Different Types of Juice Cleanses and How To Use Them

Different Types of Juice Cleanses and How To Use Them

Similar to when you do spring cleaning in your home and want to get rid of all the junk, a juice cleanse does exactly the same thing but in your own body. In other words, when you do a juice cleanse you are essentially doing a full detox and reset. But this reset benefits more than just your physical body—it can also heal you mentally too.

Juice cleanses come with a range of benefits and has been something in the world of wellness that has worked for a variety of people at different stages of their life.

What is a Juice Cleanse

Let’s talk basics first. What even is a juice cleanse? In the most simplistic terms, juice cleanses are where you have a liquid diet of drinking fruits and vegetables for a designated period of time.

The goal is to detox the body and fill it back up with all the essential nutrients you commonly find in a variety of produce. Some juice cleanses last just a few days. Others can last up to a few weeks.

The art of juicing remains the same though no matter what type of juice cleanse you do. This means that the fruits and vegetables are all literally juiced in something called a juicer to extract all the nutrients and vitamins.

But it is important to keep in mind that juice cleanses are not meant to be a forever diet. So you should always talk to your nutritionist or doctor upfront about what you need to know when it comes to doing a juice cleanse that will support your own wellness goals.

The Benefits of Juice Cleanses

There are many benefits that you can have when it comes to juice cleanses. Many of us end up consuming foods that are simply not good for us—such as bakery items, processed foods, and candy with way too much sugar.

When we introduce these types of foods into our bodies, we are introducing foods that can ultimately damage our health. So it is important to flush out those toxins and a juice cleanse can really help with that.

Not only does it cleanse (literally) our body, but re-introduces the essential vitamins and minerals we may have deprived ourselves of by not making good food choices.

When you do a juice cleanse, you can not only help promote your overall well-being but equally lower the risk of developing various chronic conditions that include heart disease and diabetes. You can equally lose weight, sleep better and reduce inflammation.

With so many benefits to gain, it is worthwhile to consider how juice cleanses can help you too.

The Various Types of Cleanses

There are so many different types of juice cleanses. When it comes to selecting one, you want to ensure that it is designed to not only be enjoyable to your specific taste buds, but equally beneficial to your own unique health goals.

1. The Twice Yearly Cleanse

This type of juice cleanse is designed to not only flush out all the bad stuff within you but equally get you feeling amazing. Designed to be a short burst with intense results, you will be drinking a lot of juices in the short time span—sometimes over a dozen juices a day. But the ingredients inside are all great for you. You will be getting a great stockpile of antioxidants into your body and helping replenish all the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.

2. The Uniquely Flavored Cleanse

When you do a juice cleanse,  you do not just have to stick with your stock-standard green juice. In fact, you can enjoy a range of unique flavors that are created to maximize your health and wellbeing. This includes the likes of charcoal and beets. Drinking should be fun and the unique flavors certainly add more enjoyment to your taste buds.

3. The Mood-Lifting Cleanse

Juice cleanses are not just designed for the physical benefits, but emotional ones too. You can do a mood-lifting cleanse that uses ingredients like turmeric to help you feel better emotionally. Chances are by the end of this cleanse you will feel like you have regained control of your emotions and are feeling like the best version of yourself.

4. The Protein Cleanse

This type of cleansing focuses on getting the maximum amount of protein into your body through greens rich in this essential nutrient. This type of cleansing is designed for the active person who wants to not only cleanse their body but equally boost their energy levels too. 


There are many types of cleanses to choose from, all with the goal of helping you feel your best. With so much to gain from sipping on juices, why not get one for yourself today? You will enjoy the variety of flavors and your sense of enhanced wellness.



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Different Types of Juice Cleanses and How To Use Them