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4 Common Dry Herb Vaporizer Problems And What You Can Do About Them 2023

4 Common Dry Herb Vaporizer Problems And What You Can Do About Them 2022

4 Common Dry Herb Vaporizer Problems And What You Can Do About Them 2023

Getting your hands on a quality vape is one thing. Maintenance for continuous and long-term use is another. How about common problems vape pens are frequently plagued with?

Common Vape Pen Problems (And Their Solutions) 

1. Vape Not Heating Up? 

This one’s almost always a problem, especially for those who either use their vapes beyond “frequently” (you know what we mean. *wink) or those who still have the warranty of said cannabis tool fresh and crisp (you also know what we mean. *wink, wink). 

Regarding the earlier scenario, it could very well be an issue with the atomizer coils. These babies are the core of the heating chamber. The oven’s coils are energy-converters, from the vape’s batteries to its heating framework. 

Secondly, if your vape pen has incurred quite a number of years on its sleeve, it’s possible that its coils are worn down-and-out. There’s no way to and around it but to buy a new vaporizer. On the other hand, it may also be a matter of battery charging and/or fitting. 

Batteries of vapes with a digital and/or LED display will be easier to monitor. For those that don’t, what you can do is turn on the apparatus and let its battery run out on its own. Then, charge it to full. 

2. Little To Nill Draw 

In a different blog, we’ve mentioned tips you can follow to ensure that you draft dry herbs or concentrates effectively. In case you’re following said tips to a T and are still getting little to zero “draw”, it could be a problem with a few key parts of the vaporizer. 

Inspect the mouthpiece. It may be wrongly connected, thus, permitting Vapour to escape in its misjoined and/or loose rims. Another reason may point towards old, malfunctioning coils. If this is so, go back to number 2. It’s probably time to purchase a new device. 

3. Short-Lived Vaporizers (Storage Tip)

More often than not, short-lived vaporizers are measurable based on 2 factors: their quality and their upkeep. With quality, read about our say on what features to look out for, for calibre vapes. As for upkeep, here’s a to-do for storage. 

Though these gadgets run on a heating mechanism, the irony is that they are to be stored away from heat, sunlight, and humid areas. The same rule is to be applied for cannabis concentrates and herbs. 

Warm storage compartments and direct sunlight may negatively impact the heating coils as well as the vape’s battery by shortening their shelf-life. The same variables can affect the taste or flavour of herbs and concentrates. 

“Room temperature” is the safest environment for your marijuana-related tools and products. 

4. Leaks And Dust

This one isn’t common knowledge but it sure will make a difference in maintaining your vaporizer properly. In storage, let the vape pen stand upright, with the mouthpiece at the top (right-side-up). 

Laying the device on its side could lead to leaks that will eventually damage the oven (especially for concentrate-vapes). Additionally, it might increase the likelihood of said device collecting dust and debris in its interior faster. 

Finally, as an extra precaution, every-after cleaning and drying your vape, store it in a sealed container. 

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4 Common Dry Herb Vaporizer Problems And What You Can Do About Them

Dry Herb Vaporizer – Buying Guide, Opinions, and Analysis in 2023

Vaporizers have arrived to change how you consume tobacco or any other dry herb you fancy. Advancements in these devices have made them more affordable and portable, ensuring that you can do so with power and reliability whenever you want to use them for recreational or medicinal use. These devices heat dry herbs without burning their active ingredients, all without the health risks of smoking. By conducting an extensive review, we have found three of these products that have the ideal characteristics to meet your needs when it comes to vaping. One of these models is the Wolkenkraft Fenix ​​​​Mini, a very compact and discreet size device that works with dry herbs and can also be used with waxes and e-liquids. Also attractive is the Airistech P-02 model, which is portable, equipped with four different heating temperatures, and includes two different nozzles to choose from.

What are the best dry herb vaporizers on the market?

If you are looking for dry herb vaporizers, you are already an experienced vaper, or you want to get started in this world. Of these devices, there is a great variety that includes portable ones that are discreet and easy to use but with several factors that you must evaluate before making a purchase.

Dry herb vaporizers have arrived to revolutionize the way of consuming tobacco. Since their invention, these devices have been characterized by powerfully releasing the essences that emit your favorite ingredients.

Regardless of the use you will give it, be it recreational or medicinal, it is always good to have the safest, most reliable, and discreet equipment to vape without any hesitation. Several brands have manufactured numerous models of vaporizers and have managed to introduce them to the large market that currently exists.

4 Common Dry Herb Vaporizer Problems And What You Can Do About Them 2023

You can find vaporizers with a fountain pen design, even in the form of small boxes. There is also a wide diversity in its filters and compartments so that you can make a partial or total filling with the herbs of your choice.

When comparing dry herb vaporizers, there are several factors to consider, such as capacity, which will depend on the size of the blade compartment of your choice.

When we talk about vaporizer batteries, we must say that most of these are lithium-ion batteries due to their high performance, which is indicated so that you can have hours of autonomy without thinking about constantly charging them. In addition, these devices can be charged via a USB cable either with a computer or with a power adapter.

4 Common Dry Herb Vaporizer Problems And What You Can Do About Them 2023

As for the temperature, it is recommended that the vaporizer have options from 180° to 210° centigrade to offer you an excellent vaping quality. Thus, thinking about the functionality and design of these devices, you will find a wide variety of vaporizers with different shapes, sizes, colors, and technologies that adapt to your vaping needs.

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