Difference between a Glass Top and Acrylic Top for Your Tables Which Is Best? 2023

Difference between a Glass Top and Acrylic Top for Your Tables Which Is Best? 2023

Making decisions about furniture can be tough, especially if you don’t have the right information. Suppose you’re looking for a top for your table and decide between a glass top and an acrylic top.

In that case, you should know that there are fundamental differences between these two materials that can make and break your furniture experience. So without any further ado, here are some of the key differences between a glass top and an acrylic top for your tables.

1.  Sturdiness

One of the main differences between an acrylic top and a glass top is that an acrylic top is much more reliable and durable than a glass top. A glass top is very easy to break and shatter, causing financial damage to you and the valuable time to clean the mess and not to mention more dangerous.

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In terms of durability, an acrylic top seems like the better option. Whatever your choice is, with the help of amazing and reliable services of Home Detail Furniture, you will have the best furniture options at any given time!

2.  Shape

Every table can have a different design and dimensions, and the only limit is your imagination and creativity. That being in mind, it must be noted that glass is a much more brittle material as compared to acrylic.

This means that, even though glass can cut and shape into the top you need for your table, it is harder to shape it than acrylic. In this category, acrylic is the far superior option as it is easy to shape due to its resilient nature.

If something is harder to shape, it requires increased precision and skill, which means that the cost to shape the glass will be way more than acrylic. Not only that, but the glass also needs to be cut properly. Otherwise, it can leave tiny shards around the outer layers on the sides, making it dangerous.

3.  Weight

One thing to keep in mind is that glass weighs much more than acrylic. This works in acrylic’s favor as cleaning the top might be required, or even the table’s surface; hence cleaning the bottom side of the acrylic top or its table surface will be much easier than that of glass.

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4.  Scratches

The one real downside of an acrylic tabletop is that it is prone and vulnerable to scratches and small marks. Glass singlehandedly beats acrylic in this category as it is very hard to scratch due to its very smooth surface.

Difference between a Glass Top and Acrylic Top for Your Tables Which Is Best? 2022

All of this information does not mean that acrylic doesn’t have a foot in the game anymore. Scratches on an acrylic surface can be mellowed out and made neat again easily and with little expertise.

On the other hand, if you manage to damage glass tops in any way, there is no easy solution to that, and it needs to be corrected by a proper professional and will cost you a lot of money.

In a Nutshell!

Our house should be beautiful as well as strong. Security is a very important issue that cannot be compromised. We have told you both the sides in our article, now you should find out the best option for yourself.

It seems like acrylic is the better option for a tabletop than glass due to increased reliability and durability, lesser weight, better resilience, and easier repair. You can go with glass, but it is way more trouble than acrylic.

Do you need glass tops?

At Custom Glass, we can custom cut, bevel, polish, and temper your glass. It ensures a perfect custom fit, allows you to choose the type of glass you want, and we deliver it to you in record time for your home and office needs.

Whether you need to replace your glass tabletop or want a new design, the steps to customize your glass table are the same. Our glass table tops are manufactured to the highest quality, and you can specify any requirements in your order.

Difference between a Glass Top and Acrylic Top for Your Tables Which Is Best? 2022

What to use glass table tops for?

They are used in different ways, but the most popular is to use glass to protect the surface of a table, desk, or coffee table. When used as a cover over a wooden surface, a thinner glass is usually used. 

Difference between a Glass Top and Acrylic Top for Your Tables Which Is Best? 2023

The glass edges are generally polished to make them smooth and avoid the possibility of injury from sharp edges. Used as a surface covering on wood, there is no need to temper the glass.

Glass tabletops can also be used in situations where the entire surface is made of glass. 

The legs can also be made of glass, wood, metal, or other material. In these cases, the glass has to be tempered for safety reasons. Edges should be flat polished and possibly beveled, depending on preference. 

How can I measure the tabletop to determine its correct size?

It is best to measure where you want to place the glass with tape. It is essential to use an exact method since this prevents the tabletop from arriving with measurements that do not fit where it is to be placed.

Once the measurements are recorded, you can indicate them in the purchase so that we can process your order and send your glass in the best conditions.

If you want to change the tabletop, it is also essential to look at the edge of the glass to determine which type of glass edge we will purchase will fit.

Difference between a Glass Top and Acrylic Top for Your Tables Which Is Best? 2023

Do glass tables need to be tempered?

Tempering a glass tabletop adds to the strength. Tempered glass is 5-7 times harder to break than plain glass. Tempered glass table tops are considered safety glass because when it breaks, it breaks into small pieces that are safe for you and your family.

As a basic rule, tempering glass does not change its appearance or weight. With this in mind, if you have children at home or are simply concerned about safety, we recommend tempering the glass for increased security.

How can I measure my table for a glass tabletop with cut corners?

To ensure that the corners of the glass tops match your table, you will need to measure the angle of the cut corners. You should align the edge of a tape measure or ruler with the outermost edge of the angled edge. It will be where the corner would be.

Why use a glass tabletop?

Glass tops are a perfect way to protect valuable or antique furniture without hiding its beauty. In this way, the surface of wood, marble, or metal is safe from stains, scratches, and bumps. There is no need for tablecloths as you will be able to put hot pots or coffee cups on the table without worrying that they will damage the finish of your table.

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