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Cute Living Room Decor for a Summer Home

Cute Living Room Decor for a Summer Home

Cute Living Room Decor for a Summer Home

For any home decorating enthusiast, the idea of changing the look of your house each season is an exciting prospect! Something about summer makes you want to bring fresh ideas into your living spaces. Although the heat can be unbearable depending on where you live, the season brings a fresh perspective of everything around you.

It’s the visual imagery of sunlight beaming into your windows and brightening your house every morning. The attraction to brighter colors and textures is at an all-time high. There is also the attraction towards open and clean spaces with minimal decorations, giving an air of tropical vacation feels.

I will be giving my suggestions on how cute living room decor for a summer home can make it feel ready for the bright and airy. Not only will these suggestions help freshen your minds, but they will also help bring in a hidden creative side of yourselves!

Prints on the walls are a must

Wall prints will always be a timeless decoration piece, and they provide a story about yourself and the people closest to you on the four walls of your house. Canvas prints offer a magical experience in choosing the most suitable print for your home. My recommendation for the best place to get the most impressive prints is CanvasPop.

Cute Living Room Decor for a Summer Home
Cute Living Room Decor for a Summer Home

Canvas Pop has a vast collection of prints that they work on. They work on generating quality portrait prints where you can choose the measurements of the image you want after offering the photo you wish to get printed. They also produce unique art pieces based on your interest. You can choose the background of the print you want to focus on, add your preferred colors and print orientations, and you’re ready to receive it in your mail!

Canvas Pop also allows buyers to choose a type of print where you can click the website’s regenerate button to modify the image to your liking. Although their pieces are pricier, you receive the best quality for the amount you pay. That can be considered the best kind of bargain to add as cute living room decor for a summer home!

You can never go wrong with Plants

The greenery and the wilderness look of plants are the perfect cute living room decor for a summer home. Using plants to decorate your homes is something even a non-expert decorator can do. I know it’s not easy to handle live plants for many people, so I suggest getting fake plants instead.

Even adding floral accents to your living room can make it more inviting. For example, add floral pillow covers on your sofas, a small vase of flowers on your coffee table, and colors that mimic plant life like shades of green, blue and brown into your decor. Having accents of nature in your room will make it admirable and unique.

Also, you can add various pieces of palm tree wall art to create a unique gallery wall in the living room. Wall art of trees or flowers can look good in any room and space.

Cute Living Room Decor for a Summer Home

White is not basic

The color white represents purity and certainty. Therefore, adding shades to your living room will make it feel open and inviting to yourself and your guests. White also gives a clean look which is something to look for when trying to add other cute living room decor for a summer home. 

Some ways to incorporate the color white are by painting your walls, choosing interior decorations with accents of white, placing a white rug in front of your television, or simply having a dominant piece of furniture that is all-white, etc. This gives a heavenly look to your homes and provides a safe space for your families and friends.

Repurposing always works

Those who are not sure about getting new interior decorations for the matter of a season can choose to repurpose old decorations in their homes. The difference occurs when you decide to place these items in new and inventive ways, making them look fresh. Bring out books from your bedroom and organize them into a mini tower next to your sofas to give a rustic look

Cute Living Room Decor for a Summer Home

Take some old clothes and try attempting to cut them into preliminary designs to add to the nooks and corners of your room. You can also try rearranging your old furniture to make it look new. You don’t always have to buy new things since old belongings can be cute living room decor for a summer home.

Adding old memories as decorative pieces

These memories can be in the form of showpieces or even priceless jewelry that you can place on your coffee tables and television stands. These memories can be a collection of pieces representing older vacations you spent in places outside your home. Adding these pieces gives your home a feeling of being a vacation home without the added perks of paying more money!

I recommend saving up your tickets and boarding passes and sticking them in odd places in your living room. You can also make collages from this and other receipts you may have saved. These simple ideas can serve as cheap alternatives for cute living room decor for a summer home.

Add pops of colors

Summer is the season for embracing bright colors and accents. You can achieve this by choosing shades of yellow, orange, blue, and green in your decorations. These colors bring about a positive emotion in anyone who sees it. 

An easy way to incorporate these colors is by adding small objects to this color palette around your living room. These objects can be as small as a vase or as big as a throw blanket on your couch. Even adding a minor colorful thing can add a difference to your living space as these objects can efficiently work as cute living room decor for a summer home.

Cute Living Room Decor for a Summer Home

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time to start decorating for summer?

The right time is soon after winter is over, as it helps to put the dark and moody feeling of the cold season behind you.

How can you incorporate colors to avoid making your room look too bright?

You can follow the 60-30-10 rule where 60% of your room should belong to a dominant color (like white), 30% of your room should have a secondary color (like blue), and 10% of your space should have accents of a particular color (like yellow). This will prevent your room from looking too loud.

What can you add to the walls to make them look decorative?

Adding mirrors, shelves, and art prints are the best ways to make a plain wall look stylish.


At the end of the day, how you treat yourself should also reflect how you maintain your home. Seasonal changes in decor are not a must, but they drastically improve your mental health, especially when you take the time to add cute living room decor for a summer home. The scenery change can also help improve your mood and overall productivity. 

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Cute Living Room Decor for a Summer Home