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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a New Bathroom 2022

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a New Bathroom 2022

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a New Bathroom

As such a vital part of the home, the bathroom will likely undergo many transformations, helping to stay in touch with modern trends and freshen things up when required. Also, many fittings, especially modern ones such as whirlpools and high-powered showers only have a limited lifespan, so when they eventually need replacing, this may be a good time to think about a full bathroom redesign.

However, many people put little thought into designing their new bathroom which can lead to mistakes, whether this is a delay in the project delivery time, or long-term problems which ruin the functionality and enjoyment of the room. 

In this article, we will outline 5 common mistakes to avoid when designing a new bathroom. 

1. Failing to outline exact requirements and a workable layout

During the design stage of your bathroom remodel it is important to clarify the exact requirements of the room before anything else, ensuring you fully understand how you want the finished project to look and how it will function for the entire family. 

Once you have decided on the layout and arrangements then you can consider the aesthetics. Many people jump to the interior design stage before everything else, meaning they overlook some vital factors.

Measuring the space to determine where each appliance and fitting will be installed is vital to make sure everything will fit and there is enough room to maneuver. Knowing the full measurements will make life much easier further down the line.

2. Overlooking the importance of lighting

Lighting can really make a bathroom, so it’s important to consider the lighting scheme as early as possible. Try to include a dimmer switch to create different moods, with individual spot lighting for maximum illumination when needed – avoid the big, central spotlight which can give the bathroom a clinical feel. 

3. Installing incompatible fittings and appliances

It is important to know what type of water system is installed in your home before looking at things like showers and taps. If not, you may run the risk of purchasing a fancy, high-tech shower which is completely incompatible with the water system, meaning it needs to be returned or it won’t function effectively when installed.

If in doubt, get in contact with a plumber who can assess your current system and advise on compatible products.

4. Not giving enough thought to tiles and flooring

The flooring and tiling of the bathroom is your chance to add a little of your personality to the room and really make it stand out. A poor choice of tiles and flooring can really take the edge off the overall finish, whether that is down to below-par materials, or an unflattering choice of color. 

When designing the room, consider the size, choice, and material of the tiles and whether they will fit with the overall theme of the bathroom. If the fittings and walls are white, or a light color, then opting for bold colors and textures can create great contrast, while large tiles can help make a small bathroom appear larger.

The same goes for the floor, a patterned, feature floor can give the room a real wow factor and create a warming feel. 

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a New Bathroom 2022

5. Making accessories and mirrors and afterthought

Mirrors or reflective tiles can be a great way of making a smaller space appear much larger, so when choosing a mirror, think about its placement and size from a design perspective, as well as a practical one. If your bathroom lacks natural light, then many modern mirror installations are complete with lighting which is controlled using a dimmer switch. 

As well as the mirror, the various bathroom accessories are usually something that is given little thought until after the bathroom is complete. Instead, envisage where each accessory will be placed at the design stage of the project to avoid cluttering

Ample storage space is also a must to maintain the sleek and clean look of your bathroom. 

Like any major home remodeling project, it is advised to use an experienced, licensed contractor that can deliver the project with a quick turn-around, while also ensuring quality. SOD Home Group is a trusted remodeling contractor in San Jose with a proven track record in delivering custom-designed bathroom builds across California. 

How to Make Small Bathroom Look Bigger

The eight most common mistakes when designing your bathroom

– The first step before starting a reform is planning

– Look for functionality

– Avoid strictly following the trends of the moment; you will not have your toilet designed again in a while

Tired of your old bathroom? Do you want to give it a new style that better suits your current needs? Or what you need is to gain space with a better distribution? These are some of the mistakes you should avoid if you want an excellent reform:

1- Ventilation: The bathroom must have windows whenever the structure allows it. You will get a more welcoming and bright room, but you will also gain ventilation and avoid humidity problems. If this is not possible, do not forget to install ventilation grills under any circumstances.

2- The toilet should not be the protagonist. The best interior designers recommend that this toilet is not the first thing we see as soon as we enter the bathroom. The most appropriate thing is to raise a small partition, with which the toilet area gains privacy, in addition to allowing the use of the bathroom by two people at the same time.

3- Shower tray or bathtub. Currently, our pace of life hardly leaves us time to take a relaxing hot water bath, so the shower installation is usually the most demanded option. Plus, faucets like Clever’s thermostatic ones and sprayers allow you to enjoy an experience almost as pleasurable as a bath.

4- Located pipes. To prevent your bathroom renovation from becoming a disaster, it is essential to locate the pipes and information that will allow you to choose the right tap for the toilets you choose. Clever presents the most suitable fixtures for all types of lines, both wall -mounted and sink-mounted.

5- Provide enough space for the doors. Especially if you do not have many square meters, it is essential that the door opens and closes without anything in the way. It is often preferable to do without a toilet, for example, the bidet, in exchange for greater comfort.

6- Storage. A bathroom should always give the feeling of order. You should look for accessories that facilitate the storage of products dedicated to your hygiene. In Clever, you will find a lot of ideas to achieve it.

7- Height of the sink. Although it seems silly, we spend a lot of time throughout the day using this toilet. It is a matter of taking a little time to measure the appropriate height to install it.

8- Avoid the trends of the moment in excess. Although you can get carried away by a specific style at first, think that it will take at least another ten years to reform this room. Make functionality prevail in your decision.

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a New Bathroom

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