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Do’s and Don’ts When Ordering House Plants Online for Delivery 2022

Do’s and Don’ts When Ordering House Plants Online for Delivery 2022

Do’s and Don’ts When Ordering House Plants Online for Delivery

A potted plant or houseplant becomes stressed when it’s expected to change locations, even if it’s merely moving from one table to another in the same household. Imagine the distress when the greenery is shipped from a distance. Many new gardeners find it a challenge learning how to care for the foliage to relieve the shock.

Fortunately, many well-established providers (see will include unpacking and gentle care instructions upon delivery. Still, it’s easy to make mistakes when new to the hobby. The problem with too many errors is the plant will likely not survive.

Before removing a plant from its packaging, it’s essential to read all the material enclosed until you fully grasp the details, so there’s a minimal likelihood of harm. The idea is to take your time and progress to each step gradually. 

There’s no rush to finish. Being too aggressive will cause further stress for the plant. Let’s look at the many dos and don’ts of receiving online plant delivery.

Shopping for household plants online

Many people today do their shopping online. That includes gardeners looking for exotic options outside their local zone to place in their inside spaces. The only issue with buying foliage and having it shipped is the distress it causes the greenery. 

Plants aren’t fond of being moved from one location to another, even in the home, let alone being transported in a box a distance away from their comfort zone. Online nurseries are careful to include instructions for gardening enthusiasts to help ease their new green friend gently into the environment. 

Some things you want to make sure you take care of for the health of the plant and some mistakes you need to try to avoid to prevent damages. Click here for some tips on proper care for indoor plants. Let’s check out each to show adequate handling.

DO: Unpack upon arrival

The suggestion is to order new plants in the warmer times of the year. Check the nursery’s location where the plant will be coming from against your weather conditions and how it will transition during the shipping process. 

It might be beneficial to wait until there’s more consistency between the two, especially if you’re in a more tropical region ordering from an area that experiences frigid temperatures during the year. 

A reputable nursery will often place a hold on the shipment of cold-sensitive plants when temperatures dip below a certain point. Some will use heat packs as a precaution. 

Make sure to track delivery so you’ll know when to be home to accept the package or have some to do so, particularly if the temperatures are extreme. You don’t want the foliage to experience more significant shock or, worse, death. The packing materials need to be removed to expose the entire plant.

  • DO: Check for dryness

The soil’s surface could be dry depending on the length of time spent in shipping. Check for moisture and then water thoroughly if appropriate. If there is moisture, don’t add more water.

  • DO: Pluck broken or dead leaves

You might experience leaves that become damaged during travels. There might be brown or dead leaves. Anything of this sort needs to be plucked so the plant can focus its energies on its healthy nutritional elements.

Do’s and Don’ts When Ordering House Plants Online for Delivery 2022

OPTIONAL: Humidity level increases

You can do this in an effort to help the greenery become better acclimated to your household. Some foliage requires higher levels of humidity. When you order online, you must mimic the conditions the vegetation is accustomed to so that it can thrive in your environment. 

  • DON’T: Attempt to repot too soon

A common mistake, especially among many new gardeners, is rushing to transplant their foliage upon its arrival. With it already being in shock from the trip (in a dark box0 plus finds itself in brand new surroundings, the foliage needs time to adjust just as any living being would.

The suggestion is to allow roughly two weeks for acclimation before taking this step. After that time, more strength can be gained, and you can read up on proper transplanting techniques to avoid health risks. If you received a “bare root” variety, don’t wait two weeks, you’ll need to plant immediately and carefully.

Do’s and Don’ts When Ordering House Plants Online for Delivery
House Plants Online for Delivery
  • DON’T: Place in direct sunlight immediately

The plant traveled in a dark box for a while. Again, it needs time to adjust, roughly two weeks in indirect lighting, even if the variety is a sun-loving species. 

After that, you can gradually introduce the greenery to its new spot. If you place the foliage in the direct sun too soon, you can scorch the leaves.

Final Thought

A plant is no different from any other living creature because they are not fond of changes. Not only does moving from one location to another in the home create stress, but there is substantial anxiety for foliage when shipping in the mail in a dark package with no water from one destination, perhaps a different climate, to a new place. 

Not all plants have an intense sensitivity. Some can prove relatively robust with the ability to travel and show minimal signs of distress. Still, you shouldn’t expect that the species you buy online will start to grow and thrive right from the get-go in most situations. 

It’s essential to have patience, work slowly and take each step gradually, allowing the foliage time to acclimate to its new home.

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