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Even beginners can create videos with FlexClip video maker 2022

Even beginners can create videos with FlexClip video maker 2022

Even beginners can create videos with FlexClip video maker 2022

Anyone without any experience in video editing can create a video with FlexClip video maker. The ease of use and abundant free materials that even beginners can easily manage to output videos are attractive. This site is recommended for those who want to upload edited professional videos to YouTube and Instagram and make advertising videos for Twitter.

FlexClip is a website where you can create and edit videos online. All you need to prepare in advance is the original image and video you want to use in the video. You can add subtitles, audio, effects, etc., to them. 

Advantages of FlexClip video maker

  • With an easy-to-use interface, you can create it with a sense without reading detailed explanation articles that are easy to get to from the beginning, although you need to investigate if you want to create and use details. 

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  • Abundant video templates. You can quote as they are or make original ones while learning various patterns based on the templates.
  • Lots of royalty-free sound sources and logos Even in the free version, you can freely use millions of materials by adding tens of thousands of sound sources and logos and icons that can be inserted into videos. If you think that you can use only a part of it if you are a free member, it seems that you can basically use almost all of it, so if you prepare video material, all you need is the material in FlexClip.
  • You don’t have to be a high-performance PC, and if you play with the knob that processes the material. On the server-side, the video/sound source will be trimmed in FlexClip, so use it for editing. The big thing is that the computer does not have to be highly functional.
  • Output in mp4 format is possible (GIF is also possible). It is the most major file format that does not cause trouble on video upload sites.
  • You can also output 1080p quality video. (FlexClip’s corporate logo video is at the beginning), but you can also output in 1080p full high-definition image quality for free.

Key features

Even beginners can create videos with FlexClip video maker 2022

1. Template selection

A large number of templates are prepared for each genre, such as for business, social media, education, etc., so I think it’s a good idea for beginners to learn from templates first. If you start with a project template, you can start with a professionally created opening and ending. After that, it is very convenient because you can create a video just by inserting (transition) the effect (transition) you are interested in while adding (changing) images and text in between.

2. Good image quality

The difficulty of video encoding is that the image is liable to blur or deteriorate, which was not in the original material at the time of encoding. Still, when you watch the video exported this time, there is no deterioration in the image and it is free. To be honest, I was surprised if you could encode this quality. It is also recommended for those who emphasize image quality.

3. Adding text

I think that “inserting text + adding text effects” is likely to be the first barrier in video creation. FlexClip has a lot of templates just for displaying text, so just select and enter text. I easily added text (with movement) in the video by selecting dynamic text (test displayed with the on-mouse) from the list and double-clicking the text displayed on the video → , editing the text.

4. BGM selection

If you select a template when creating a project, one song has already been specified, but you can choose from a list of sound sources likely to have about 100,000 songs. You can narrow down the type of BGM with filters such as emotion, genre, instrument, and length of time, but be aware that it may be used for several hours just by listening to the sample sound source because it is too abundant.

5. Adding watermark

You can add so-called ” watermarks. ” It seems that you can add an image watermark instead of text. There seems to be a difference between the free version and the paid version.

6. Video export  

Select from 3 types of image quality to generate and download the created video. Officially, the free version only has 480p image quality, but you can also export 1080p by selecting 1080p and clicking “Export video with FlexClip title for free .”480p didn’t mean that you could export a video without a FlexClip title, so you can choose the size you like

7. Price

It is also attractive to be able to output full high-definition video even with the free version. Still, restrictions such as a company intro will be added initially, and the number of projects that can be saved is small. Although it is 480p, it seems that 1080p image quality could be output with the FlexClip intro. We recommend that you try it for free and use the paid plan if you find it convenient.

To sum up

Speaking of video editing, professionals always purchase software and install it on a PC, but you can choose an online video maker since you can edit online. I felt that it was very epoch-making and useful to edit videos without downloading any software. You can also pay for the paid version every month, so there is no waste of “I bought expensive software because I wanted to make a video, but it didn’t suit me better than I expected and I can’t use it after all …” If you are motivated to make videos for whatever reasons, try FlexClip out.

Even beginners can create videos with FlexClip video maker

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