Do You Need a General Contractor for Bathroom Renovation 2022

Do You Need a General Contractor for Bathroom Renovation 2022

For a complete bathroom remodel, it is recommended to hire a professional. A general contractor will do the job faster and better than the average DIYer and will subcontract to electricians and plumbers to make sure the job is done right.

Although it might be the smallest room in your house, your bathroom is a very labor-intensive room to renovate. Typically, bathrooms are very compact, which presents numerous challenges during a remodeling project. You will need to plan for electrical installation, plumbing, tiles, cabinets, tiles, and other features for a room with a few hundred square feet or less. 

This is the reason why most bathroom renovation projects are very costly and time-consuming. Some projects can take over one month, even when done by experienced contractors. So, how long do you think it might take for a DIY renovation to take. Typically, DIY bathroom renovations are recommended for people experienced in installing bathtubs and toilets, replacing plumbing fixtures, and laying tiles. Besides, the cost of a bathroom remodeling project can increase when you factor in the costs of sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, flooring, plumbing materials, paint, and cabinet installation.

So, when do you need a general contractor for your bathroom renovation?

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The main reason why you should hire a general contractor for your bathroom remodeling is when you don’t have the experience to handle the project. Also, if you lack the right tools, or you are doing a large-scale project, have an extra-large bathroom, or the bathroom needs an extensive electrical or plumbing installation, you should consider hiring a general contractor. 

Going the DIY way can lead to unforeseen issues in the middle of your remodeling project. Seasoned general contractors know how to handle these issues, meaning there won’t be any delay with your project. With that, let’s look at the reasons why you need a general contractor when renovating your bathroom. 

When replacing your tub or shower

Installing a new bathtub or shower is a complicated process, one that requires plumbing and tiling experience. The intricate nature of such work needs someone skilled and competent with the installation of a tightly sealed and level bathtub or shower. 


Waterproofing your bathroom is essential, as it helps to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Inorganic waterproofing materials like metal, stone, and tile are excellent waterproofing materials because moisture doesn’t make them rot or decay. Your general contractor will ensure that your pipes don’t leak, thus avoiding possible water damage. An electrician, on the other hand, can help with the installation of an exhaust fan, which helps to reduce moisture levels in your bathroom. Applying caulking on the cracks between surfaces, as well as applying high-gloss paint helps to prevent moisture and water damage to your bathroom.

Structural integrity

As said earlier, major bathroom remodeling projects are complicated. That’s why remodeling permits, as well as structural checks, are important in the course of a bathroom remodeling project. And this is where a general contractor comes in, as they can assist you in putting your paperwork together for approval before your remodeling project starts. 

Yes, it might be possible to do simple bathroom renovations like replacing tiles or painting without needing any permits. However, more complicated works like tearing down walls, increasing the space of your bathroom, or changing the plan of your bathroom require approvals from your local authorities. That means you might not get these if you’ve not hired a general contractor to work on your bathroom. 

Do You Need a General Contractor for Bathroom Renovation 2022

Saves you valuable time and money

General contractors will complete your renovation project faster than you could if you opt for a DIY renovation. If you opt for a DIY bathroom remodeling, expect the project to take a bit longer. As the old saying goes, time is money. Thus, it’s always a good thing to weigh the benefits, and let a professional do the job for you.

Debris removal

According to the general contracting company, AFS General Contracting, your bathroom might be the smallest room in your house,  but it can create lots of debris during a remodeling project. It can be a challenge to dispose of pieces of plumbing, bathroom fixtures, and walls if you don’t have a truck. However, hiring a general contractor ensures proper debris removal after the project is completed. That means you don’t have to worry about incurring extra costs for debris removal. Fast debris removal also ensures that you can settle in quickly after the remodeling is completed, and you don’t need to spend your holidays and weekends removing the debris. 


General contractors are experienced in handling bathroom remodeling projects. Their experience not only allows them to complete such projects faster but to deliver quality results. Besides, a general contractor knows how to resolve the challenges that might come during the remodeling project—thanks to their experience. General contractors also know how to reduce possible risks during the project, thus mitigating possible liabilities to their clients. An Insight Into Fixing A Leak In he Roof

Bottom Line

While choosing to do a DIY bathroom renovation project will save you money, it will take more time. That’s why you need to hire a general contractor for your bathroom renovation project, regardless of the size. An experienced general contractor will handle the project faster and in a better manner than you would do. So, the cost of hiring a general contractor is worth the stress you avoid and the time you save if you choose to handle the project on your own. 

Do You Need a General Contractor for Bathroom Renovation?

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