Can Neck Pain Be a Sign of Something Serious?

Can Neck Pain Be a Sign of Something Serious

Can Neck Pain Be a Sign of Something Serious?

Do you often suffer from neck pain? Well, it is better to be cautious than suffer from it in the future. Did you know that neck pain affects about 10 to 20 percent of adults? Generally, people experience neck pain in the right side of the neck. Most often, people prefer treating such aches on their own by medication or some home remedies, which they find online or just know about. 

If the pain tends to be severe, it is advised to visit the top orthopedics hospital in Bangalore and your doctor will surely prescribe the medications necessary for the neck pain. The neck comprises spinal bones, muscles, and other tissues. Therefore, it is a very important part of the body. 

Consistent moving makes the neck susceptible to strain for people. That’s not all, being an important part of the body; the neck is at risk of injury and there can be consequences. Hence, it is better to be cautious.

But can neck pain be a sign of something that is really serious? Well, yes, it can. What exactly can be the cause of mild or prolonged neck pain?  Here are some of the causes:

  1. Meningitis: The word is certainly very familiar to you. Meningitis is the inflammation of the meninges. These meninges cover the brain and spinal cord. When does meningitis occur? It occurs when the fluid surrounding the meninges becomes infected leading to fever, headache, decreased appetite, seizures, lethargy, and sensitivity to bright light. 

Most often, people suffer from a stiff neck along with these symptoms. Meningitis can be lethal and a medical emergency. If you are experiencing these symptoms and feel that your health is impairing, do go and check with the top orthopedics hospital in Bangalore without fail. 

  1. Muscle strain: Neck pain can be a result of being seated in front of the computer or laptop for a long time without changing your position. The other reason can be poor posture. After waking up in the morning, don’t you sometimes experience neck pains? 

This is mostly due to sleeping in a bad position that ultimately affects the neck, which you may not realize even after waking up. Neck pain can also occur when you jerk your neck during exercise. 

  1. Heart Attack:  What happens during a heart attack? When the heart muscle doesn’t get enough blood, a heart attack occurs and the affected part can be damaged severely. This is really fatal and life-threatening. 

The symptoms of heart attack are arm or jaw pain, shortness of breath, sweating, nausea, and vomiting. Neck pain can also be a symptom. In case, there is a drastic pain in your neck, then it will be better to seek help right away. 

  1. Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis occurs when your bones become very weak or brittle, which makes it difficult to bend or cough, due to the fear of getting a fracture. This fracture normally exists in the hip, wrist, and spine. The symptoms other than neck pain include back pain, a stooped posture, and a bone that breaks very easily. 
  1. Spinal Stenosis: Spinal stenosis narrows the bones within the spine. With less space in the spine, the amount of space available for your spinal cord and nerves that branch off your spinal cord is reduced. Generally, spinal stenosis develops slowly. A few of the symptoms are numbness, pain in the lower back, weakness in the leg or foot, loss of bladder and bowel control, and also neck pain. 

To conclude, there can be serious issues and it might be just mild, whatever the case may be, it is better to take precautions and look for medical care from the top orthopedics hospital in Bangalore. 

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Can Neck Pain Be a Sign of Something Serious?

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