5 Desktop Recording and Video Course Creation Software

5 Desktop Recording and Video Course Creation Software

5 Desktop Recording and Video Course Creation Software

In good training, sometimes it’s better to show something than just discuss. Video capture tools allow you to demonstrate step-by-step individual functionalities of the software and streamline presentations. Which of them is worth paying attention to?

Camtasia – An expensive but versatile tutorial harvester

Camtasia is the most extensive tool on this list. It allows not only to record video from a computer (with sound), but also to combine recordings from the desktop with regular recordings with a camera and a microphone. 

The program also offers more editing options, effects, transitions and animations, giving you access to an extensive library of backgrounds and graphics. The interface of Camtasia itself is very transparent. The finished material can be exported in various video formats (including basic AVI, MP4, as well as WMV, MOV).

With many advantages, Camtasia has one disadvantage. It is the price of the software amounting to $ 249. There is also a 30-day trial version available (unfortunately, the videos developed in it have a watermark).


RecordCast – An easy-to-use web 2.0 screen recorder

RecordCast is distinguished from other programs by the fact that it is a free tool without the need to download any software. After clicking the “start recording” on its homepage, all you have to do is choose whether the program is to capture an image from the browser, from the desktop, or a webcam.

Of course, RecordCast also captures audio from your computer and microphone. It also includes a quick and easy video maker that you can polish your screencast before downloading it.


iSpring Free Cam – Popular and praised, for recording and editing

The program is a very basic tool for capturing a selected fragment of the computer screen. It also allows you to simultaneously record voice and system sounds, highlight the mouse cursor and enable sounds accompanying each click of the mouse.

iSpring also allows you to edit recorded material, trim unnecessary portions, remove background noise and basic mute and volume effects. The program does not impose time limits and watermarks. The finished movie can be immediately uploaded to YouTube.

Desktop Recording and Video Course Creation Software

ApowerRec – Available on all platforms

ApowerRec is another screen recorder program that focuses on a simple interface and the ability to record along with the voice of the teacher. The program is available on virtually all operating systems (Windows, macOS), including a mobile (Android, iOS).

Desktop Recording and Video Course Creation Software

Bandicam Screen Recording – Simple and powerful software

The program will allow you to “draw” on the recorded desktop in real-time, and add an image from the webcam or voice from the microphone. You can also put a logo on it and turn on effects and mouse animations. The only thing missing from Bandicam is the ability to edit the material.

Desktop Recording and Video Course Creation Software

Other programs worth paying attention to:

  1. FlashBack Express Recorder
  2. TinyTake
  3. OBS Studio
  4. Screencast-o-Matic
  5. Icecream Screen Recorder
  6. ShareX

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5 Desktop Recording and Video Course Creation Software

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