CCNA Exam Time and Registration Fee in 2021

CCNA Exam Time and Registration Fee in 2021

Since the nine directions of Cisco CCNA certification have been integrated into one last year, some novices or college students will choose to take the CCNA certification exam. They may be more interested in the cost of the CCNA certification exam and related precautions. So SPOTO will give a brief introduction here.

CCNA certification exam time:

Because there is no big change in CCNA certification in 2022, the exam mean the ccna 200-301 time remains the same as before. CCNA certification is a manufacturer certification and a business exam. Generally, the exam time will not be fixed. After all, the cost of taking the exam is not low and there are many people who want to take the exam. Therefore, the exam time for CCNA certification is not fixed and you can take the exam on working days other than holidays and weekends. You can take the exam after signing up and making an appointment.

In terms of exam duration, the CCNA certification exam with the exam code 200-301 after the reform lasts for 120 minutes. The types of exam questions are divided into a multiple-choice, single-choice, drag chart questions, experimental questions, etc. The number of exam questions ranges from 48 to 53. Therefore, two hours is still sufficient. The total score is 1000 points, and you can pass if you get 825.

CCNA registration fee in 2021:

The registration fee for CCNA certification costs 300 US dollars. In addition to the common exam with the exam code of 200-301, Cisco also launched a new DEVNET Associate certification with the exam code of 200-901. This exam also requires a registration fee of 300 US dollars. The CCNA Cyber Ops which involves network security operations will continue to be retained. This certification requires two exams, 210-250 and 210-255. Each exam costs 195 US dollars, total of 390 dollars.

In terms of learning costs, if you choose self-study, that is, you need to spend some money buying materials. If you choose to take part in CCNA certification training, the training costs of SPOTO’s CCNA certification courses are still very cheap. The preferential price is about 60 US dollars. You will learn the knowledge that you need to take the exam as long as you study for 24 days and 28 class hours

Whether to take the CCNA certification exam in 2021?

The value of a CCNA certificate has always been controversial. Now it’s 2021. Do you want to apply for CCNA certification? Is it worth taking the exam? The answer varies from person to person. In fact, the value of the CCNA certificate is really not high at present, because this certification exam is not very difficult. If your company requires you to take the CCNA certification exam, you can take the exam. However, if you are a network engineer, your experience will actually be more useful than the CCNA certificate.

Therefore, for Internet practitioners who already have a network foundation or working experience, they are more recommended to apply for higher-level CCNP or CCIE certification, especially CCIE certification which is an expert level certification and is conducive to finding a job. Of course, you can also start by learning the content of CCNA certification, but don’t stop at CCNA.

Although the value of the CCNA certificate will not be very high, it helps you to lay the foundation in your learning for higher-level certifications in the Cisco certification system. So it is still necessary to master relevant knowledge of CCNA certification and you will find it less difficult to learn for CCNP and CCIE certification later.

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In general, if you want to take the CCNA certification exam, you can take the exam during the working day. The registration fee is about 300 US dollars. You can also learn the content of CCNA without taking the exam and continue to study for higher-level certification so that you can save part of the registration fee.

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