Common Myths About Home Invasions That Do More Harm Than Good

Common Myths About Home Invasions That Do More Harm Than Good

There’s no doubt that home invasions are a scary prospect for any homeowner, no matter what age they are or where they live. But how scared should we be of them really? Are they as frequent, awful, or easy to predict as people say?

The answers may surprise you. People’s fears around home invasions have fueled certain myths and misconceptions that can often be damaging if believed.

So, what are the facts? We’re here to break that down for you today. Read on to learn the real truth about home invasions.

1. Burglars Usually Smash Grab and Run

Because of various TV shows, movies, and reports, many people have an idea of a home invasion as being a rushed affair that’s over in a manner of minutes. Actually, many burglars learn their victim’s schedules so they know they’ll have plenty of time to spend ransacking a home. Sometimes they make themselves so comfortable they even have time for a nap.

2. Home Invasions Only Happen at Night

We’re led to believe that homes are only broken into under the cover of darkness, but in fact, this isn’t the case. Break-ins can and do occur at any time of day or night. In fact, thieves often target homes during the day when occupants are at work or school.

3. A Locked Door Alone Is Enough

Having a sturdy lock on your door is always a good idea. It’s worth contacting your local locksmith every few years to ensure your system is still secure.

That said, having a lock alone isn’t always enough to deter a burglar. In many cases, when burglars encounter a locked door they’ll simply kick it down. This is why having a security system and cameras is also a good practice.

4. Lightning Never Strikes Twice

You might think that if you’re the victim of a home invasion statistically you’re less likely to be hit a second time. However, studies show that this isn’t true.

Would you believe that over 50% of homes that are robbed have the same fate befall them within a one-month period? This is one of many startling home invasion statistics that emphasizes the need for extra vigilance and added security.

5. Burglars Choose Homes at Random

While some robberies are sometimes random occurrences, this is not normally the case. A burglar will often case out a property for several days, learning the occupant’s schedule in order to determine the best time to commit their crime.  This is why it’s important to have security systems installed so you can monitor your property at times when you’re not at home.

How to Prevent a Home Invasion

Hopefully, this article has helped to dispel some of the myths surrounding home invasions and left you more informed and aware. Always make sure all of your security measures are up to date, and never leave anything to chance. If you’re looking for more tips or advice, take a look at the rest of our content now.

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Common Myths About Home Invasions That Do More Harm Than Good

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