannot find in stationary pharmacies. The safest way to get it is the manufacturer’s official website, which only offers original products. 

Beware of fakes found on other sites. Their origin is unknown, so the manufacturer warns against scammers who push us in active preparations for the same money.

The best foods to cleanse the colon

Gastrointestinal illnesses are on the rise in our modern society. This phenomenon depends on our diet. Indeed, far from providing us with the essential nutrients that ensure healthy digestion, the products we consume are increasingly composed of harmful elements, like pesticides. However, some foods are particularly effective for cleaning the colon.

Indeed, changing our eating habits is often enough to protect us from digestive problems. And prevent them from becoming chronic. This process then goes through cleansing the colon. It must be allowed to get rid of toxins and other residues that overload our body. These are the elements that affect our well-being and our health in the long term.

The beneficial effects of colon cleansing

The consequences of colon cleansing on the improvement of our state of health are significant. For example, it induces weight loss. But it also restores the facilitation of digestion, the balance of blood pH, the reduction of the risks of colon cancer, the increase in concentration and energy.

Five reasons to cleanse the colon and how to do it naturally

A committed weight loss thanks to foods to cleanse the colon

It also results in a stimulation of the metabolism and generalized physical well-being. These benefits multiply if you accompany colon cleansing with a healthier diet.

On the other hand, foods high in fiber pass through the colon four times faster than foods without it. These are not only slower to digest but are also likely to produce mucus. These will stick to the walls of your intestines.

It results in an intestinal tract overloaded with feces in large quantities but also with toxic components. Thanks to colon cleansing, some people can benefit from weight loss that can sometimes reach ten pounds.

Improved digestion

As your colon purifies itself, the waste is pushed out. It can then evacuate more quickly. It induces better absorption of nutrients and gradual weight loss. Friends, it should also be noted that garbage that remains blocked for too long in the body creates and retains bacteria.

They can ultimately promote certain diseases. Conversely, a regularly cleansed colon ensures the complete absorption of water and nutrients essential to the body in the blood.

Since toxins and microbes are flushed out during colon cleansing, they are less likely to pass through the walls of the intestine. A cleansed colon also reduces the risk of constipation, the chronicity of which is the cause of slow digestions and the retention of waste in the digestive system.

All of this is the cause of overweight and the release of toxins into the bloodstream. If we analyze the phenomenon well, other conditions such as hemorrhoids and varicose veins also find their source in obstruction of the colon.

A committed weight loss thanks to foods to cleanse the colon. You should know that the colon weighed empty can alone represent two kilos.

We can find in its circuit a total of eight meals awaiting complete digestion. Based on this observation, we can conclude that colon cleansing has significant results on the results displayed by the scale!

Foods to cleanse the colon balance blood pH

Foods involved in colon saturation are generally acidic. Especially foods are high in protein but low in fiber. This acidity then causes inflammation of the colon and makes it unfit to perform its normal functions. The pH of the blood suffers. Toxins, bacteria, and even feces pass into the bloodstream and cause its imbalance.

However, this state is recognized by holistic medicine as a factor that exposes us to various diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes, heart and thyroid conditions, cancers. The fastest remedy then involves an adjustment in eating habits. And this to restore the acid-base balance of the body.

An acidic body can also lead to excellent bone and muscle fragility as the body compensates by drawing mineral salts from bones and tissues. The acidity of the blood is a factor in the appearance of inflammations. These constitute risks associated with certain chronic diseases, a saturation of the lymphatic system, cellular deficiencies, etc. Read Also: Main Benefits of Ibogaine Therapy

Colon cancer rules out.

You should know that the toxins ingested by the body that they pass through food, skin, respiration land in the digestive system and the liver. Their repercussion on the entire metabolism becomes catastrophic, especially if they stay too long in the organs. Rapid evacuation of these harmful components then limits the appearance of cancerous tumors in the colon and the formation of cysts, polyps, etc.

More energy and focus

A colon Cleanse allows you to focus your energy on other bodily functions that are more important than waste disposal. Detoxifying the colon is, therefore, one of the solutions to get back in shape. Indeed, it ensures better blood circulation and a healthier sleep rhythm. Ultimately, the person can only regain new strength and be less prone to disease.

Concentration also comes back to people who deal with purging their digestive system through cleansing the colon. Indeed, they benefit from a more regular supply of vitamins and nutrients essential for this function. The result is an opportunity to improve your performance (especially at work) and to be more attentive to those around you.

Five reasons to cleanse the colon and how to do it naturally

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