Features of the Best Keyboard for Gaming PC

Whether you are an experienced PC gamer or a newbie, you will agree that the type of keyboard you use for your gaming impacts your performance significantly.

To achieve the best experience, experts advise you to invest in the best gaming keyboard, and this might leave you wondering what the best keyboard for gaming looks like? If this concerns you, we are here to help.

Features to Look for in the Best Gaming Keyboard

1. Key Rollover/ Anti-Ghosting

In simpler terms, key rollover measures the number of key presses a keyboard can manage at once.

If you happen to try out several PC keyboards, you will note that most of them offer 1 to 2 key rollover – try pressing more than that simultaneously, and the extra keystrokes will fail to register, or the keyboard will register extra unpressed key (this is referred to as ghosting).

To get rid of this, gaming keyboards feature a minimum of a six-key rollover to allow simultaneous keystrokes. However, if you aim to achieve competitive-level performance, go for a keyboard with N-key rollover.

2. Backlit illumination

If you are a regular gamer who enjoys gaming even at night, investing in gaming keyboards with backlit illumination can be a great idea. With such a keyboard, it will be easier to see where the keys you wish to press are, which means your gaming experience will be uninterrupted.

Some advanced gaming keyboards allow you to partition the keyboard into sections and lit them with different colors. This is important as it offers a quick visual reference amid gameplay. Investing in such keyboards is a worthwhile decision.

3. Key Customization and Macro

Different games come with a wealth of options, buttons and menus. As such, a good keyboard for gaming should cope with whatever your preferred games throw at it.

Some keyboards come with reprogrammable essential functions while others come featuring additional unassigned keys so that you can be as creative and flexible as possible.

4. Full or Tenkeyless Keyboard?

Whereas gaming keyboards come in different sizes, they follow either of the two styles: tenkeyless or full-size keyboard. Size is a choice for a gamer depending on their personal preferences – if you want all the keys (including the number pad), you will want to go for the full-size keyboard.

However, if you want something that will fit perfectly on your table/desk and make you feel more comfortable while gaming, a tenkeyless keyboard would be ideal.

5. Membrane Vs. Mechanical Keyboard

When buying the best keyboard for PC gaming, make sure you understand the difference between mechanical and membrane keyboards. The main difference between them is that the mechanical keyboard for gaming clicks when pressed (I.e. they are audible) while the membrane keyboard doesn’t.

Features of the Best Keyboard for Gaming PC

With a mechanical keyboard, you will get to know that you pressed a button when you hear a click sound. As such, they enhance your gaming. Additionally, they are cheaper than a membrane keyboard.

The Bottom Line

Buying the best keyboard for gaming should not be a big issue now that we’ve shed some light. Consider all we highlighted here, and we bet you will find the best deals seamlessly.

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