Family Friendly Dogs! 

Family Friendly Dogs! When it comes to adding a new dog to your family, it’s important to do the research beforehand to figure out what breed will be the best fit for your home and lifestyle. Here are just some of the dog breeds that make great family pets.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are a popular family pet for a good reason. They’re intelligent fast learners who love to get involved with whatever the family is doing, whether that’s walking, swimming, or playing. Golden Retrievers are energetic but gentle, making them perfect companions for children.

French Bulldog

Frenchies are quiet, low-maintenance dogs that don’t need a lot of space, so if you live in a small home or don’t have a garden, they might be the dog for you. French Bulldogs are playful but easy-going and don’t require a lot of exercises, so you don’t need to worry about fitting in long walks around your busy family life.

Bernese Mountain Dog

If you’re not short on space, then a Bernese Mountain Dog makes a fantastic family pet. These gentle giants are affectionate, good-natured, and non-aggressive, making them a wonderful addition to the family if you have children. They’re certainly not compact, with a fully-grown adult male weighing up to 50kg! However, if you’re certain that you’ve got room for them in your home, garden, and car, you’ll be rewarded with a sweet-natured and gentle pet.


Labradors are intelligent and highly trainable, which is why they’re often used as assistance dogs. They’re also generally laid-back and not fazed by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, which makes them a great match for busy families. Labradors are gentle and affectionate, meaning they’re good with young children but they do need plenty of exercise and attention, otherwise they’ll quickly become bored!

Border Collie

For active families who have plenty of outdoor space or live rurally, a border collie can be a fantastic pet. Traditionally, border collies are pastoral working dogs so they’re highly intelligent and energetic and very eager to please, which makes training them a real joy. They’re good with children and make faithful companions, however, it’s important to keep them stimulated as they’re not a breed who thrives from staying at home all day.

In Summary

When it comes to choosing the perfect dog for your family, it’s important to consider the dog’s individual personality as well as the traits common to their breed. You should think about where you live and the kind of lifestyle you lead before deciding on a dog that will fit in well with your family. You’ll also need to buy all the doggy essentials for your new four-legged friend, including a collar and lead, a comfortable large dog bed that’s suitable for their breed, and plenty of toys to keep them entertained and happy.

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Family Friendly Dogs!