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Cute Details to Add to Your Child’s Playhouse

Cute Details to Add to Your Child’s Playhouse

Cute Details to Add to Your Child’s Playhouse

Your kid deserves the best, which is why you are going above and beyond to provide them with a top-tier playhouse. In playhouses, kids like to play at living adult lives — which means they need everything you have in your real home but at a smaller scale. While you might have already equipped your kid’s playhouse with tiny furniture, toy kitchen tools and fake food, there are likely a few key details missing. Yet, if you want to delight your little one with the accuracy of their playhouse, you need to pay attention to the following must-have details:

Box Planters

Landscaping is an important component of any home’s design, but playhouses don’t need their own landscape architecture to look good. Still, you might consider giving your child a few box planters on the front of their playhouse. Not only does a bit of floral color and greenery improve the look of any structure, but planters give your kid the opportunity to learn about growing things and take responsibility for the maintenance of their playhouse.


While retrieving the mail might not be an exciting chore for you, kids love receiving letters. Affixing a mailbox near the door of their playhouse will help them practice one of the more mundane adult activities — and it gives you the opportunity to send cute letters to your little one. You might let your kid decorate their mailbox with paint, stickers and more, so this part of their playhouse feels extra special.

Welcome Mat

It may seem small, but a welcome mat is an important touch for a child’s playhouse. Not only does a welcome mat give your kid a place to dust off any mud before entering their playhouse, but it sends a message to your child and their friends that the playhouse is a friendly place for everyone to enjoy. You can find miniature door mats designed for use in playhouses, or you can DIY your own welcome mat with your child.

Pillows and Blankets

You might already have some kid-sized couches and chairs filling the living spaces of the playhouse, but to complete the effect, your child’s seating needs throw pillows. A few small, decorative pillows make child-sized furniture look even more lifelike. You can also give your kids some throw blankets, which will make their playhouse look and feel cozy.

Ceiling Fans

Few playhouses have central air, so in the summer season, the interior spaces can get quite hot. If the rooms are large enough and the ceilings tall enough, you might consider installing small ceiling fans to improve air circulation and reduce the temperature by a few degrees, making your child’s play more comfortable. You can power the ceiling fans with small solar panels or create a new circuit for your breaker box.

Window Curtains

Window curtains contribute to interior style and offer privacy, but they also help control the temperature of an interior space. Whether you install ceiling fans or not, you should hang window curtains in the playhouse to prevent sunlight from making the interior spaces feel sweltering. Heavier curtains in the wintertime can also help to trap in heat, allowing your child to play all year round.

Holiday Decorations

Though holidays only come once per year, it might be wise to have a few seasonal décor items to adorn your child’s playhouse. Your home likely changes from month to month as you alter your décor to fit the season, and your child will want to do the same for their playhouse. You might buy a string of colorful lights to hang from the roof during the winter holidays, and you can buy or make door wreaths for the different seasons. You can also use your child’s arts and crafts from school to decorate their playhouse for the holidays. Cute Details to Add to Your Child’s Playhouse

When your child plays in their playhouse, they are doing necessary work for growth and development. In their playhouse, your kid will practice behaving like an adult, which means they deserve to have all the details right for living just like you. Plus, completing a playhouse with the above details will improve its look, allowing you to be proud of this new kid-focused addition to your home.

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Cute Details to Add to Your Child’s Playhouse