Employment Requirements for USPS

Employment Requirements for USPS

The Postal Service is the second largest employer in the U.S. The main advantage of the company is that its members are receiving unlimited growth opportunities. And you aren’t required to have a university degree or work experience.

As of the end of 2021, the US post office employs about 600,000 postal workers. Of those:

  • more than 40 percent are women;
  • 70,000 veterans;
  • 32,000 are people with disabilities.

For this huge number of people, the U.S. postal company offers more than 2,000 jobs across the USA post office from mail carriers to top management.

While there are no formal education requirements for postal jobs, the Company has some other post job requirements the applicants must meet before being hired. In our review, you’ll learn about everything that’s required to apply for a job in the USPS. 

What People Say about the Job in Post Office

We found an example of a job interview for applicants at the postal company. Recruiters at mockquestions.com came up with the questions. Potential applicants who wanted a job in the Post office answered the interview questions. Here’s what they had to say about the company in general:

This is not just a postal service. It’s a reputable organization and a team of people with one goal — to grow and put resources into the postal company development. To provide the public with the best customer expertise in the country.

12 Reasons to Apply for the Postal Service Job

And if applicants’ reviews aren’t enough for you, we recommend checking out a list of the minimum benefits of postal service employment.

  • To get paid for overtime and night shifts. Sunday’s post job is also eligible for compensation.
  • The service is a member of the federal FEHB insurance system. This system provides health insurance for every employee. The employer pays most of the costs. You can choose from several plans provided by the FEHB. And the premium is tax-free.
  • Eligibility for FEDVIP dental and vision coverage. The employee pays his or her rate, but it’s tax-free
  • The FSA Flexible Spending Program is available in the second year with the Postal Service. FSA contributions can be used for health care or child care.

Employment Requirements for USPS

  • The employee is eligible to enroll in the Federal FLTCIP program. It ensures the cost of long-term care. For example, you need a nursing home for a family member. These are usually covered by health insurance. It’s different at USPS.
  • There is a federal retirement program for every employee. This includes disability credits and a guaranteed pension. The pension is calculated based on the employee’s age and insurance period.
  • Postal employees can save into a Thrift Savings Plan, which works similarly to the 401(k) system. Instead of paying taxes, workers can contribute to the fund for the long term.
  • The employee receives Social Security and Medicare coverage from the first day of employment.
  • FEGLI group life insurance. Basic coverage is paid in full by the Postal Service. 
  • Guaranteed 13 days of vacation in the first 3 years of service. Then, time increases to 20 days after requiring some insurance period.
  • 10 days off for holidays each year.
  • Freedom of training for each employee. Both trainees and supervisors can develop. And with the leadership skills developed in the courses, a trainee can grow to an executive level in 3 to 5 years.

Employment Requirements for USPS

The average salary for primary duties (post office carriers ) is $56,468. The salary for a management position (e.g. inspector) is $144,000 a year. You have room to grow and develop — that’s the main advantage to be a member of the company.

What You Need to Become an Employee of the Post Office

At this online resource, you’ll find brief information about the criteria for the ideal applicant. The information is brief; much may not be clear the first time you read the materials. Therefore, we have prepared a detailed outline of the qualifications to apply for working for the USPS.

  1. Nationality Requirements

The applicant is a U.S., American Samoa, or another territory under the jurisdiction of the United States citizen, or a permanent resident without citizenship. Men must be registered in the Selective Service.

  1. Age Restrictions

Applicants for a rank-and-file job title (mail carriers ) can work for the company from 18. Or from 16 if he has a high school diploma. For the U.S. postal inspectors, the minimum is 21.

  1. Language and Physical Criteria

A mail carrier must be strong and physically healthy to carry out heavy loads in a warehouse or transit. The minimum for other positions is to be able to drive a car or walk 10 or more miles a day. Applicants undergo a medical exam before the interview.

The only language requirement is fluency in English.

Pass Qualifying Exam for Postal Office

The 473 Entrance Examination process is administered to the following categories:

  • processors, 
  • handlers, 
  • sales,
  • customer service.

Professionals and some administrative positions do not require to pass the exam or a written test. USPS job requirements for them — background check process. 

  1. Legal Criteria

If you are applying for a job that requires operating a motor vehicle, you must:

  • a valid driver license. The license is only for U.S.;
  • safe driving record, verified by special safe driving search;

no criminal history and convictions for transportation crimes before interviewing.To: no criminal history and convictions for transportation crimes before interviewing. Click here to see if someone has an arrest record.

A drug screening is required for all categories in the company. Not only for jobs that require a driving license.

If you’ve successfully closed all the requirements, there’s not much left to do. Fill out a profile on the website, take the exam, and interview. You’re only a few steps away from your application to a prestigious job!


The U.S. postal service offers career advancement for all employees, regardless of seniority level. This is one way to start from a longshoreman in a small branch to senior management. It all depends on your skills and the skills you demonstrate in the workplace.

Diversity, equality, and inclusion are 3 fundamental tenets of the postal company. The post office and mail processing centers offer jobs to women in equal proportion to men. And the population with disabilities can fill out a questionnaire, take an exam, and be interviewed. And become department heads. 

It is possible to achieve any heights in the postal company. And meeting all the requirements is the minimum step on the way to the great career of the USPS.

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Employment Requirements for USPS

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